Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cake, Fabric and Fun

I'm sure everyone wants to watch the President talk tonight as it appears he may have FINALLY found a backbone and maybe even has decided there is such a thing as a terrorist.

Anyway, I decided to just make a video for today so I will be free tonight to watch TV to see what he has to say.

I may be back tomorrow with a new SFD top.

If my dog would QUIT digging holes to China in the back yard, I may have had a new top made today. There is a lot of new dirt out there because we just had a fence put in, and Jackie has decided all of it was placed there for her pleasure.

I just went out awhile ago to check on her, and she was over in the corner with her nose down in a HOLE!!! She turned around to look at me.  I WISH I had had the camera in my hand.  Her entire face was covered with dirt.  She looked at me like she had not been doing anything at all out of the ordinary and wondered what on earth my problem was.  That is while her tongue flopped all around licking the dirt off her furry face. YUK!

Dirt MUST be really delicious!

Here is my video showing you my fun shopping spree from this morning.

That's all folks!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I love the first and the last fabrics, but, of course, with my aversion to orange, I didn't care for the Autumn fabric. I'm sure it will look great on you, though. I haven't seen the top you made with the blue floral. Just because you don't think it goes with the blue jacket doesn't mean you can't wear it with something else. I bet it is pretty. The fabric is very pretty. If the bust is big enough, I'll wear it.LOL

    We are cool. Wonderfully cool. My kitchen is cool even with the oven on and it has only been three hours since the AC was finished and turned on. It better be for what we paid. They did a nice job of putting in an extra intake in the dining room. I was afraid it would be a mess, but they were very professional.

    I'm working on altering a pattern for a bra. It was a bit low cut for me, so I'm trying to raise the center almost 2 inches. We'll see if my fitting skills will lend themselves to bra sewing. I have some really pretty lace and fabric to make bras out of so I want to get the fit right before I cut into it.
    See you tomorrow.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Hi Joy. This is Deborah from Ozark, MO. I wanted to give you a little tip if Jackie is still digging in the yard. This has always worked with my dogs but not sure it will work for yours. Get a package of small water balloons and fill them about 1/2 up with water. Put them in the holes she has already dug, When she goes back to the holes to try to dig, the balloons will most likely pop and Jackie will get quite a surprise. Normally it is water up her nose and she probably won't like that. They only thing I guess you need to be careful about is that she doesn't swallow the latex balloon after it pops. Anyway, just something I learned early in my dog raising days. I hope it helps. By the way, I am already registered with classes and hotel for the Sewing Expo in Overland Park, KS which is the weekend before Ft. Worth. You and Phyllie have fun. I know me and my friends will.

  3. 3rd time I've tried to send this.

    Hi Joy, Love to see your videos, always informative. BTY love your fabrics.

    Would you tell me what pattern you used for the blouse you wore in the post Wed, Sep 9, 2019? It looks really good and fits so nicely.

    Thanks for your help, Carol Ann Hood

  4. That top was made with my Sure-fit Designs pattern for a knit top. I had made the v-neck a bit wide, so I put the little bars across it to hold it together. Glad you like it.
    Hugs, Joy


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