Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday and the REAL Jerry is Back (-;

Pastor Hagee was good this morning, as always.  The message was "Discovering the God of the Bible".  Today he talked about the LOVE of God.  He said love holds the family together like cords of steel.

As the family falls apart, so does America.

So true.

We have eaten turkey every day now since Thursday.

Jerry and I both are about turkeyed-out.  It is amazing how long the leftovers last when there are just two to eat them.

I agree with this guy.  Give me a Cheeseburger!

Jerry has not had a pain pill since Thanksgiving!!!

That is amazing and wonderful because Jerry is himself again.  The swelling in his feet is gone, the grouchy in his voice is gone, and he has an appetite again.  AND he wants to go home to Kingston.  I don't think that is a problem but I better look up the "thou shalt not" list from the doctor and make sure.  Jerry has to see the Oncologist down there anyway.  I told that doctor that we wouldn't be home, but it looks like we will be.  His name is Bayraktar.  He is from M. D. Anderson.  His wife is an Oncologist also and is from M. D. Anderson.  Just hope we can understand them when they talk.  I'm guessing they are from India.  So far, the doctors I have known from there have been very good and very nice.

Jerry's brother is still in the hospital.  I imagine he will live a while longer now that he has medical attention.  He is on oxygen and is eating.  Jerry isn't quite so panicky that his brother will die any moment.

I am making jewelry nearly every hour of every day up 'til dinner time.

The WORST part of making the jewelry is that every time I go to make something, it calls for the ONE item I don't own.  I just keep ordering more stuff.  I figure each gift this Christmas is worth about $500.

I wish I could show you pictures, but I can't.

I'm going to photograph everything I make though, so I'll show it all to you eventually.

Can you believe how LOOOOOOOOOOOONG it has been since I've sewn something?

I am really getting anxious to sew before I FORGET all I learned.  The next project is a jacket with a ruffle all around the front and back neck.  I need to use my SFD, I suppose, and make a pattern from it, but .....  Maybe I'll just chop up the pattern and fix it that way.  We shall see.

I'll tell you one thing!

I am NOT hauling all of this jewelry back to Kingston for just a few days.  There is enough now to fill a closet.

Therefore, I will have time to sew.

And how PERFECT is this clipart!  That is exactly how I look when I sew.  Not really, you would have to add about 7 more machines, but it sure is close!

Stay tuned!

Hugs, Joy


  1.'s great to hear Jerry is 'back' and feeling so much better!

    That's the most perfect clip art cartoon - you must spend hours searching for those images.

  2. Glad Jerry is improving and that you have time to "play' . Love the clip art :)


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