Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Already? and Jerry Update

My goodness!  Going to work every day sure makes the days fly by.

I am enjoying going into the store, and the new girl AND the old girls are all working out.  Praise the Lord!

I gave them my usual "Joy Speech" about what I expect of an employee, and what I will not tolerate.  They had a very good reaction to it.  In the past, some have just walked out.  Some have told me I need a Psychiatrist.  One pointed at me and said, "You are NOT going to tell ME what to do!"  Then she walked out.  I was prepared for some of that this time, but it didn't happen.  I am so very thankful for that!

Jerry is here with me after being delivered on Tuesday by our new Oklahoma City employee.  I keep making him food, and he keeps eating it and asking for seconds.  He has gained about 7 pounds back.  The food tastes like it should right now -- instead of like metal -- and that certainly helps.  He has a great attitude, and he has taken my advice TWICE in one week!  How awesome is that?

The first time had to do with the way I wanted to put up an "invisible" fence for Jackie and her someday partner.

The second was when I asked him if he was drinking all the water he is supposed to drink every day.  He is supposed to drink 1 to 2 quarts a day.  He said he was TRYING.  I said, "If I knew I had to drink a certain number of glasses of water a day, I would line up however many glasses/bottles of water that was on the counter top every morning, and I would be sure they were all empty before I went to bed at night.

I came home from work today, and guess what I saw?  Four 16-oz  bottles of water lined up in a row on the counter top.  Three were empty, and one had not been opened yet.  LOVE IT!

Our daughter, Jeree, called yesterday, and Jerry had a long conversation with her.  He really enjoyed it, and I just love it when she calls him.  With Jerry being home so much now, she is able to reach him with one call.  They used to play phone tag so much, they would both give up.  Jerry just mentioned again yesterday -- as he often does these days -- how wonderful it is that our family is so close again.

Tammy, of course, is always sending something -- bringing something -- calling one or both of us -- and taking care of our puppy, Jackie.

Her husband just had surgery on his rotator cuff (?) and has his arm strapped to his body for two months.  She is taking care of him too.

She is WONDER NURSE for sure!

Did I tell you that our puppy, Jackie, got Parvo and almost died.  Tammy, personally, administered the drugs to Jackie and nursed her back to health or we wouldn't even have her.

A man is coming here tomorrow to talk to us about a fence.  I want a huge fenced in area.  I hope it doesn't cost a fortune.  We have 11 acres here that borders Corp land on two sides, so the land goes on and on and on past what we own.  There are lots of wild animals out there that eat people's pets.  There are coyotes, wild dogs, owls, bobcats and other critters.  Owls?  Yeah!  A neighbor told us an owl ate one of our cats!  He said he saw two owls in the road in front of his house, and they were as tall as his knees!  That is why we have to have BIG dogs.  We will keep them in at night.

I have an almost-done new blouse that is just like the last one only different fabric with a few adjustments.  It looks really good on Lucy.  If I'm not careful, I'm going to gain 7 pounds myself while I'm trying to fatten Jerry up!  I REALLY don't want that because I don't want to have to make bigger clothes.  Speaking of that, I better go upstairs and exercise.

All is well!  Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers and nice comments.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I hope the employees all work out. I know that has been a huge frustration for you for at least six years.

    Finished Jerry's latest hat, but...I think it is too small again. I guess I better just order some bigger needles as well as more yarn. I'm going to try blocking it to see how that will work, but I'm expecting to have to knit another one. Maybe I'll change to a bulky yarn, too. I had gauge, so I don't understand why it is so small.
    Did you get the pictures of my new blouse finally?

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Some people are against invisible fences...we have one, I like it and the dogs know their boundaries. AND they also know exactly when they don't have their collars on!!! It wasn't difficult to install...I helped a little.

    1. No, Judi.
      Not the wire and the collar. We have that in the ground already for a big dog we had years ago that would not stay at home. I don't like it, and I'm not putting a collar like that on Jackie. We live on a very wooded lot. The "invisible" part will be the kind they use for cattle that goes from between metal posts stuck in the ground. We will use hog wire. We will go in and out of the trees with it.
      Hugs, Joy


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