Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blended Moths, Princess Seams and 4 Videos

Hey, hey, hey!

I've been away!

Has anyone missed me?  I doubt it, lol.  Honestly, how many new SFD blouses does a reader REALLY care to see?  I may stop photographing them.  No, I won't do that, but I may quit showing them to you unless I do something really different.

For the last several days, I've been in kind of a fog.  We are STILL waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the construction crew of Father-Son-Grandson to finish UNdoing and REdoing the siding job on our house.  I haven't shown you the completed back patio.

Do you know WHY I haven't shown you the completed patio?

Because it ISN'T COMPLETE!!!

Father-Son (no Grandson, and we are THRILLED about that) showed up today to finish the posts on the patio.  AGAIN, the caps didn't fit; and AGAIN, they had to go somewhere to remake them.

Just in case someone may care, I will show you pics of the completed and UNcompleted pink flower-black dot blouse.  (Sounds like Father-Son-Grandson crew!)  I explain what happened in the video.  Here it is as it was BEFORE I cut all the buttons off.  I changed the buttons from PINK to BLACK because of the Godet Sleeve I chose to put on this blouse.

I LOVE that fabric.  Since I screwed this blouse up with the "too big" buttons -- which I think are 7/8", not 3/4" -- I ordered more of this fabric.  I will make another blouse when it arrives.  Since I can wear this one after I fix it, I will find a different pattern for the next one.

Yesterday, I went out into my upstairs office area closet to find a coat hanger.  There was no hanger there, so I had to go into the upstairs guest room to look in that closet.  When I looked inside that closet, I saw the prettiest roses pop out of the folds between the garments in the closet.  I pulled the rose-attired garment out completely to see what it was, and low and behold, it was the cutest revamped sweatshirt that I did many years ago.  When I put the bias tape on the neckline, the neckline bulged out like a turtle shell.  I hated it, and I was frustrated, so the sweatshirt went into hiding.  I decided to take it OUT of hiding to see if I could fix it with all of my new wonder-skills.

Check it out.  Isn't it cute?  Remember those days when everyone was turning sweatshirts into jackets? Well, this was my failed attempt at it.  It took me 4 to 6 hours to fix it sufficiently.  I even added a bust dart that goes down into the sleeve.  The shoulder slope is WAY off, but it is a sweatshirt, after all.

About those gorgeous roses.  I made a quilt with those roses years ago.  I called it "Roses in My Window" or something like that.  I gave it to Jerry's Mom who, of course, doesn't have the slightest idea it even exists now.  I need to bring it back home.  I may -- just maybe -- have a picture of that quilt.  Hold on.....

This is a HORRID picture!  I just now took a picture of a tiny picture in an album I have because a lot of my photos have disappeared from my computer.  Jerry backed them up on a "Book", and I think new backups erased old backups.

The border of this quilt is all black with black thread.  The roses are bright red, like on my sweatshirt.  I WISH I had made the window panes WHITE instead of green, but I was trying to be all matchy.  I need to make another one of these because it is really pretty in real life.  Next time, the window will be WHITE -- like a real window.  Duh!  Who ever saw a GREEN window?  I made some of the roses come OUT OF THE WINDOW.  I guess this window is not only green, it doesn't have any glass in it either.

I thought, at first, that I was going to have to throw away the pink flower/black dot blouse because of my button screw-up, so I made ANOTHER blouse with the same pattern.  I used a large print for this one, and I'm afraid it looks like I was attacked by giant moths that had flown out of a blender!  I almost threw this one out, but then decided not to because I had really cute buttons for it.

The reason I bought this giant moth/butterfly fabric was for the colors.  I have a lot of tan/beige/brown slacks, and I don't have any prints that match them.  I am always looking for prints with browns in them, and this print had them all.

So here it is, ready or not:

Do you like the way I whited out my innumerable chins in the pic on the right???

These sleeves are the SAME.  Glenda's "Godet" inset.  I love it, and it made my blouse have something the others don't.  You can leave it open or close it.

And I told you I made a video today.  I am going to put the link here, but I warn you:   It is all the same info as above, and I doubt it is very ear-worthy.

And I just remembered, I made THREE videos the other day for Martha showing how to change your SFD pattern to make it have princess seams.  So these are for Martha:

I am all caught up.  I have to go exercise on the Eliptical before my veins stop pumping blood to my ankles. As of this Friday, my surgery recovery weeks are over, and I am heading NORTH to see my friends, my house and my dear Mother-in-Law.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, I love your new top! Actually I love all the tops you make. You do such beautiful work and have a gift at picking out fabric. I always pick out ugly fabric. My I ask where you ordered the pink flower with black dots fabric from? I would love to make me a dress out of that fabric. Thanks in advance.
    I'll be praying for safe driving for you next wk. Take care and God Blessings.

  2. Hi Joy
    Thank you for making the video on the princess seam blouse. My next project will be an attempt to make one. Don't stop posting your pictures - they are an inspiration to those of use who have no imagination.

  3. This is going to be your morning email. Hee Hee! The buttons don't look too big in the pictures. No time to watch the videos this morning. Your jacket is gorgeous and looks gorgeous on you which is even more important. Red is your color. You really need to wear more of it.

    If you make another quilt like your rose quilt use black for the window frames, or think of it like a trellis instead of windows. Black will make those roses **POP**. White would make them recede. You don't want that.

    I love the polka dot godets in the pink blouse. The black buttons will tie it all together better than the pink ones. I like the brown moth sleeves, too. What a cool idea. You are getting so creative.

    My eyes are pretty good after eight hours of sleep. But just reading a little email and typing this is starting to irritate them. I'll call my doctor again this morning.

    I can't wait for Saturday.
    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Sherry,

    See if this link will work for you:

    The "blended moths" are at this place too. I buy mostly quilting cottons to sew with because they have the prettiest prints. Gertie is just discovering how nice they are to sew with.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. I missed you! Every day I look for your blog!

  6. Love your blouse and think it was really clever to think of putting that godet in the sleeve - great design feature.
    I agreee with Phylly re the quilt if you make another like it and I also check on your blog daily as you always make me smile and I love seeing your sewing adventures.


  7. Joy, you did a fantastic job of your princess line seamline blouses. What a great idea to inset the black/white dots into the rose floral for the sleeve. Both blouses look great on you. You're videos are great too. Thanks so much for sharing all that you've learned! I'm glad that Beyond Bodice Basics gave you the foundation for your designs.



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