Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back Home in LIL

Yes, we are back home in Kingston.  Jerry is doing great.  His hair is turning blonde again instead of snow white.  His energy is returning.  It is 7:30 and I just finished the dinner dishes.  Jerry announced he was going out to work on his bulldozer.  It has been quite a long time since he has felt good enough for that hard job.  Some part broke on it, and EVERYTHING on a bulldozer is BIG and complicated and hard to get to, SO that means his knee has to be feeling very much better also!  Praise God for that!

I interviewed two new girls for our store, and I hired them both yesterday.  I believe they will both be great if I am there to help train them myself.  I want to be sure they have plenty to keep them busy, and they KNOW the rules and regulations and tons of information required by Medicare/Medicaid.  Both girls have great skills, and I am excited!  And -- SO FAR -- not a tattoo in sight on either one of them.  Our employees KNOW -- because I put it in writing  -- how Jerry and I feel about tattoos.  As far as we are concerned they belong in the underworld of gangs and drugs or in a bar or the Military or on Popeye -- not in a respectable place of business.

I am shocked EVERY SINGLE DAY at what walks into the doors of restaurants and grocery stores.  Beautiful YOUNG girls with formerly flawless skin have tattoos covering their entire arms -- and their legs -- and their feet!  It is truly the saddest thing.  We saw a very young girl walking the "plank" as I call it to the Marina cafe a few weeks ago, and both her legs were covered with tattoos.  She had on shorts, and I'm sure she was very proud of those tattoos.  I wanted to CRY!

Look at this formerly very pretty young girl!  I freak out over a tiny red spot on my cheek caused by blood vessels coming together and making a bump, and this lady has BLACK STARS all over her face!  Who would hire her?

These people truly need something, and it ISN'T ink!

If YOU, dear reader, happen to be covered with tattoos -- or if you even have one tiny one --  and you are happy about it, that is wonderful.  I'm just telling you how Jerry and I feel about them on our employees. YES, we are old fogies, but I think young fogies would be much more beautiful tattooless!

And HOW did I get off into all of that.  Heaven only knows how my brain works.

Much more fun to talk about sewing or jewelry, huh?

You are probably wondering what "LIL" is.  That would be Low Internet Land.  It is a very distant relative of LOL! (-;

I better close before I get myself in deeper than I already am.

I just have one more thing to say:


We have a coterie of clowns running our government, and they could use an immediate injection of wisdom from above.  They may not love you, God, but millions of Americans do, and I ask you to please bless America for all of us.

Hugs, Joy  


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Joy....about our country and tattoos!

    My niece has tattoos on her arms, her legs and maybe other places that she doesn't advertise on Facebook! She won't be so proud of them as she ages and those "things" start going south!

    Glad to hear Jerry is doing so much better.....we went thru the cancer thing a couple of years ago, and it was so good to see my guy get back to what he loved doing...work!

  2. Amen and Amen! Just keep on speaking the truth!

    hugs, phylly

  3. Joy, I agree with you on both!! Have a wonderful day!

  4. It's interesting to hear that it's not just here in Australia that our youth have gone 'ink' mad !! I detest tattoos, as does my dear sister (who is braver than me- making observations in the supermarket when I holidayed at her home interstate recently!!)
    Joy, I am quite keen to contact you privately- would you be willing to give an email address through your blog?


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