Monday, January 20, 2014

Advice Needed FAST!

You do know my husband hired the man, right?  The ATP guy that is supposed to replace Jerry -- as though anyone could do that -- but at least, insofar as the ATP work Jerry isn't able to do.  It requires that he go directly to each patient's home and measure the home -- measure the patient -- decide exactly what kind of wheelchair is needed -- order all the parts to build the wheelchair -- prepare a thousand sheets of paper for Medicare/Medicaid so it will get paid for -- and then give them all to Phylly for billing.

I told you a few days ago how I argued and argued and begged him NOT to do this, but I finally gave up and decided it was better to let him do it than for us to fight constantly over it.  Jerry feels really good right now, and seems to have completely forgotten what weeks two and three are like after chemo.

I figured out how to get Jerry down here tomorrow by having the new guy DELIVER him here.  Jerry decided to give the new guy HIS van rather than pay the guy mileage for using his own vehicle.

Actually, I suggested it, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

WHY wasn't someone there to put some tape over my mouth!?

Jerry just called me a little bit ago.  He wanted to ask me something.  You will never, ever dream WHAT he asked me!

"Joy, you don't mind, do you, if I give Ron a garage door opener to our house so he can park the van in our garage after work every day?"

I'm NOT kidding!  He wants the guy to drive to our house every morning, park his car in our driveway, open the garage door and get Jerry's former van out of our garage and drive it to our store.  Then he is suppose to drive BACK to our house at night -- park the van in our garage -- get in his own car and drive home to his house.

We have three other vans at our store.  Whey don't we park all of them at our house too?

The thing is, our vans have been vandalized a dozen times in the parking lot of our store at night.  Jerry built an enclosure on the back of our building, but only two of the vans will fit in it at night.  One van -- the oldest -- is still parked outside all night.  We have had the gasoline stolen, the copper something-or-other stolen, all of the tools inside the van stolen and a computer stolen and windows smashed each time.  One of our trailers was stolen out of the parking lot in broad daylight while we were inside working.

Sooooooooo, that is why Jerry doesn't want his little van parked there at night.  It is a Transit Connect (weird name) like in the picture below, only his is white.

Our home is in a nice neighborhood, and it is against the neighborhood rules to have vehicles parked in the street for long periods of time, and certainly not all day every day.  It would be reported by unhappy neighbors, and I wouldn't blame them.  That means the new guy would have to park his vehicle IN OUR DRIVEWAY.  Jerry's Mother's Ford Windstar Van is already parked in our driveway.  Jerry will have his truck there (the one he used to drive) and I will have my car there.  It would be constant juggling of vehicles.  And there is no way I'm giving the guy who I've known for one hour a garage door opener to my house!

Jerry was not at all happy with my answer to his question.  I finally agreed to let him park in our driveway -- NOT in the garage -- for two weeks until we get back up there.  Then he is going to have to park at our store.  Maybe we can install an alarm in the van or tie a wild dog to it each night.  WHAT A DILEMMA.  The guy just started today, and it is already causing problems.  He lives in Guthrie which means he will have to drive about 40 miles -- maybe more -- from his house to our store, and Jerry doesn't want to pay for him to drive from his house to our house or to the store which we would have to do if he had our van at his house.  Hope that makes sense.

It is a real shame that such bad people roam the streets after dark.  Jerry's little van was actually broken into right in our driveway at Christmas time a year ago.  I had left a laptop in it, and that is what was stolen.

If any of you have a suggestion as to how to solve this latest catastrophe in my life, PLEASE let me know it!  Anyone have a garage for rent???

Hugs, Joy


  1. I just spent 20 minutes writing a nice long answer for you on my Galaxy, only to remember that I messed up my Google account when I set it up and Google won't recognize me there. So, I am back to my computer.

    I agree totally with you; absolutely do not give him the garage door opener! You barely know this man. Have Bill make arrangements to install an alarm system and possibly a Lojak(?) system in the little van. Then the guy can park it at the store at night and you won't have to worry quite so much about it being broken into or stolen. Also, park it closer to the front instead of in the back. It will be more visible from the street. I don't know if there are car alarms that have a monitoring device, but it would be interesting to find out. Car alarms became so common place that sometimes they get ignored. Is there a light in the parking lot anywhere? I don't remember. It needs to be parked in a lighted area. My thoughts on it.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. You said that there is an enclosure at your store that will hold two vehicles? Can you bring one of them home and park it in your garage so to free up space for the little van? If not, is it out of the question for the guy to take the vehicle to his house? How about parking at a friend's house? Anyone close by the store?

    Hope you can find a resolution soon. ;)

  3. Personally, I wouldn't give him either the garage door opener OR the van. My question is...does this guy have a decent vehicle that would be appropriate to show up at customers houses in? If so, wouldn't it be easier (and safer) for Jerry to just pay him for mileage even if he doesn't want to? At least until Jerry gets to know him better? AND...if the guy isn't driving a decent vehicle I'd want to know why before I gave him a job with that much responsibility AND a van to drive AND the garage door opener.


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