Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jackie Movie and Thank You Phylly

Nice day.  We went to "church" this morning and watched Pastor Matthew Hagee.  Matthew was preaching about the vine and the branches and being pruned.  He had an actual grapevine behind him, and he was cutting branches off of it.  It was quite good.  I love a visual example of a sermon.

After church, I decided to TRY to make a video of Jackie so you could see her darling little face.  I'm not sure you can see her face, but you can see how totally darling she is.

Jackie is so good.  She even takes a nap in the afternoon.

While Jackie was taking a nap, I figured something out in my jewelry room.  Phylly was over for a play day a few weeks ago, and when she came over she brought me a box with her jewelry making paraphernalia in it.  She says it hurts her hands too much to make jewelry, so she isn't going to do it anymore.  I, of course, was thrilled to get the beads and the wire.  I was taking them OUT of the box she had them in and filing them away in their proper color box of my beads when I realized that her box was adjustable.  It had those little plastic space dividers in it.  As I was removing the beads, I realized the compartments could be made JUST large enough to put all of my headpins in.

Now, I have a LOT of headpins.  It was the one jewelry-making accessory I had not been able to find a good place for.  Up until today they had all been in a big baggie labeled "Headpins".  (In this pic, the bag is empty.)

I emptied out the baggie and cut open all the headpin packaging.

LOOK at how PERFECTLY all of the different colors and sizes fit in Phylly's box!

 The TOP layer of the box has all the non-silver color headpins.

The bottom layer of the box has all the silver headpins.

I also received a Mail Cart from an office supply place I order from at my stores.  Thank goodness Jerry felt good enough yesterday to help me assemble it.  I was getting it together -- sort of -- but I would have had to have the wheels up in the air in order for the shelves to work right.  I would have figured it out eventually.

I didn't get ALL of my bead boxes on it yet, but all in good time.

There seems to be this SLIGHT DISTRACTION around here all of a sudden.  She is black and furry and really cute!  I take her outside about 4 times an hour, so I haven't been making much jewelry or sewing.

Gotta go.  Bedtime again.  Wishing you all a WONDERFUL week ahead!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Jackie looks like a teddy bear! So cute! I'm glad you kept the name Jackie, even if it's not spelled French. :)

  2. Well, I'm glad to know that was the thing that I inspired yesterday. I was thinking you must be going to buy a hidden camera company to come over and catch all the kids, dogs and the cat in my lap at the same time. You better send a cleaning company first or the cameras won't work through all the dust.

    I finished the cuffs on my shirt and I am very pleased with my plackets. Next is the collar and the collar band. I'm going to do a "Peggy". I folded over my facings yesterday and sealed them down with SAS2 ala LC and then I realized I had not interfaced them. Yikes! I know Peggy says you don't need interfacing, but I disagree. I may have to figure out a way to support the buttonholes and the buttons without interfacing in the facings. What was I thinking? Oh, well! We learn something everyday.

    I've got to stop and get gas this morning before I go to work, so I better get going. Give Miss Jackie a hug for me. I'm dropping a bag of milkbones in my coat pocket just for her.

    Hugs, Phylly


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