Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back in Edmond on Wednesday

Hey friends!  How are all of you tonight?

I have arrived back at our Edmond home with my two J's:  Jackie and Josie.  They are both going to the Beauty Shop tomorrow.  They haven't had a bath in a very long time.  They will be so soft and smell so good!  If I had a proper place to do it, I would gladly bathe them myself.  I bet it would be fun.

It is absolutely amazing, but I ALWAYS have company shortly after I arrive here.  My daughter and her husband came over, and shortly after they arrived my darling granddaughter, Lindy, arrived.  I didn't even think of getting my camera out, but I wish I had.  Lindy looked so darling in her outfit.  Lindy and I went to Ted's for Mexican food for dinner.  We ate sooooooooooooooo much!  I don't know how that girl stays so tiny!

We talked and talked and she never touched her cell phone.  It was very special.  And she told me those four words that melt my heart:  "I love you, Grandma."

There is a fervent prayer deep down in my heart that I will hear another little girl say that to me someday.  It will take nothing less than a miracle, but I serve a great big God.

ALL things are possible to those that believe!  The Bible says so.

We had quite a scare last night!

Jerry and I were eating our dinner in our Kingston home when my cell phone rang.  I noticed it was Juan, the lawn guy from our Edmond home.  I thought that was very strange.  He never calls me.  I get a bill once a month, and I mail him a check.

I answered the phone.

He asked me if I was in Edmond.

I said, "No".

He then told me that my garage door was open!

Jerry and I didn't know WHAT to think.  We assumed someone had figured out the code and had either robbed us, or was going to come back and rob us.

I asked Juan if he would go into the house and check things, BUT THEN we remembered the alarm would go off if he did that.

AND, since the alarm had not already gone off, nobody could have entered the house.  I asked Juan to please push the garage door button and run and jump over the red light and out the door before it closed.

HOW WONDERFUL that he would do that for me.

Next week when he comes, I am going to give him a nice cash surprise for doing that for me.  He certainly did not have to.  He speaks little English, and I'm sure he wasn't sure he could communicate well.  He did a great job though.

After that, I called my sil who lives in Edmond about 10 miles North of our house there.  He is the SWEETEST sil!  He is a retired Fireman, so he is used to emergencies.  I called to ask him what he thought.  He immediately offered to go by the house and check it for me.  He also thought to unplug the garage door openers from the ceiling so if someone did have an opener, it would not work.  What a GREAT idea!
Jerry and I were able to rest after that.  I am here now, and all is well.  It must have been some kind of electronic fluke.  I keep thinking I should go out and re-re-re-re-check to make sure the garage door is still shut though.

The J's are down for the night, and sleepy is falling heavy on my eyes.

Hugs, Joy


  1. FYI, there are garage door openers that automatically close after 10 minutes. Also you can close them with your cell phone. Not sure what kind, my sister has one.

  2. Glad all is well on the home front. Looking forward to seeing the two J's with their freshly coiffed locks.
    I took mine yesterday and they look so pretty.


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