Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Daily Bread and Play Day w/Phylly

The sermon from Pastor Hagee was a continuation of the Lord's Prayer.  "Give us this day our daily bread" was the subject.

It was a fun sermon as he talked about his children when they were young.  I always love it when a preacher does that because it makes them seem more "like us" -- I guess - and you realize that they are just husbands and daddys away from the pulpit.  "Daily bread" really refers to ALL of our needs on a day-to-day basis that we require from God -- not just food.

He described how God provided Manna from heaven for the Israelites when they left Egypt BUT -- unlike our Government -- each person had to go out DAILY and work to pick the Manna off the ground.  God didn't give them enough Manna to last for a week or a month or a year so they never had to get off their lazy behinds to work.  He gave them enough for ONE DAY.  That is EXCEPT for Friday.  On Friday, He gave them enough for two days so they could worship on the Sabbath.

Hagee said that we must BE SPECIFIC about what we want from God.  He said that some of our prayers are so vague, even God can't figure out what we are asking for.  I read a book years ago by Paul Yongi Cho of China.  He needed a bicycle.  As I recall, he had prayed and prayed for some kind of transportation, but never got it.  One day, he somehow realized that he needed to tell God EXACTLY what he wanted.  He prayed for a certain kind of bicycle with certain features and a certain color.  I don't remember how long it was, but he received the EXACT kind of bike he had described to God.

Hagee told a funny and sweet story about his 5-year old daughter wanting a male Pomeranian puppy that could live in the house.  Hagee was raised where dogs lived OUTside, and if they were hungry, they went to find their own food.  One day they were driving home from church and his daughter, Sandy, asked him if he believed what he preached.  He had just prayed on asking God for specifically what you want.  He said he did.  Then she told him she wanted a dog that could live in the house.  Hagee said NO, NO, NO -- NEVER!  Dogs belong outside.

Sometime later, they were at a pet shop where Pomeranian puppies were for sale for $500 each.  Sandy asked if she could have one?  NO, NO, NO!  Then she asked her Daddy this:

IF somebody GIVES me a male Pomeranian puppy, can I have it?

Hagee, assuming that was totally IMpossible and would never happen said, "Yes, if someone gives you one, you can keep it."

Hagee said he went into the kitchen one morning and Sandy had several pictures lined up on the table that she had drawn and colored.  One was of her and the dog walking, another of her and the dog playing, another of her and the dog doing something else -- there were about 5 pictures, and the dog was COLORED a certain color.  She told her Daddy that those were pictures of HER dog.  He thought the dog would always stay in the pictures and never be real, of course.

I think it was the next day that Mrs. Hagee called Pastor Hagee at work and informed him that a neighbor had called and told her that he would like to GIVE Sandy a male Pomeranian puppy.

He said he went into hysterics and accused her of setting him up.  He assumed she and Sandy knew about the neighbor and the puppy all along and just acted like they were asking God for the puppy.  He said that after MUCH loud discussion over the matter, they went over to the neighbor's to pick up the puppy.

He said when they got that puppy home, he compared the puppy to the pictures, and the puppy was the EXACT color that Sandy had colored it in her pictures.

He also said that the dog was a super-genius (like my Jackie), and they all loved her dearly -- IN THE HOUSE -- for 12 years.

Soooooooo!  Let's tell God EXACTLY what we want.  Jerry and I asked that Leanida's house sell for the current asking price (twice reduced) THIS WEEK.  (Jerry's deceased mother's house that has been on the market for over two years.) if you would like to hear a really good sermon.

Yesterday, was Saturday, and Phylly arrived at 8:30 in the morning.  The time went by SO FAST as it always does.  We blend together so well.  We played "sewing and fitting" for a few hours.  Then we decided to go to Panera Bread for lunch so we could buy some Cinnamon/Raisin bread to bring home with us.  Then we went to Hancock's to see if the clerk really had made a mistake the day before when she charged me only $1/yard for stretch Poplin instead of $9.99 as marked on the bolt.  SURE 'NUF!  The fabric really was $1/yard and Phylly and I bought all they had.  We got red and light blue and navy.  We use it to make muslins of new patterns so we can tweak the fit.

THEN -- while at Hancock's -- I actually REMEMBERED something I wanted to do.  I wanted to crochet a scarf because the other day when I crocheted the necklace, I kind of got "in the mood" to crochet again.  I did it a thousand years ago when my first grandchild was born, but lost interest in it.  Phylly had to guide me like a seeing eye dog to the yard and the needles.  She is a big-time knitter, you know, as is my daughter, Tammy.  I figured crochet would be easier for me since I had done it before.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD, Look what I almost made last night:

It is the beginning of a scarf.  Of course, it will soon be Summer, and I won't be needing a scarf, but what else can one make as a BEGINNER crochet project?  Maybe a potholder or wash cloth.  Hmmmmm.

And did you see what Phylly FOUND for me at Hancock's?

I had no idea WHAT size to buy, of course, so Phylly pointed out this package with six sizes all together.  Then I remembered someone mentioning a Size 8 needle, so I bought one of those.

Gives me something to do at night while sitting in front of the TV.  I can NOT sit still unless something is in my hands.  If I don't have something to do, I fidget and wiggle and turn.  I pop the foot rest in the recliner up and down and up and down.  I get out of my chair every five minutes to do something that doesn't really need to be done such as:  get a blanket -- remove the blanket -- turn the blanket around --turn a light on or off -- pull down a cobweb from the ceiling -- pick up a piece of fuzz on the carpet -- get a drink or make some popcorn -- pet Jackie and tell her how adorable she is.  I don't know how Jerry stands it.  He is the TOTAL OPPOSITE.  Once he lands, he never moves.  Most of the time, I think he is asleep, and I will get OUT of my chair, walk over to the couch, and get near his face to see if he is awake.  INSANE!

Gotta go!  I am going to make my "Alley Oop" dress today.  I had some very strange fitting issues with the Victory pattern, but I think I have conquered the beast.  We shall see.

Have a BLESSED Sunday, my friends, and a very happy week!

I'll be back soon with my Alley Oop dress.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Loved the puppy story.Two weeks ago Saturday one of my little schnauzers had to have her gallbladder removed. She got very sick Friday night and we took her to the animal hospital thinking it was pancreatitis. It is very common in Schnauzers. They did a ultrasound and saw that her gallbladder was very large and needed to come out right away. She is back home with us and very well. She will have her staples removed Wednesday.
    So glad Jackie is doing well and enjoy seeing pictures of her.
    Have a Great week!

  2. Yo,
    I learned to crochet in college from my R.A. I loved it, but today, I can't remember anything at all. I loved throw rugs with the popcorn stitch. It was great fun. Going to Hancock's tomorrow for the sale plus senior discount.

    lv, jl


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