Monday, January 6, 2014

Jerry Update and My New Boots

Hey everyone!

Another Monday down the drain, and Jerry's energy seems to have gone down the drain with it!  He was doing SO GOOD, I almost forgot several times he isn't all better yet.  He has been up before me in the morning and coming to bed after me at night.  He watched a zillion hours of football -- fixed two leaky toilets -- went to the skin doctor and the hardware store -- worked several hours at the store Friday night fixing computer issues --  ate and ate and ate some more! -- and then, it started happening.

He took a shower yesterday morning.  He came into the kitchen where I was working and handed me this:

I looked up at his head, and there were lots of bald spots on one side of his head.  I felt so bad for him, but I didn't let on.  I told him he still had a lot left.

He said, "Let's face it.  It's time to shave my head.  Will you please do it for me?"

I got out his electric hair-cutter-offer that has a guide on it, and I put the guide on as low as it would go without scalping him.  I didn't want to shave him down to the skin, so I left about 1/8" all over.  I love to run my hands around and around on it, and I call him Colonel Bernsides.

Fortunately, he has this really cool hat that I asked him to buy one time when we were at Bass Pro Shop.  He doesn't really like it, but I think it looks amazing on him.

What do you think?

Tammy has knitted him a new cap, so he can wear it when we get back up to our other house.

he was doing SO GOOD.

I was feeding him ice cream and popcorn and cereal -- and that was after 9 PM!

He has gained about six pounds.

Right now, though, he is sound asleep and has been since we got home from our store about 3:30 today.  He has a runny nose and a cough and chest congestion.

Says he doesn't feel like eating anything.  I HATE that because he just gained weight!

REMEMBER, I just got over Bronchitis and the doctor said I was NOT contagious.  If I wasn't contagious, how did he get it??????

Having bronchitis sure didn't stop ME from eating, however.

I swear, I will probably reach up out of my coffin at my funeral and ask for some chocolate!

I will call his doctor in the morning and see if there is anything he wants to do about this.  2nd Chemo treatment is this Wednesday.

And remember the boots I ordered from Zappos?

You DO know about Zappos, don't you?  You order a BUNCH of shoes or boots, and they come to you the NEXT DAY.  You have ONE YEAR to return them, and they pay the freight both ways.  (Yes, I know they don't REALLY -- but...  It makes it a whole lot easier to do returns even if I really am paying for them.  You print out their label and slap it back on their box.  Too simple.)

I ordered six pair, but I kept only two pair.  I took my skirt to the store with me so I could try the boots on with it.

Here are the tree pair of boots I decided I liked.

The pair in the center was too big for me, and it was the ONLY size they had left.  I had to return them.
I did keep the other two pair.  The pair above is Ann Klein, and I really like it.  Of course, you can't see most of the boots under the long skirt, but I know they are under there, lol.

Since Jerry is in bed already, I guess I'll go watch some videos on my laptop and get educated in some new jewelry project.  I just ALMOST finished a new blouse.  It is a Silhouette pattern, and it gave me all the usual fits!  I'll explain when I get it done.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Some heads look just fine without hair and Jerry does look amazing in that hat. Just remember to take care of yourself through all of this. New boots is great therapy!

  2. Chemotherapy will suppress Jerry's immune system. It is likely he did not catch it from you - viruses are transmitted by hand, so they are hard to avoid. Don't feel guilty, just do the best you can.

  3. Your boots are nice, but Jerry's hat hits a home run...I love it!!!

  4. Chemo attacks and kills fast growing cells and it takes around 10-14 days for that to start happening. When it does, a marked decrease in how the patient feels happens. Because along with cancer cells, healthy cells must die, too. That's why his hair is now falling out. Be sure he does all of his prep work for his mouth because he'll start getting sores in it and those sores can go all the way through his colon. It'll be rough here on out. Hold on and ride out this storm. Praying he can stay out of pain or very close to it. Also praying you can handle seeing him like this. I knew this day was coming, but didn't have the heart to tell you back in the beginning. Wanted you to enjoy the upswing cancer patients seems to get right after the first dose of Chemo. Wish that could last through all the treatments ;( Continuing to pray for you and yours.

  5. Depressing as the hair loss is..that means the chemo is doing its job.How much scarier was it when Jerry was walking around with all his hair and not even knowing this cancer was inside him.Its going to be a battle but with Gods grace you can ge thru it. My brother in law is a 3 time cancer survivor however his last oncologist was Dr. Fata ( goggle him) So we are very concerned. Prayers continue for Jerry & you..The other Joy

  6. Nice looking boots they will look good with your skirt (s) :)

    Jerry looks pretty good in that hat too.



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