Monday, June 23, 2014

So Much Fun. Grab a Cuppa -- Lots of Pics.

Whew!  I feel like I just got thrown OUT of a whirlwind!

As I posted in an earlier blog, my soldier-boy, John, finally got to come home from Alaska with his wife Hollie.  They were kind enough to come down and visit the old folks for a few days.  John's sister, Lindy, arrived on Thursday just moments after Lauren and Walker were delivered by their other grandmother.  Papa and I and the three grandkids left our store in town and headed for our house 8 miles South of town.  Papa went in his vehicle to get gas.  I was alone in my car as the two younger kids wanted to ride with Lindy in her car.

While we had been sitting at the store, I was telling the kids how LOW the water is in Lake Texoma and how we had not had enough rain to even fill the tiny bowl on top of our bird bath.  One day, it rained for less than ONE MINUTE!  I was on the front porch.  I explained that we probably would not be able to go out in the boat because the lake was so low.

WELL, wouldn't you know it!  As we were driving home from our store, the skies opened up and it began POURING BUCKETS of rain.  It rained the whole rest of the day.  We had to fish on our dock in the rain.  We weren't complaining because we have been in a 3-year drought in these parts, and we LOVE the rain.  It put a damper on our activities though.

During the heaviest part of the rain, we decided to play a game, and I love that these kids LIKE to play games.  They chose Pictionary -- my favorite!  Lindy and Lauren were partners, so poor Walker had to be my partner because Papa hadn't gotten home yet.  When Papa did get home, he was on BOTH teams.

We had the PERFECT place to play.  Look:

 Can you GUESS what Jerry is drawing?  Walker got it right away.
When Walker and I won on the board, and Lindy and Lauren won the count of guesses, we decided to go fishing.

It was wet, but the fish were biting.  Walker caught the biggest one, but it got away.  He caught another big one later.

And his sister caught some too:
And Lindy, bless her heart, is the bait-putter-oner and the line untangler, and the Grandma helper.  I'm sure she caught fish too, but I didn't get a pic.  Remember, it was raining.  I wasn't getting out from under the roof!

After all tired of fishing it was time for Pizza --  Pepperoni and Supreme.  I made the mistake of putting both pizzas in the oven ON THE RACKS -- per the directions.  Take my advice:  DON'T DO THAT!!!  The pizza on the top rack wasn't getting enough heat -- or something -- and the bottom of the dough was hanging down BETWEEN the bars of the rack like very droopy dough boobs!  I had NO IDEA how I was going to get that thing out of the oven.  Fortunately, Lindy is a Pizza expert since she works at Hideaway Pizza, and she figured out what to do.

John and Hollie arrived about 2:30 on Friday, and that was very exciting for me, of course.  John was SO TALL and SO HANDSOME and SO WONDERFUL and his wife, Hollie was still SO BEAUTIFUL and SO SWEET.  This was the first of many hugs from my favorite Soldier:

That night we all had hamburgers and the fixin's before driving Walker and Lauren back to town to meet their other Grandma.  The visit with them was a very rare treat, and we are so thankful for all the other Grandmas arranging time for us!

The next day was a fabulous day with John and Hollie and Lindy.  We went out in the "big boat" (compared to our small fishing boat) and played on Lake Texoma.  John helps us with everything.  He knows how to handle the boat and back it up and park the trailer and all that stuff Jerry usually has to do.  It is such a pleasure to have John help with all the tasks involved in boating.

I have a complex to start with having 64-year old parts that all want to head South, and it sure doesn't help to be in a boat with these two beauties:

You notice I am NOT in the picture.  They were lucky to have me in the same boat!!!

Fortunately, both of them hug me a LOT and say, "I love you, Grandma", so I tell myself I would rather be their Grandma than look like I did when I was their age.  A huge blessing indeed!

Here is Captain Papa:

We have this removable table in our boat that I LOVE, and I always pack sandwiches.

Here is the Sandwich Assembly Line before we left for the lake:
And here we are enjoying lunch on the water:

After lunch, John and Hollie and John and Lindy played on the tube and then the skis.  John had ENDLESS energy!  Lindy was next in show-off-ability.  Hollie got pooped after a ride with Lindy and then John on the tube.  I got pooped just watching!

 Here, John and Lindy changed to water skis.
I would like to point out that although I did not tube or water ski, I DID take all the pictures!

THEN was our dinner at Alberta Creek Cafe.  I was really looking forward to it because it is so nice now with the new managers.  I had made a special request for a slight adjustment to a pie they serve there.  It is kind of a cheesecake on bottom with strawberries and glaze on top.  I asked them if they could "throw a few blueberries on top" to make it red, white and blue for my grandson, and I explained he was a soldier coming home from Alaska.

We had a table reserved, so we sat down immediately.  The waitress had been told by management to scoot right on over to our table, and she was there before I had even adjusted myself in my chair!  I don't know WHY we got such preferential treatment, but we did.  Our dinner came quickly, and it was time for dessert.  I signaled to one of the staff that we had a special pie.  She said, "Oh, I KNOW!  I will take care of it."

In a few moments the lady that made the pie -- Wanda -- arrived at our table with the pie in her hands.  I squealed with delight that I'm sure the whole restaurant probably heard, and asked if I could take a picture.  John got up and stood next to Wanda.  This is blurry, but I'm so glad I got it.

Wanda had waited until that afternoon to make the pie so it would be very fresh.  She also made it look like an American Flag.  It was WONDERFUL, and I was SO TOUCHED that she did that for John.

Here is a cut piece so you can see it is kind of a real fluffy cheesecake inside.


And -- as if that wasn't ENOUGH of a surprise to make our evening extra lovely -- the waitress came to our table when we were ready to pay for our meal, and she said, "Your ENTIRE meal has been paid for!"

I couldn't believe my ears.  Jerry and I both ASSUMED it was the managers -- Wanda's daughter and her husband.  Jerry went to thank them, and they said, "It wasn't us!"

The kids said, "Grandma, you talk so loud, the whole restaurant probably knew John is a soldier."

Whatever!  As far as I'm concerned, the WHOLE WORLD should know it.  Evidently, someone was honoring his service.  Sure wish we knew who so we could thank them.

Then it was home again, a movie and another day.  By now, it is Sunday, and you know we always have church on Sunday.  We announced to the kids that we would have breakfast at 7:30 and church at 8:30.  They said to just wake them up at 7:30.  I went to their rooms and just lightly tapped on their doors.  In two minutes, they were all in the kitchen.  We enjoyed bacon and pancakes, and then we headed upstairs to church on the big screen.

Now, our "church" is very relaxed.  Recliners or the couch in your pj's.  Even Jackie came to church.  (EXCUSE Jackie's weird eyes.  I thought black circles would look better than bright light alien eyes.)

After church, the kids came to me and told me how much they loved it.  There was a guest speaker who was quite a comedian.  He could imitate John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and others.  I was getting a little disturbed at the comic act until he turned it into a good sermon about never quitting.

After church, Lindy had to go home.  She had come in her own car, so she left alone.  Jerry, John and Hollie decided to head back out for a short fishing trip in our other boat.  I thought Hollie would want to stay with me.  Nope!  She LOVED going fishing.

That evening, John asked if we could eat on the patio.  I was thrilled he thought of it.  An elegant dinner of grilled hot dogs and baked beans.

That not-so-bald-anymore guy was enjoying having his grandkids there.  I was loving watching him love them.

And a fuzzy pic of me and my tall soldier.  Behind us is a stack of my Crocs and a water hose used to wash all the mud off them over and over and over.  I had the kids just grab a new pair every time we went to the pond.  Sadly, about 8 pair are still out there waiting a more thorough scrubbing.

And the weekend ended this morning at about 11 AM when John and Hollie drove away.  They have more people to visit before they head to Arizona on June 30th to their new assignment at Fort Huachuca (?).  I told them not to DARE go across the border to Mexico!  Hollie said her Dad told her not to DARE leave her house!

Gotta go feed my hubby.  Tomorrow, I'll show you my new quilting machine!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. How wonderful and special. Looks to have been a perfect visit.

  3. What a fun filled time. You are making great memories for your GK's
    Lovely photos

  4. What a beautiful and memorable visit.
    I retired a couple of years ago. I was in the Military and have served 32 yrs (Canadian Military) and my husband is still serving,(35yrs so far)
    I always felt so shy when people would thank me when I was in uniform.
    It was truly an honour and it always brought a tear to my eye when people expressed their gratitude.
    Your son should be thanked and his serving is appreciated :)

  5. Thank you Joy for sharing the wonderful time you had with your company, I enjoyed reading every moment of it.
    Best Regards,

  6. Hi Joy, I'm reading through your blog this morning and realizing how much we have in common. I too am married to a fisherman named Jerry, I'm retired and he is still working, I sew and I hope one day for a new neighbor to be a sewing buddy :) Looks like y'all had a great time!


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