Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

My sister just left a few minutes ago.  Jerry's brother, Don, left hours ago to go see their other brother, Bob, who is in the VA Hospital in ICU.  Bob isn't long for this world as he is an alcoholic and a very heavy smoker.  I never expected him to live this long.

Bob has nobody by his own doing, so Jerry and I will be the ones responsible if Bob does die.  And since Jerry just had surgery, that means I will be responsible.  I  am hoping oxygen and hospitalization will gain Bob some more time.  At least, until Jerry is through all the Chemo treatments.

Our dinner was so good!  Hope yours was too.  The weather here was lovely also.

Jerry is practically back to his old self already.  He was much better yesterday.  It must take a while after leaving the hospital for all the intravenous drugs to wear off.  He is messing with his TV remotes, wires, CD player and 3D glasses.  He is walking and bending and talking.  I am so happy to see him improving QUICKLY!  Thanks for all your prayers.  They really work!

Now, we wait.  On December 11th he has to have a Mediport put in his shoulder and get all the staples removed in his tummy.  Then we go the next day to see the Oncologist in Ardmore.  Ardmore is a 45-minute drive from our other home.  We think we want to be there, but I'm not sure that is the best idea.  Maybe we should stay here where it is only a 15-minute drive.  Plus, Christmas is right around the corner.  Decisions, decisions.

Guess we all better get our Christmas shopping done now, huh???  I'm making jewelry, but that doesn't help with the guy gifts I need.  I'm never sure what guys I'm going to see, and that doesn't help.  Oh, well.  We seem to get through the holidays SOMEhow every year.

I am just so VERY THANKFUL that Jerry is going to get well.  THAT is ALL I want for Christmas from now on!

And thank all of you for your very nice, helpful comments through his surgery.  I really appreciate your kindness.

Thank you Margaret for the goodies you brought Jerry yesterday.  You are so sweet!

Hugs, Joy

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