Thursday, May 15, 2014

My GREAT New Gadget!

My desk top computer is fixed, and Jerry is upstairs plugging in the endless wires that go someplace in the back of it.

I, on the other hand, am IN MY BED typing on my laptop to you.  I never type on my laptop in bed because it is just too uncomfortable to have the laptop on my thighs blowing out hot air and putting my legs to sleep.  If in bed, I usually have the laptop on a pillow beside me, and I watch You Tube videos on it.


I've been on my laptop all the time for days because my desk top computer was in the shop, so I have had to get used to working with it.  While I was here in bed two nights ago, my thighs were hot -- my legs were going to sleep -- and the computer felt like it weighed 50 pounds.  I got the bright idea to google "laptop bed table" and "computer table" and "bed stand" and whatever else I could dream up that such a gadget might be named.

This is just 2 days later, and it has arrived.  LOOK!!!  I, of course, have a picture for you taken by my sweetie pie hubby.

 Jerry asked me the CRAZIEST question.

"Why is it pink?!"

The answer to that is, "Because I couldn't find one with a large floral print on it".

It is the most amazing gadget.  The legs are in 3 parts, and each one moves independently of the other, so you can put the thing in all kinds of different positions.  I highly recommend it.  Only one thing missing:  a cup holder.  It does have a little table that is probably for a mouse, but it holds my cell phone perfectly.

Here is the description from Amazon.  It doesn't really have a brand name that I can see.  It was $38.40.

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Laptop Computer Desk Portable Bed Tray Book Stand Push Button Joints up to 17" (Pink)

GOOD HEAVENS!  WHAT a description!  No wonder I couldn't remember it.  O-=

Come back tomorrow, and I will show you what my daughter got me for Mother's Day, plus what I have made since my computer crashed.

I pray all of you -- if any -- who are in California will be safe from those awful fires.  One of our daughters is close enough to it to have ashes in her yard.  I'm praying for rain and no wind and safety to all in harm's way.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I like the table! Where did you buy it?

  2. Amazon. I have Prime, so I get free 2-day shipping. So nice. Well worth the yearly fee because I buy a lot from them.

  3. I am looking for something like this table also. Can you give more specifics on it? Who is the manufacturer? Or which search result found it?


    1. Kim,
      I added the description directly from Amazon above. Hope you can find it. It doesn't really have a brand name that I can see.
      Hugs, Joy


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