Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tip of the Day: Make SURE It's DEAD!

You know how I like to learn new things.  Well, I'm not that happy about what I learned today.

I went downstairs to hand Jerry my cell phone because he had a call on it.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed 3 black spots and one long straw colored thing on the gray-blue carpet.

Our house has a secret hole in it somewhere that wasps can fly into -- find a nice place to live in the attic or the air vents -- and come out of hiding later only to croak on our living room carpet.  There were only 2 today, and they were in pieces.

Now, one would ASSUME that if a wasp is in pieces, he MUST be dead, right????


I suppose I should admit that to see what things REALLY are, I must reinforce my vision with a pair of reading glasses on top of my contacts, and I had not done that.

One other time -- years ago -- I did the same thing.  I noticed what LOOKED LIKE a coiled up necklace chain on the floor.  I reached down with my bare hand and picked it up at which point it began to move in my hand.  I thought that was ODD, so I looked closer to what was in my hand and it was a VERY ALIVE SCORPION!  I dropped that sucker like a hot potato!

Back to today.  I handed the phone to Jerry.  I then pulled a Kleenex out of one of the ten thousand boxes I keep all over my house, and I picked up the wasp pieces and the straw colored stick.  I was walking to the trash can when I felt a HOT PRICK through the Kleenex INTO my finger!

Let me tell you!  That sucker may not have been dead then, but he is VERY DEAD NOW!!!  He had yellow stripes, so he may have been a giant bee.
Other than the wasp/bee sting, my day was quite nice.  I worked at the store for several hours, and it was nice to talk to Candi.  She seemed to feel so much better today.  She is suffering from severe back pain, and I feel so sorry for her.  It has persisted for a very long time.  Hopefully, she will have surgery in the next few months and be able to enjoy life again.  She is way too nice a person to suffer so.

OH!  I wore my new necklace and matching earrings.  Nobody was the least bit impressed except for Pat.  She always notices what I make, whether it be a quilt or a blouse or a piece of jewelry.

For my seamstress friends,
notice all the wrinkles above my bust in that RTW (Ready To Wear) blouse.

That is how you KNOW you need a bust dart or a Full Bust Adjustment that does NOT come in RTW.  You won't see all those wrinkles wrestling each other above my chest in the tops I make.

I've got to go get Jackie.  She thinks when she goes outside to go potty that she should jump in every mud puddle, nibble on every stick and smell the entire length of the fence we put up for her.  By the time I call her in, she is dripping wet!  It's a good thing she is SO DARN CUTE!!!

I have a video of Jackie, but I can't figure out how to upload it to You Tube now.  I lost my Real Player when my computer crashed, and now I have Real Player Cloud.  My videos can't go to You Tube now.  They are in a cloud somewhere, and I have NO IDEA how to show them to you.  I'll figure something out later.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh, no, I hate the thought of even being stung by a bee or wasp. Knowing me, I'd swell up and have to make a trip to the emergency room. Mosquito bites are bad enough!

    Jackie is checking her perimeters. Most dogs do that when they go outside. They are looking for interesting smells that tell them who has been that way. Our dogs have a pathway worn along the back fence where they do that.

    I hope your work day was better than mine. At one point I had to go to the bathroom and regain my sanity for a moment or I would have reached through the phone line and strangled a customer service person for being a disagreeable idiot.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Hi Joy! Just found you and your wonderful sewing tutorials on YouTube, so I searched you out and found your blog…thank Heaven! I am 42, and teaching myself to sew, and your instructional videos are a Godsend. Thank you! I'm struggling with Kwik Sew K3162 just now…you can read all about my struggle on my blog - www.wonderlandwoodsblog.blogspot.com to see where I'm at..basically a complete beginner!! Would it be all right if I ask you some questions about it?


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