Saturday, October 25, 2014

Doggy Days!

Good Heavens!

SOMEONE should have told me that puppies have more energy than wild bulls!  It is amazing the torment Jackie will take from Josie.  Josie has the SHARPEST little teeth, and she bites Jackie's legs over and over.  Jackie jumps around like she is on hot coals.  Unbelievable patience with her SUPPOSED "friend" that Jerry insisted she have.  

Took both girls to a new vet today.  LOVED HER.  She said, "Hello, I am Dr. So-and-So, but you can call me Nicole."  She looked 18, but said she was 35.  She said people tell her how young she looks all the time.  She was lovely to our babies.  If we could live in just one town, I would go to her all the time.

Phylly and Margaret came over today, but I was so WORN OUT from being up last night with a sick Jackie, that I didn't even THINK of taking a picture today.  Jackie hasn't been feeling good for about 3 days.  We thought it was probably a little milk I had given her, but that would not last this long.  

Jerry found a dead turtle in our yard about a week ago that Jackie had gnawed on and killed.  Part of her shell was missing.  Thank goodness, I did not find that.  The vet said Jackie could have salmonella from that.  Jackie got pills and Josie got a shot.  Josie acted like she ADORES getting shots and couldn't care less.  Jackie did NOT appreciate the thermometer put you-know-where!

Here they are now.  Worn out and ready for bed!  This is as far apart as they get from each other. 

Last night, Jackie's head was ON TOP OF Josie as though she was her pillow.  So cute!

Had fun with my friends today.  We shortened Phylly's skirts.  WISH I had thought to take a pic of the new much shorter lengths.  Who knew Phylly has legs!!!

That's all for tonight my friends.  

Hugs, Joy


  1. Looks like you and Phylly had a wonderful time at Expo and came home with some beautiful fabric and patterns. Thanks so much for sharing . I had so wanted to go myself but we had an out of state trip planned for that week. I was so excited to get home and see what you had posted while I was gone and as always you had such exciting news and videos to share. Your new puppy is just precious. I know Jackie must just love having her there. What fun it is to just watch them play with each other. The Best news was hearing about Jerry.
    Glad to be home. Traveling in a small motor home with 2 dogs and a sick husband was not what I call a vacation. Just glad that we made it back home safe.

    1. Hi Anita,
      That sure does not sound like fun. Travelling with 2 dogs and a sick hubby. Hope your hubby isn't seriously ill. Glad you are back home SAS (safe and sound).
      Hugs, Joy


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