Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pinecone Dress on Me and Striptease!

Well, here it is!  My FIRST Striptease -- or is it Strip Tease.  Even the Internet does not know for sure. 
Would you believe it is 3:50 AM?  That is the middle of the night here.  When Jerry is gone, I either stay up really late, or go to bed very early.  Last night, I fell asleep at 9:00 after watching Peggy Sagers on this laptop right here in this bed.  She gets so boring sometimes.  She is NOT a good teacher, in my opinion, although she desperately tries to be.  She has a hard time understanding questions, and an even harder time answering them clearly.  JMHO!  I must also say that I have learned a TON about pattern-making and fitting from her.  I put it right inside that big cauldron with all the other information I have gathered.
Now that video up there is probably the craziest I have ever made.  It was so nice to FEEL GOOD after being yucky feeling and unshowered for 4 days. 
I suppose I will close this laptop and try to go back to sleep.  
Hugs, Joy 


  1. Like your dress :) the legs aren't too bad either!
    Cant beat SFD blue print it sure takes a lot of work out of fitting different patterns.
    No sewing here - busy at work.


  2. Your dress looks really nice Joy.

  3. Love your dress! Pat


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