Friday, February 7, 2014

Update on Jerry and Jackie

Goodness!  When did I post last?  Having a puppy is a FULL TIME job.  As so many of you have told me, Jackie IS training me day by day.  Well, Jackie and Phylly.

I found out from Phylly that my dog-on-a-leash is actually something she learned from a trainer.  I hooked Jackie's leash to my ankle or wrist for hours today.  Jerry did it for awhile also.  The funny thing about that is, whenever I hook the leash to her collar now, she just ASSUMES she is hooked to one of us, so she just STAYS.  LOL!

I also learned that while she STAYS, she seems to pass the most yukky smell at times.  Do dogs have gas!?  It is probably those heart-shaped treats Tammy brought her the other day.  Tammy NEVER comes here without a toy or treats for Jackie and usually the same for her Dad.  Jerry has been doing so very well the past few weeks that we were beginning to believe he was "as good as new".


He had Chemo again this Wednesday, and the 24-hour later shot yesterday.  Neither one of us noticed much difference until tonight.  This morning he worked on his computer and talked with employees.  Then, I got in the shower and managed to BREAK OFF the shower head!  I tried to tilt the thing up or down or some way, and the whole thing broke out of the wall.  Then the water wouldn't come out at all.  I grabbed a towel and Jackie, who was lying on the floor outside the shower, and we went running out into Jerry's office squealing that the shower broke off the wall.

Then Jackie and I went into the kid's shower -- that is the kids that used to come here a lot years ago when we bought this house to be near them, but then they moved -- and I started to take a shower in there.  Then Jerry came in and wanted to see the broken shower.  I told him he was in the WRONG shower.

Jerry spent the next several hours working on the broken shower.  The part that broke off inside the wall was stuck and wouldn't come loose, so Jerry got on the internet and investigated how to fix it.  Then we had to go to Lowe's to get a certain file to unscrew the part that was still inside the wall.  Bless his heart.  I wasn't even paying attention.  I was sewing with a dog strapped to my ankle via the leash in another room.  He came in later and told me the shower was fixed.  Then he went back to work at his computer until 6 PM tonight at which time he quit to come have dinner.

THAT IS WHEN I NOTICED how different he seemed.  He looked tired.  He mentioned that the food tasted like metal again.  He did eat it though.  He had a Braum's ice cream cone for dessert, and he commented that the ice cream tasted like it was supposed to.  How strange.  Maybe it IS the silverware, and he just doesn't realize it.  I will give him plastic tomorrow although he says it isn't that.  We should at least try.

Then he went into the bedroom and got his robe to put on over his clothes because he was cold.  He sat in his recliner to watch TV.  I sat on the couch with Jackie strapped to my ankle.  When I looked at Jerry, he seemed so exhausted and tired.  I kept asking him if he was okay.  At 8:20 he commented that he was very tired.  I suggested we go to bed.  He said, "I think I overdid it today."  Then I felt AWFUL for breaking the shower.  Not about myself but just that it happened.  We came to bed at 8:20, and that is why I am typing this post.  I'm not sleepy yet.  Jerry is sound asleep.  Jackie is sound asleep too in her bed in the kitchen.  She was angelic all evening.  I wonder if she KNEW Jerry wasn't feeling good.  She actually laid at his feet several times today.

Guess what???

I almost forgot.

I taught Jackie how to pose for me yesterday.  REALLY!  I did!  I took a lot of pictures, but I've been so busy letting her out into the snowy, icy back yard, and then cleaning her up every time she comes back in that I never got around to downloading the pics.

Maybe tomorrow.

Until then, be safe, be happy and be VERY thankful for your good health.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy... I love my Sadie for that very reason. She is a chocolate cocker spaniel and she can sense when Tommie is tired before I do. It does seem like with cancer treatment the "tired" episodes hit quickly and I know that I have fussed at myself several times for not noticing sooner but it is something that you cannot predict. It sounds like Miss Jackie is learning and sensing these episodes. She will be there for him but also for you when you need someone to love you during this time. Hang in there! Sending prayers... Sheila

  2. OH, JOY JOY, NOT AROUND YOUR ANKLE! Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I said hook the leash at your waist some way. Even tying it to your wrist can be dangerous! You have to be able to get free of the leash if she suddenly takes off and you lose your footing. Cinnamon took off with Roger one time and the leash was wrapped around his wrist. He landed flat on his back and was drug around the yard until Cinnamon got tired. Even a small dog can jerk your feet out from under you if you aren't ready for it. If it is attached to your waist then you can grab onto the leash with both hands and dig your feet in and pull back.

    I'm sorry to hear Jerry isn't feeling well. Hopefully, he will be feeling better in a day or two.

    My denim skirt is now finished and my navy blue skirt just needs the elastic in it and then I will be able to wear both of them. I may have to go find some boots.

    Hugs, Phylly


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