Monday, September 23, 2013

Bugs for Dinner Anyone?

Good Evening on Monday, September 23rd.

I just came inside.  I was outside in my swing enjoying the fabulous weather, but the bugs in the trees decided to start "singing" -- more like croaking or moaning -- and I couldn't stand the sound.  I yelled "SHUT UP" once, and they actually stopped for a moment.

This is the year for Cicadas (?) -- those nasty creatures that hatch every so many years.  I saw a show a few weeks ago where some lady chef was actually EATING Cicadas.  She said they aren't too bad once they quit moving and with a little seasoning. .

GROSS!!!  Cooked or not, I don't want any!

I put a quilt on my longarm this morning.  It is Granny Parham's bow tie quilt.  The fabrics are from the 50's or earlier.  I found it when I was cleaning out Jerry's Mom's house last Summer.  Actually, I found 5 quilt tops.  I shared 2 with one of Jerry's cousins who also quilts.  I hope to start quilting tomorrow.

The rest of the day I worked on jewelry for Lu.  I KNOW.  I had two necklaces all done, but I had to make earrings to match.  Everything I do is like being in school, although it is kind of the trial-and-error type of school.  Keep doing it over and over until you get it right.  That was my Mother's mantra.  By the 4th or 5th time of Mom pulling ALL the bedding off my bed and making me start over, I LEARNED how to make a bed.  I can make a bed as good as any of those you see in the fancy pictures -- or better.  I've been trying to teach Jerry for 38 years, but I've decided he is probably as good as he ever will be.

The earrings turned out so cute.  I am proud of myself for doing something new and different.  I'll show them to you tomorrow when I'm on a different computer.

Peggy Sagers is on at 8 tonight.  I don't know WHY I always watch her.  Anything having to do with sewing, I guess.

My husband got home from work early tonight.  30 minutes early, but that is VERY early for him.  He had rock delivered today for our road back here in the deep woods.  Jerry and a former friend of ours built the road in this 40-acre development called Stone Brook.  We got to choose the first piece of land, and we chose 11 acres in the back corner that is surrounded on two sides by Corp Land.  That is land owned by the Government Corp of Engineers.  It makes our land look like it goes on forever, and we love it so much.  Anyway, our former friend -- the developer of this area - has moved away.  Therefore, Jerry inherited the job of keeping up the road.  He paid $2,000 for the rock, and he is out on his tractor spreading it over the road.

Jerry will TRY to collect from the 5 neighbors we have for their share, although there is no payment for his time.  Problem is, we only know 1 of the neighbors personally.  We know ABOUT the other 4.  One is a dentist who appears to be about 17 years old when we see him in his yard.  One -- we heard -- is a meth addict -- or was going with one -- or something.  We've never seen a human there, but we've heard.  Another couple is our age -- ancient -- and they live somewhere else most of the time.  Then there is another couple even older than us, and they live in Brazil sometimes -- in Colorado sometimes -- and here sometimes.  We have never met them.

Oh, well.  At least, we will have a nice new road that doesn't get all muddy when it rains and have ridges and bumps like a washboard.

Did I show you all my pillowcases?  I made 10, so far.  I sent them to Rhonda for her hospital project, and she emailed me that she received them today.  I think I will make some more for her since it is such a good cause.  Plus, it reduces some of my fabric stash, and that makes me feel very good!  Wrong computer.  Can't show you a picture of those either.

Until next time,

enjoy your day!


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