Sunday, May 18, 2014

Houston, We HAVE a Problem!

Church was about tithing this morning.  I was taught about tithing 10% -- saving 10% -- spending 80% when I was in diapers.  Jerry learned it after marrying me.  Not FROM me, but from one of "my preachers".  His name is Kenneth Copeland.  I realize he is a bit over the moon to most with his gigantic home and all those airplanes parked outside with his own runways.  All I can say is HE WAS RIGHT.  The Bible says "give and it will be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over".

Hagee was the preacher this morning, of course.  Poor guy is still sitting to preach after two knee replacements.  You can feel his pain when he walks.  He talked about the Old Testament and the New Testament being "the same book".  One foretells it, and the other fulfills it.

After church, I decided to put the binding on Jackie's quilt.  I took it off the longarm yesterday being very pleased with myself and the all-over pattern I came up with all by myself to finish it.  I'm taking a break right now from hand-sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.  I'll show it to you soon.

Today, I have a picture of the outfit my daughter bought me for Mother's Day.

 I cannot tell you the last time I went to a STORE to buy already made clothes for myself.  It usually is Christmas when I shop for other people

I usually buy several things because they are on sale, and then they hang in my closet with price tags on them until someone like my sister comes over to spend the night and points out all the articles in my closet with price tags still on them.

Tammy texted me one day when I was working at our store.  She said, "What size do you wear?"

I texted back that you have to have a measuring tape.  You have to measure across the shoulders to see if it measures 14 to 15 inches from seam to seam,

THEN you have to measure across the bust area to be sure there is more than 42 inches,

THEN you have to measure the waist to see if it measures 35 inches,

THEN you have to measure across the hip area to be sure it will cover 42 inches.

She texted back:  "I don't HAVE a measuring tape WITH me!  WHAT size do you wear!?"

I thought it didn't really matter because I would probably have to take back whatever she bought me because it surely would NOT fit me, so I told her a Large top and a Size 14 pant.

A couple days later she drove all the way down here to my house a few days before Mother's Day to show me what she bought me.  I was SO DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELIGHTED that is FIT PERFECTLY, and I LOVED IT!  Here is a picture:

She bought matching earrings also.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE how perfectly this fit me.

OF COURSE, it is all very stretchy, and that sure doesn't hurt.

She went back home the next day.

A few days later she called me and said Steinmart -- where she bought this outfit -- was having a sale -- and she wanted to know if I would like anymore clothes.

I TOTALLY FORGOT that I am supposed to be on a Ready-To-Wear fast because I joined Goodbye Valentino's Facebook "club" where I agreed not to buy any RTW for one year, sooooo

I said, "Sure".

What are the chances this is the ONLY outfit in the entire world that fits me?  Maybe there is at least one more.

Just a few days ago, I received a box from Tammy with two blouses and three pair of these crop pants which is a style I have never worn before this year.  I always thought they looked like you were just a real bad hemmer when you made your pants.

All fit me pretty good, except for one blouse that had to be taken in.

Here is one of the outfits that I am wearing today.  The dots on the navy blue are actually cream colored -- not white.  This is the blouse I had to alter a bit.

I WAS going to show you Jackie's quilt which I have almost finished, BUT the CRAZIEST catastrophe happened!

My VERY EXPENSIVE Steam Generator by Rowenta CAME APART.

I picked it up, and the bottom started FALLING!


All I need is to drop a flaming hot steam iron ON MY FOOT!

I picked it up higher, and the bottom of the iron -- the hot part -- seemed to not fall all the way off, so I did one or two more presses to the quilt binding, and then I quit.

It was just way to iffy.  Not only is the thing flaming hot -- it is HEAVIER than a brick!

So I took a picture for you, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Isn't that INSANE?

It is like the thing MELTED from its own heat.

I have ordered a replacement, but it won't be here until Wednesday.

First, my computer and now, my iron.  This is really affecting my blog life!

I'll let you go.  It is a pretty Sunday evening, and my dog, Jackie needs discipline outside.  I planted all my new plants yesterday, and she decided she should UNplant two of them.  I replanted both of them, and the little rascal UNplanted one AGAIN!

This is going to require some strong punishment!


Hugs, Joy


  1. I have NEVER seen an iron do that. Absolutely incredible. Thankfully it didn't burn down the house!!!!!

  2. Cute Outfits! I do think that I would send Rowenta a picture of your steam generator! That should never happen.

  3. Did you actually find another iron just like it? I've looked and looked and never found one like that one. I really liked it. I like my DeLonghi, except for the fact that there is no way to tell how much water is left in it. It drives me crazy. You aren't supposed to let it go dry because it can damage it, but they don't give you any way to check how much water is in it.

    Don't be too tough on Miss Jackie. She is a sweetie pie. Everyone has one or two character flaws you know.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Joy, I just love the green top and white crop pants. That length blouse is perfect for you . It doesn't stop at the fullest part of your tummy.
    Really pretty. I wish your daughter could shop for me. : ) I wish I had a daughter.

  5. Your daughter picked out cute clothes that look nice on you. If you are putting plants inside Jackie's fenced in area...well...oh my. Joy...she is a smart girl and she is only mimicking you!!! You dug holes in the ground, yes you did!!!...and put plants in them. All dogs dig holes. It's actually good for their nails is walking and running. :)

  6. do you have a file or info about your experience when u started using SFD?


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