Friday, April 25, 2014

Second Chances

You know how Monopoly has those two little stacks of cards you put on the board.  One of them is called "Chance" -- IF I remember right.

I've decided I need to make up a stack of little cards called "SECOND CHANCE" cards.

When you turn the card over, it will say:

You may recall that I have a great grandchild that I am never allowed to see.  My daughter has been granted the extreme honor of being able to keep her IF and WHEN the other grandparents say she can WITH ONE CAVEAT:   She is NEVER to let me near the child.  That means if the child is at her house, I can't go there. If the child is there for a birthday or a holiday, I can't go there.  My daughter can never bring the child to my house.  

WHAT was my horrible crime, you may ask?  

I simply stated in one of my blogposts that my daughter and I are not allowed to see the child, AND I committed the unpardonable sin of posting pictures of my own great grandchild.  The other grandmother called me -- told me I was a hateful, horrible, vicous, vindictive person.  She told me I had NO RIGHT to post pictures of the child.  And she was furious that I posted "they must hate us" in my blog.  I understand she printed copies of my post that day, and probably following, and she has them in a file or on a bulletin board or maybe she builds bon-fires with them.  Not sure about that.  

Let me just say in case anyone thinks I am totally out-of-touch here.  The REAL reason we have these issues is due to the behavior of the child's Father.  I totally GET that.  Hence, the Mother's parents have custody.

I'm just thinking how nice it would be if that woman had some "Second Chance" cards, and she could give me one so she could see what a really nice Mom and Grandmother I am.  She doesn't have the slightest clue what I'm like.  She has never even met me or seen me.  Just sayin'.   

BUT,that isn't why I need a stack of "Second Chance" cards.

You remember my last post about the Professional Vet?  I told you how awful he treated me when I went to pick up Jackie after her doggy hysterectomy.  Remember the part about how they were OUT of 6-packs of monthly flea/heartworm stuff, and I had to go back and pick it up when it came in?  Well, the girl called me, and I went back in yesterday afternoon to pick up the Round-Up, or whatever it is.  I'm sure that is wrong.
You put it on the dog's neck once a month.

It is two days later.  I walk into the Vet's office.  One girl is behind the counter.  I tell her I am their for Jackie's medicine.  She asks my name.  I tell her.  She starts to put some information in the computer, and suddenly the Vet appears from the next room.  He stands behind the girl and LOOKS at me like he is trying to figure out WHO I am and how he knows me.  

I figured he was getting ready to tell me I was the dumbest customer he ever had.  I looked back at him.

Then he said the most unexpected thing to me:  "How is your husband doing?"

Thoughts raced through my mind trying to figure out how on earth he knew Jerry, and I remembered Jerry had been to him with our cat, Boots, just a few months back.  And I had mentioned to the Vet two days earlier that I usually don't stay in Edmond much, but my husband was having chemotherapy and we were here a lot more because of that.

I responded, "Jerry has had a few really rough weeks, but he doesn't have to have any more chemo treatments, and we just Praise God that he is going to live."

Then -- this very same Vet -- the very one that was so rude to me just two days earlier said THIS to me:

"Are you born again?"

I said, "Yes, I am born-again and Spirit-filled!"

He then came OUT from behind the counter and stood next to me.  He told me his sister died of cancer 2 years ago and she was only 51 years old.  I told him about Jerry's miraculous healing in 2008 and how good God has been to us and how the cancer is all gone in his body.

THEN -- you will NEVER GUESS what he did next!

He asked me to follow him to the corner of the waiting room.  He showed me a table with a stack of different versions of the Bible on it.  He said, "My wife and I have a little ministry.  We give away Bibles to anyone who wants them."

I tell you, my heart melted for this sweet man.  I felt so very bad about myself and my very WRONG opinion of what he was like.  Honestly, he must have just been having a really bad day the day Jackie was there for her surgery.  

It was all I could do to keep from hugging the guy and inviting him and his wife to come over for dinner sometime.

When I opened the door and stepped out into the parking lot, I looked up into the sky, and I said, "You set me up for that, didn't you Lord!?"  

How WONDERFUL that I was allowed a "Second Chance" to know this sweet man.

I've been sewing, and I have pictures, but this is too long already.  More tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Dear Joy,
    So sorry to hear about no visitation with your great grandchild, I pray that you will be given an opportunity to have a relationship with this child, I feel you will enrich her life greatly. No one should be denied the love other people want to give them. Best Wishes, Karen

  2. Pleased that things worked out at the vets.
    Sorry about your family situation.
    Had a friend in a similar situation when GD was 19 yes she came to visit my friend and while they don't have a c!ose relationship they do talk meet up for meals etc.



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