Friday, January 17, 2014

Chewing Metal -- YUK!

My poor hubby!  I have talked to him several times today.  I ask him constantly if he is eating because I know he tends to just forget to eat if I'm not there orchestrating meals.  He went yesterday to the grocery store by himself after I had to make an emergency exit out of town, and he bought a lot of TV dinners.  You may remember from previous posts that when he goes shopping for groceries, he ALWAYS buys frozen shrimp, cocktail sauce and corn on the cob.

He told me that even the corn on the cob he ate for lunch today tasted like he was chewing metal.

That must be awful!

I reminded him that we had plastic silverware which was suggested at Chemo Class, but he insists it is NOT the silverware.

I suggested he put a straw in the protein drinks he has and put the straw in the back of his mouth and suck the liquid directly into his throat.

He guffawed like I must have surely lost my last marble.


I do that with my liquid calcium that tastes like chalk with blueberries smashed into it.  I try to get it past all my taste buds.

He didn't think he could possibly do that.  He HAS to do something.  If he loses any more weight, we will have to start buying new clothes and underwear.  I've thought about trying double-sided tape under the waistband of his briefs!

I worked all day at our store doing things that only I can do.  I can't really elaborate, but I am hoping that I won't have to be here over two weeks.  My store manager has been in terrible pain for months and months.  She has gone to the doctor and to physical therapy and now to a Chiropractor.  She will know Monday what the Chiropractor thinks is causing all the pain.  All of us feel so sorry for her.  She is a real trouper though.  She is ALWAYS at work.  She is even working tomorrow morning.  She just endures the pain shooting down her leg.  I love working with her because she is so good to me even when I'm at my grouchiest, not that I was grouchy today.  I was sad all day today, but I didn't tell anyone why.

I sure do miss my puppy.  I found out two of my employees have new doggies.  I was telling one that my doggy sells for $600.  She said hers was $800!  Goodness!  Both of them have those little tiny dogs that you can hold in one hand.  My puppy could sit on both of their puppies at the same time and completely hide them.  When Jackie is full grown, I'm sure she could hide them both under one paw!

I brought work home with me to do here tomorrow.  Hopefully, it won't take too long, and I can finish the blouse I started weeks ago and show it to you.

Have a REALLY nice weekend!  I wish I was with Jerry, but he is probably glad to have a break from me.  I must ask him 20 times a day if he is hungry and wants something to eat.  Only 4 more Chemo treatments to go!  This is one time in my life I wish time really would FLY!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. You both will be glad when this is over, and the worst already is. Remember when you didn't know what was wrong or what the doctors were going to do? Dealing with the unknown is the hardest part and you got through that. The emergency situation might end up to be a chance for you to have some "down time" for a change. We all need that. And you're not alone...God is there all the time. Prayers...Judi


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