Saturday, May 24, 2014

AARRGGHH! I Feel Cheated!

Does this ever happen to you?

I needed to buy PhotoShop 11.  Now, don't be like my husband and ask me WHY I needed to buy PhotoShop 11 when I already have PS 8, 9 and 10.  I just did.

So, since I've waited so long, it is now ANCIENT software.  I googled it, and it came up for sale on Ebay by some guy with a 99.1 percent positive rating.  The software was advertised as NEW and UNOPENED.

Here is the back of the box:

It SEEMS TO ME that the "if you don't use it you will go immediately to jail Serial Number" is underneath that fat black marker line at the bottom.

The directions say to "find the Serial Number on the BACK of the DVD case"; however there IS NO CASE.  The DVD's are in little white UNmarked envelopes.

There they are.  The "DVD Cases".  Do you see any Serial Numbers????  I don't.

There is that little box down in the corner with some weird code on it, but Jerry says that is NOT a Serial Number.


This is a quiet Saturday with only sheets to wash and put back on the bed, and it is the perfect time to install this new software and learn how to use it.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And for you computer geeks out there, I bet you are saying, "There should be a "redemption code".

There is.  Here it is:

I put it in FOUR times.  My husband, of course, thinks I can't do anything "computer" properly, so he came over to rescue me.  He put it in himself.  All five times, I got an error message that said, "This number is NOT active you IDIOT!"  Well, something like that.

Then my husband gave me the "I can't BELIEVE you bought that on Ebay, Joy!!!" speech.  "WHAT were you thinking!?"

By then, I was crying, but not so much that I couldn't remind him of the ballast he had just installed 15 minutes earlier over my counter.  The ballast he BOUGHT ON EBAY just last week!

Yes.  I went to Ebay to post a horrible review on this man's space, and a message came up asking me to contact him.  So I emailed him telling him a shortened version of all of the above.  I have not heard back.  This means I will have to go downstairs -- get the sheets out of the dryer -- put them on the bed -- and then go outside and swing and pet Jackie.  She is ALWAYS so understanding.  If I'm not swinging, she puts her head between my knees and just looks up into my eyes.  SO ADORABLE.  I'll have to take a picture for you.

Have a WONDERFUL day anyway.
Hugs, Joy 


  1. I would file a complaint with eBay and get your money back. Hope the rest of your memorial weekend is full of wonderful craftiness. God Bless.

  2. I would also file a complaint with EBay. I would also see if I could contact Adobe and let them know that this person is selling merchandise that he has probably already installed on his computer.

  3. Used software is an iffy thing to buy on eBay. I've bought it and had absolutely no problem, but I talked with the woman several times before I actually bought it and I had bought other things from her. Roger has bought it on eBay and had it turn out badly and other times he has had it turn out just fine. You and I have both bought sewing machines on eBay pretty much without a problem. I buy a lot of stuff on eBay without problem. I will say that I won't buy anything over $100.00 if the person has less than a 99.8% rating. I've found a lot of difference when it starts getting below 99.8%. That is just me. Give the guy a chance. He may be able to make it right. If not then contact eBay and file a complaint.

    I'm sure Jackie was a great comfort. Doggies always are.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Joy...please read!!!
    You might want to kill me for asking this. Please don't.
    When you are entering the redemption code, are you entering it in place of the serial #? OR are you going to the web site and entering it?
    I'm asking because of the error message you are getting saying that # is not active. In the last picture...the one where you are showing the redemption says SERIAL # RETRIEVAL. There are 4 steps listed. The 1st step tells you to go to the website...and it gives the web site. That's where you enter the redemption code to get the serial #. But you probably did that.

    1. Hi Judi!
      Yes, and thank you. I received 4 emails and a phone call from the company I bought it from. It cannot be fixed until Tuesday. The redemption code doesn't work because Best Buy -- where this company buys old software -- did not scan it properly or at all. If they don't scan it, the code does not become active. Adobe is closed for the long weekend, so I have to wait. Appreciate your comment so much! I certainly could have been doing that. I have lots of PS products, so I know about the SN and the Code.
      Hugs, Joy


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