Thursday, November 21, 2013

Angel of Mercy and Surgery Tomorrow at 11:00

I have told you before how AMAZING this hospital is.  Scriptures carved into the ceilings -- a daily bible verse delivered to each room -- crosses all over the place.

Well, if THAT isn't amazing enough, you can't imagine what happened today!

This morning when I was here alone with Jerry, a very nice young woman came in to weigh Jerry and get his vitals.  She was very friendly with a large beautiful smile.  Found out later she is 40, but she looks 25.  She is a black woman, and I only say that because she is so pretty, I want you to picture her.  Tomorrow, I am going to ask her if I can take her picture.

She had talked to Jerry some before I got here this morning.  When she came in to weigh him, she started talking to Jerry about God and scripture.  My ears always perk up immediately when anyone starts talking about God or the Bible.  The second I realized she was trained like we are, I began speaking to her.  This girl's personality is so exuberant and exciting and genuine, I don't think I can even sufficiently describe it to you.

HONESTLY, I told Jerry and Tammy tonight that I think she may be an "Angel on Assignment".  I read a book with that title years ago.

Her name is Keisha.  When she found out that Jerry and I were believing for a miracle and total healing, she said, "I have something for you.  Let me go get it, and I'll be right back!"

She left for awhile -- probably got busy with other patients -- but returned later.  IF I was at home, I would copy the prayer she brought back to Jerry.  She also brought back pages and pages of HEALING scriptures that she keeps "in her bag" at all times.  The three of us talked about how much we love the Lord, and in a few minutes another nurse/aid walked by our room.  Keisha said, "Oh, let me get her!"  She walked out in the hall, grabbed that girl and brought her in the room.  She too is a Christian and believes in healing and wanted to talk to Jerry.  She and Jerry shared healing stories.  They couldn't stay long and both left.

After that, Phylly came to the hospital and she joined Jerry and me in the Cafeteria for lunch.  Jerry was refreshed from a shower and clean REAL clothes.  He doesn't like wearing the "skirt" as he calls it.  They haven't done anything today but take lots of blood from him.  They are supposed to give him three immunizations, but haven't yet.

Tammy came late in the afternoon.  I told her about the nice nurse/aid girl named Keisha that came into our room and how she talked about healing.  Tammy said that was nice, but didn't really register it.  Dinnertime came.  Tammy and I went down to eat in the Cafeteria and Jerry ordered room service.  Dinner was all done and the three of us were just chatting when Keisha came into our room.  Tammy had not met her yet.  I introduced Tammy to her.  Keisha started talking about how she realized Jerry was a Christian right after meeting him, and she was praying for him and believing for healing.  Tammy and Keisha chatted, and it wasn't very long before Tammy looked at Keisha and said,


NOW, Tammy understood why I was telling her about Keisha!  Tammy told her she just loved her!  We all did.

Keisha left to go do her chores.  About 7:30 after Keisha was off work, she reappeared with her purse and her bag.  She was going home.  She said she stopped by just to see if we would like her to pray with us.  Jerry hopped up as best he could and sat on the side of his bed.  I kneeled on the bed behind him.  Tammy was in front and to the side of him.  Keisha was on her knees on the floor in front of him.  We all touched Jerry.  I started the prayer.  Keisha started next and WOW!!!  Scriptures poured out of her mouth like she was a walking, talking Bible.  Jerry and I know a LOT of scripture, but this girl made us look like amateurs.  Tammy prayed last.  She prayed for Jerry, and then she prayed for Keisha.

It was so WONDERFUL!  It is hard to make that happen if you TRY to arrange it.  But when God arranges it, it is so much more beautiful.  Jerry and I both feel like we have been in the presence of God right here in this hospital room.

The doctors have determined that Jerry's spleen must come out.  Blood tests and pain indicate something is very wrong.  We are believing all things work together for GOOD, and I will keep you posted.  Expect a miracle, because we do!  My guess is that the fact that Jerry is still alive is Miracle #1!

Jerry has to get back in the "skirt" and wash all over with some kind of germ-killer.  Don't know why they want him to do in tonight, but whatever.

What a FABULOUS day!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Prayers, hugs, and peace to Jerry and you, as this time of uncertainty is before you. Whatever the outcome is, I am sure Jerry will know how much he is loved, adored and respected by you! You are his Princess ! and his love for the Lord will also be the strength he will hold on to, to find peace in this trial. Love to you and Jerry....

  2. Joy, you are one fantastic believer! As Christ said, a mustard seed is all we need for our faith to and Jerry a living testament to His word.

    I too have the faith God will make this miracle happen. I know he is using all of us for even more miracle in His Name.

    My prayers are with you!


  3. Stopping to pray for you both right now!

  4. You and Jerry are in my thoughts and prayers today.

  5. I haven't been on line much in the past several weeks, so this is the first I'm learning of what's going on with you and Jerry. It's been a whirlwind! I am so glad for you and Jerry that he is in a Catholic hospital, with their extremely high standards of care -- and especially all the praying that's going on there around the clock! I am sure that they would be able to connect you with a minister or pastoral associate of your denomination, to come visit you and pray with you, if you only ask. I offer my prayers for peace and grace and healing. Please remember to take of yourself, Joy, as best you can. I know it's hard in this kind of situation, but it's so important so that you are in good condition to continue to take care of Jerry. Blessings and peace...


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