Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello on Monday

Good evening everyone.  I don't have a single thing to say to you tonight, but there isn't anything fun to look at on line tonight in the "sewing" or "jewelry-making" categories.  I've watched so many tutorials, I have to wait for someone to make some more.

Guess I could learn a new skill.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...  Wonder what I could learn to do.  I could start a crochet project, but what I can do is laughable compared to what my daughter and Phylly can do.  They both knit.

I will be so excited when I get my birthday scarf from my daughter so I can show it to you.  I can't believe she made it!  I watched her work on it one night, and I just could not figure out the movements of the needles.  She can even go backwards for a ways and then start again.

Phylly made me a scarf last Christmas.  It is really pretty, and I love it.  It is totally different than the one Tammy, my daughter, made. Actually, the one Tammy made could be a shawl.  It is the same color as my new royal blue jacket.

I cut out another Louise Cutting pattern this afternoon when I got home from work.  Phylly and I are taking all of her classes when we go to the EXPO in Fort Worth in October.  I want to be wearing her things when we go to her class.  I'll show you a picture tomorrow when I get it more together.

It appears I am now taking special requests for videos as my friend, Margaret, (not the one with the colander on her head) asked me to take a video of Jerry getting in and out of his new truck.  I did take the video tonight, but the sound on my phone decided to go on strike.  I have LEARNED that you can go on Google and ask any question in the world and get some kind of answer.  I googled "can't get sound with my Iphone videos", and a whole list of cures came up.  One of them was to blow into the hole you put the charger into.  I actually did that, and it WORKED!

There is one slight problem, however.  BEFORE I figured out you are supposed to blow into your phone as though it were a whistle, I got the bright idea to delete all of the photos off the phone because they were taking up over 2 GB of storage.  I thought maybe that was why the sound wasn't working.  Yes, I downloaded all the pics to my computer first.  When I click on the video of Jerry getting in and out of his truck, I get an error message saying I have to download QuickTime or the videos won't play.  I'll mess with that some more tomorrow, or just get a new video

SOOOOOOOOOO, hold on Margaret!  I'll get your video.

Jerry watches so many of those Alaska, Mountain Men, Naked People Starving, Ice People, etc. shows on TV that I think I could actually go hunting and know what to do.  I just watched some guy pluck all the feathers off a goose, remove the poor thing's innards, and then cook it in boiling water to eat in the solid ice surroundings inside a tent.

Yummo -- if you are CRAZY!

We watched some show called "Fat Guys Outdoors" (OSLT) last night. Three fat guys were in the Colorado woods for an ENTIRE WEEK. Their teacher -- trainer -- guide guy was able to feed them ONE NASTY FAT GRUB and TWO SMALL FISH.  That was it for the entire week!  I told Jerry they need to find a new leader for that game before they have fat guys dropping dead from starvation!

On second thought, maybe that is why they have to be FAT before they get invited to go with that guy!  They won't get to eat for a week.

Guess it is time for bed.  Maybe I'll have a new blouse to show you tomorrow, and maybe I'll press my new jacket and put it on, and maybe I'll finish my maxi dress.  Maybe.

Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday and have I told you lately how much I appreciate your comments?  Truly, they brighten my day so much.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh boy! A video of Jerry getting into the truck. I suppose the less said about what he should avoid, the better. LOL. Your blue jacket is just beautiful. What kind of fabric comes out of the dryer looking that good?
    Nancy Jo

  2. At the rate I'm knitting don't ever expect another knitted scarf from me. I have been doing more ripping out than knitting lately. I'm about ready to rip out everything I have done since Friday on my scarf. I have been knitting this thing for two months. I've probably done enough knitting to have knitted it three times, but I keep having to rip it out. It is a good thing I don't have to knit sweaters and jackets for my family in order to keep them warm. They would freeze to death!

    My blue knit dress is all cut out and I have started sewing it together. But let me tell you, this fabric is soft and very pretty, but it is like trying to sew snot. I'm using a teflon foot and that is helping, but still it is a real pain to stitch. On the other hand it goes through the serger without any problem at all. The back is sewn together and I even put the darts in it. I really hope it looks good. I've done too much work on it to have it look bad and not wear it.

    Hugs, Phylly


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