Saturday, July 13, 2013

Maybe I'm Back - Maybe I'm Not

I had about come to the conclusion that the NSA had been monitoring my Blog, and they decided I was some kind of dangerous over-zealous Christian -- won't dare type the "T" word -- so they broke my blog. Every time I tried to post, an error message came up that said "Error On Page". The icons at the top of this page are still all jumbled together, and I can't even see some of them, but I am typing, and the words are sticking to the page, so I shall continue.

My latest projects are in the trash. I used fabric I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics to make two SFD knit tops. The fit was fine, of course, but I HATED the fabric. It was like sewing on a rubber band. It had a lot of stretch, but it didn't want to relax at all. It wanted to stay super tight and UNstretched, and it fit me like paint on a wall. The 2nd version had a lot of extra seam allowance in it, but I still hated it. I must remember not to buy that strange fabric again. Its content was Nylon/Acetate/Lycra and it was called Swiss 4-Way Stretch. I HIGHLY DON'T RECOMMEND IT!

Most of yesterday, I worked on my Louis Cutting Relax-A-Little pattern to TRY to change the shoulder slope. This pattern has a yoke, and the shoulder line goes through the yoke without seams there. You have to cut on that line -- make the adjustment -- and somehow, get the pieces back together.

That is where I am about to begin this morning. I am going to do a muslin first using this fabric:

YIKES! No pictures would work, so I did some investigating. Evidently, Blogger no longer likes Internet Explorer 8, and my computer won't allow me to have anything later than that. I had to try Chrome to get this blog page posted. When I put a picture here, I get about 1,000 weird looking letter/number combinations, but when you look at it, you are supposed to see a picture. Hope you can!

No way to put a video here -- yet! If anyone knows more than I do, PLEASE ADVISE!!!

Notice my "Nida" buttons -- IF you can see a picture -- and let me know what ones you like. I had so much fun playing with my button candy last night.

I'm going to go take a shower before someone changes the way it works!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I love your blog!
    Four-way stretch is for swimsuits!
    Keep sewing! You inspire me. I bought Sure-Fit, partly because I enjoyed all the blouses you create with it.
    Feel like a friend...
    Wish I had a sewing pal like yours.

  2. Hi Caro!
    I'm so excited you like my blog. It has been broken for several days. I am switching computers now to see if I can solve all the problems. Evidently, Windows XP is now a hopeless antique that nobody wants to support.

    Welcome aboard! You will love SFD.
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Nylon, acetate and Lycra....yuck! The Lycra is good but forget the other two. Acetate shreds very quickly and it makes my skin crawl. Nylon is HOT. Caro may very well be right; it does sound like swimsuit material.

    Caro, I am very lucky to have a sewing friend/sister like my Joy Joy. God brought her into my life at a great time. We are a lot alike, yet we are very different personalities. I really miss her when she is at her home in Southern Oklahoma.

    Oh, Joy Joy, I am in deep doodoo if I have to give up Windows XP. I hate learning new computer programs. Your blog looks normal to me.

    Missing you!

    Hugs, Phylly


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