Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lu's Sure-fit Designs Top Adventure Videos

Hey Everyone!!!

My goodness -- if I could just be two of me, I would have so much more to show you.  I had problems with the camera lady (not mentioning any names), and then I had problems with the video software I purchased not even starting so I could fix the camera lady's video.  Then when I decided to take my tripod to the store today, I found that lots of the bulbs in the ceiling fixtures in my store were burned out.  Stuff like that really upsets me because when I was working there, I always watched out for things like that, AND I hate dark rooms!

I have employees being paid very well to see to day-to-day maintenance, but ....  When the Cat's away.....  And what is with the employees working with not enough light overhead???  Does everyone but me have x-ray vision, or what?

Jerry goes to our store very often, but he wouldn't notice if there was an orangutan hanging from the lights, never mind whether they worked or not.  He WOULD, however, notice if there was a hairline scratch on the company van.  Weird!

ANYWAY, I tried to find a place where there was enough light to show you a video today of Lu's finished "muslin" top.  I decided my former office was the best place.

I finally calmed down enough to regroup and set up for my video.  I decided to drag Jerry into the office for a test.  Knowing I was already not too happy about the burned out bulbs, he came in immediately from his computer work in the hall, and he became my "Lu" for a test.

This video is ONLY for my blog readers, but I had to show you how my sweet husband endures me:

So NOW, I have to back waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up to several days ago or all of the above will make NO SENSE AT ALL!

It all began last weekend.  Phylly went to Tulsa to visit her daughter, Heather.  While Phylly was there, we both received an email saying that our most favoritist fabric store in the world was going out of business -- The Cloth Merchants.  They were having a special 4-hour 20% off everything sale last Sunday afternoon for their best customers.  I decided that just MAYBE -- since Phylly was up there -- that I could order some fabric on line and Phylly could pick it up for me.  Turned out Phylly WAS going to the sale for a tearful goodbye if nothing else, and she was happy to pick up my fabric.  Turned out Phylly bought a lot more fabric than I did.

Monday morning, Phylly brought my bag of fabric to work with her (she works at our store), and I asked her to lay it out and take pictures with her cell phone and send them to me so I could see a bigger swatch than the tiny squares on the internet.  She did.  That is when I discovered that one of the fabrics was WAY WRONG for me.  It was all browns and oranges.  I asked Phylly to show it to her boss, Lu, who is a pretty red head and looks AMAZING in fall colors.  Phylly did.  Lu loved it.  SO HERE IS THE WHOLE THING IN A SENTENCE:

I told Phylly to tell Lu that IF she would let Phylly measure her, I would make her a Sure-fit Designs top with that fabric.  Lu was delighted, and Phylly got the measurements and faxed them to me.

Here is the beginning -- day 1 -- when I filmed a tip for SFD fans:

And here is the next video I did with another tip:

And here is another video with another tip:
And another tip:
And Lu's muslin all done and the crazy place I decided to have her do her first fitting:
And THIS ONE is the video done this morning in my poorly-lit former office.  There are still some issues that need fine-tuning, but for right-out-of-the-bag, the fit is pretty good.

Lu has one shoulder lower than the other -- like me -- and I did not adjust for that.  I told her we needed to stand her up against the wall and draw around her.  There was no reply, but I could read her mind:  "You have GOT to be KIDDING!!!"  Little does she know the extent I will go to for a perfect fit.

AND, let me also point out that when I asked Lu:

"Do you wear the same bra every day?",

and Lu looked at me like I had lost my last marble,

I did NOT mean the EXACT SAME bra.  I meant the same STYLE of bra.  Poor Lu.  She was probably trying to plan a quick escape before I could ask her any more insane questions.

Got to run.  I may be back to tweak this later.  Jerry and I are going to Kingfisher to supervise Mom moving back into the Memory Unit.  I want to be sure all her things are returned to the proper place.

Here's a few still shots.  LOVE her hair!  Lu apologized that she was in shorts and didn't put on her makeup today.  If I looked that good without makeup, I'd throw it all in the trash!  I could just shake that gorgeous hair around, and I would be perfectly happy!

Would love to hear your comments!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Well, I don't think I did such a bad job filming in the bathroom considering half the time I wasn't paying any attention to where the camera was pointing. I was too busy looking for problems. You must be a super duper editor. You've found a new job for yourself.;-)

    I think part of the problem may be the fabric. It seemed to want to cling. I think she had a thin tank top under the shirt when she was trying it on in JCP. It would really cling to that fabric. The fold on the left dart is what was bothering me the most. I wonder if lowering the shoulder on that side will take care of it.

    I'm still working on my Comfy Cardigan Vest. I just have to finish the armholes, which are half done, and then the hem. Maybe get to wear it tomorrow. It is rather voluminous.

    I'm also still thinking on vacuum cleaners. I have decided that the one I bought is going back. I just can't decide which one to buy. My father wants to stick his head out of me and buy the top of the line. But my grandfather gets into the act and says, "Buy the least expensive." So I've got to find a compromise. I know the one I want and it is only $100 more than the other one. If it lasts a year longer than the Kenmore, then I've got my money's worth. Things were never this difficult before Dave Ramsey. I just went out and bought it on my credit card. You know, I would love to be making this decision about a Dooney and Burke purse, but not a vacuum cleaner.

    No spills this morning. You know this is my Tuesday morning Good Morning email.
    Happy Sewing!
    Hugs, Phylly


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