Friday, December 20, 2013

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

How Is Jerry?

Check it out:

Here he is before we went to get his shot yesterday.  He ate the WHOLE THING.  He wanted me to take him to our store after his shot, but I suggested he not overdo it, so he will go today instead.

We left Johnnie's to go to Mercy Chemo for the shot in the belly.  It has something to do with PREVENTING pain in his bones -- or was it COULD CAUSE pain in the bones.

I'm always TRYING to get a smile out of him, but it isn't easy.  I KNOW!  I can hear you saying, "JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!"  But he is SO CUTE, and he was in such a good mood.

I couldn't get a smile out of him, but a nurse walked by and noticed me with a camera in my hand, and she said SOMETHING to Jerry that got him laughing.  Check out this HAPPY boy!  (AND -- IF Jerry could read this right now -- he would say, "Do I LOOK like a boy to you!?"  AND I would say, "You sure don't look like a girl!"  (- ; )

He sat in the comfy chair so the nurse could give him the "24 hours after chemo" shot in his belly.  It was a really thin, short needle, and it didn't seem to bother him at all.

She put a fun bandaid on it, and we left.

We went to Mardel to buy a Bible for my grandson -- Jerry bought 2 books -- and then we came back home.  Jerry was up all day either working at his computer or reading a book.

He looked great and felt great and I was VERY, VERY happy!

Tammy surprised us with a visit yesterday morning.  She came bearing gifts as she always does.  If we aren't home, she leaves them on the front porch.  Yesterday, it was plastic forks, knives and spoons because the lady in Chemo class told us metal silverware may taste nasty to him.

There is ONE person on this planet that can talk even more than I do about God or the kids or life or whatever, and that is my daughter.

I can't imagine WHERE she gets it from!

The three of us stood and talked while we followed each other from room to room and finally out of the house and into the driveway where we split and got into separate cars.

I've got to go.  Just wanted to update everyone.  Jerry is now in my FORMER recliner reading his new book.  No pain -- no side effects.  Praise God!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Looks like all will be well for the holidays!!! Hoping this is the best CHRISTmas you guys have ever had!!!! Many blessings and prayers I wish for you ;)

  2. How great .. he loooks wonderful! So happy he's handling this chapter so well. Praise God indeed! And may it continue throughout. He's such a trooper .. and so are you! God bless and be with you and your this Christmastime and for 2014. Faith, peace, trust in God .. holding you both in my prayers.



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