Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! and Jewelry Storage by Request

Well HELLO everyone!  Are you totally excited it is almost a BRAND NEW year?  I sure am.  I really NEED a brand new year.  The last week has been very hard emotionally on me for reasons I won't go into as some people may read this that would attack me.  I hate that, so won't allow an opening for it.


I made a video today by special request.  It is about how I STORE all the jewelry I make.  If you are interested, here it is:


I just checked JoAnn Fabrics and all the Artbin boxes and storage boxes are HALF PRICE and there is a free shipping coupon.  YAY!  It is 12-31-14.

I mentioned BRIGHT ORANGE knit fabric I bought at Hancock's yesterday.  Here it is.  I can hear Phylly gagging!

Jerry just came in, and we have 4 animals IN THE HOUSE!  We have two cats also, and we accidentally locked them out of the garage.  The poor things were Popsicles when I got home from my errands.

Jerry is hollering orders to the two dogs, and they are totally ignoring him.  I better go assist.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Domino Dogs! - VIDEO ADDED

Almost time for lights out.  I am all alone in my bed, and the girls are asleep in theirs.  Jackie and Josie went to the beauty shop today.  I'm not too happy with the outcome, but at least, they are CLEAN!  So nice to love on soft, sweet-smelling hairy babies.

Poor Jackie and Josie nearly got squished to death trying to get them into the back of their new car today.  Phylly came over to spend the day with me, and I was extremely glad to have her to help me with the dogs.  I really don't think I could do them both at the same time by myself.  We loaded the dogs into the back of the Explorer here in my garage.  I pushed the button on the open tailgate, and it automatically closed.  We drove to PetSmart and took the dogs inside for their bath.

Later, Phylly and I went back to PetSmart to pick the dogs up.  That is when Phylly tried to crush them!

I wish I had a video to stick in this spot showing you how this new Explorer works.  Here is a video showing you how the back of my new car works:

I guess I should confess that Phylly isn't really just two feet tall.  She might as well have been for how far the button was above her head.  STUPID ME!  I can't believe I didn't foresee that possibility.

The Explorer has every bell and whistle known to man at this time, including ambient lighting that I can change to about 8 different colors.  The back end has buttons you push that cause the back row of seats to fold in half, and then turn completely around and down inside the floor so the whole back end is flat.  That is why I wanted it.  So easy to put the dogs inside.

So Phylly and I managed to get the two dogs inside the back end of the Explorer.  Not an easy task.  Once inside the back, I like to open the back door -- crawl into the 2nd row of seats -- and get the dogs to come forward to me by giving them a treat.  I do that so when the back door comes down, they don't try to jump out or get their feet stuck or something.  I asked Phylly to "PUSH THE BUTTON" when I got inside the car.  

It never even entered my mind that Phylly might not know WHICH button to push.  I had crawled into the 2nd row seat, and Phylly pushed a button.  Only problem was, it was the WRONG button!  The dogs were on a FLAT floor, and all of a sudden seats starting coming up OUT OF THE FLOOR and turning around onto them and shoving them down under them.  I was hollering at Phylly that she was pushing the wrong button, but it was too late.  It was already pushed!  

I ran to the back of the car, and Phylly and I just stood their staring into the back of it trying to figure out WHAT ON EARTH we could do to save Jackie and Josie from being squashed into two black dominoes!

It was a real circus, let me tell you!  I  tried to UNpush the button, but I could not.  Then we literally had to pull the dogs up over the seats and out of the car.  The dogs were terrified!  Once we finally got them safely outside, we thought we would never get them back inside again.

TOTALLY my fault!  I guess I thought Phylly had seen me push the right button when we were at the house, but that is a stupid assumption.  I will never make that mistake again.

Phylly said, "Next time, I'LL get in the second row seats and give them their treats!"

Poor babies.  I promise you, they are perfectly fine, and I have hugged them to pieces and so has Aunt Phylly.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, December 25, 2014

JESUS is the Reason for the Season!

Today we celebrate what probably is NOT the actual date of Christ's arrival in that stable in Bethlehem all those years ago, but the fact remains He DID come -- He WAS born -- and Satan could NOT keep him in the grave!!!

I find it extremely sad that so many millions think Christmas is about Santa Claus who is NOT real.  Millions lie to their children about Santa -- the Easter Bunny -- the Tooth Fairy -- and then expect the children to believe in an almighty God who sent his only Son to earth to be crucified on our behalf.

How can children separate truth from fiction when the parents present it all as truth?

I watch families go through all the traditional Santa and presents, etc. at Christmas time, but they don't stop to pray -- or give thanks -- or read the Christmas story from the Bible.  It is shameful, I think.  Children MUST BE CAREFULLY TAUGHT!  Children mimic their parents and their parent's tradition -- or they used to.  It obviously all fell apart somewhere.  Children decided they were smarter than their parents.  They decided they didn't want to follow the true meaning of Christmas.

It breaks my heart as it has happened in my own family.  They go to see movies that glorify the occult and evil WITH their children!  How does that relate to Christmas!?

The Bible says to "abstain from ALL appearance of evil".   I Thessalonians 5:22

Phillipians 4:8 instructs us as follows:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. 

Parents must wake up. Each home must bring Jesus back INSIDE and make him Lord. Otherwise, families will cease to exist and America will be no more. The God-haters will have won because we forgot our role as CHRISTIAN parents.

Today, my dear friends, is HIS birthday celebration. Let's not forget it.

Give HIM praise! Give HIM glory! Give HIM all of yourself and your family. Don't let your children ever forget who Jesus is and why He came. Don't let them forget that Jesus died, but he is NOT dead! He rose again, and he sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

There is, after all, Heaven to gain and Hell to shun! Are your children prepared? This is the perfect day to teach them that God's own Son came to Earth, and He did it all for you -- for me -- and for them!
Big Christmas Hugs,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Office Party


I have been 30 minutes trying to get into my OWN blog.

What the heck?

Sometimes, computers can be SO FRUSTRATING!

I seem to be in now, so I shall proceed with posting pics of our Oklahoma City store Christmas pictures.

These pictures were taken in my former office where we had the jewelry-by-Joy gift presentation.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Look at this AWESOME picture of everyone with a HUGE smile on their face.  I gave smiling lessons before Jerry snapped the picture.  I told everyone to stick out their neck like they were looking over a fence, and to act like their best friend just walked into the room to surprise them at the count of 3 while looking square into the little picture hole on the camera and saying a surprised "HI".   (Terry will have to remind me what the right name is for the "picture hole", lol.)

From left to right and head-to-head, that is me in a Christmas top on far left.  Then is Carol, Phylly, Kodi, Paula, Lu, Misty and Sheila.

And here is Paula showing off her jewelry-by-Joy.  Paula is always in a great mood, and she LOVES parties.  Can you tell?

 Paula took one of the bracelets too.  I was so glad she liked it.

Here is Sheila in my FAVORITE top.  Don't know WHY I don't buy some of that fabric and make myself one.  She chose the wreaths.  They were my favorite.  She also took one of the bracelets I made for JIC some of the girls didn't care for earrings.

And here is Lu, the boss.  She always looks amazing no matter what she has on.  She is modeling the snowman earrings.  There is a little hat on the top of the snowman head, but you can't really see it here.

Here is a bracelet I made that Kodi really liked.  I don't think she took any earrings.  The pic is a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea.

I'm not quite sure why Kodi is shaking hands with Misty here, lol.

The above three girls have been assigned a number of their importance by our employee, Ron.

In the back is Paula.  She is #1-A.

In the middle is Kodi.  She is #1.

And IF I remember right, Misty is #2-C.  Paula and Kodi have both been with us for over 10 years!

No men were invited to the jewelry party, but Ron kept poking his head in to see WHAT ON EARTH all the hilarity was about and to see what 1, 1-A and 2-C were doing.  I did give him a pair of Christmas earrings later to take home to his wife.  I asked one of the other guys if he wanted a pair for his wife.  He said his wife wears only hoops and pigs.

And people think I'm strange for wearing Christmas tops and earrings???

And here is Phylly modeling the jewelry-by-Joy I gave her for Christmas.  Both sets match outfits she made last summer.  One of the sets just happened to match the new knit top she is wearing.  It was quite the project from what she says.  Not sure I want to try it.  Check out the matching fingernails?  I was so envious.

Gotta go.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Quick Hello

One day is just blurring into the other right now.  I am totally off my usual schedule, and we aren't even in the right town!  I hate when that happens because it throws my inner clock all out of whack.

We left last Thursday to come to OKC for our office Christmas party on Friday.

Yes, I have pictures, but I haven't even downloaded them yet.  We had a great time at Cheesecake Factory where I ate way too much.

My waistline is screaming S T O P !

I keep saying, "Tomorrow, I'm not going to eat ANYTHING!"

Then tomorrow comes, and I eat more than I did the day before.

Those of you who love to sew like Phylly and I do must go to Rhonda's blog.  She just made the CUTEST owl pin cushions or pattern weights.  Let me see if I can find a link for you.  It is NOT my greatest talent, that's for sure!

Give it a try.  Hopefully, it will take you to the darling owl weights.

I had lunch with Phylly today and we had the most delightful time.  Phylly has a talent for giving me the most thoughtful gifts.  Of course, she knows me better than my own Mother does.  WAY better, in fact, but we won't go there.  She gave me a book with a ton of jewelry patterns in it for using crystals.

She gave me a sort-of purse with all kinds of dividers and slots that you put in and out of purses.  That way you don't have to dump your purse contents and start over.

And, of course, you only have to know me for five minutes to realize that I am ALWAYS looking for a Kleenex.  She made me two pretty tissue holders that go in my purse.  She said they are really easy to make.  I was excited to get them!  It looks so much nicer than pulling out a thick wad of Kleenex from your purse while trying to get just one tissue.

She also gave me a gift card that I insisted she come with me to use right after lunch.  I had found some OXO  kitchen items on sale at Penney's just before I met her for lunch, and I did't have time to buy them.  I had found an empty shelf on a cart at Penney's, and I unloaded my arms onto the shelf and left.  I planned on returning later to reclaim them.  When Phylly and I returned after lunch, all but one item were still there.

I would have had lunch with Margaret too, but she and I met on Saturday for lunch because I was NOT supposed to be here today.  Margaret and I had a lovely lunch at Applebee's where we talked and talked and talked.  I gave her a very NON-surprising gift of jewelry-by-Joy.  She gave me a lovely new book to read.  I just finished "Still Alice", so the timing was perfect.

Sunday was Christmas brunch at my daughter's house.  It was just her and her husband, Len, and her daughter, Lindy.  It was very, very nice to have my daughter and granddaughter all to myself.  There are usually so many people at Christmas gatherings that you don't really get to "be with" anyone -- if that makes sense.

I got so many hugs from Lindy, all seemed right in the world.  I was crying over something that seems stupid now when I got there, and Lindy came out to the car to greet me.  She saw I had been crying, and she just hugged me so sweetly.

I had been crying because I wanted to put big red bows on Josie and Jackie for their FIRST ride in their new Explorer.  After all, we were going to my daughter's where they were BOTH born.  Their Daddy lives there, and Josie's Mom lives there.

Jerry decided just before it was time to go that we were NOT taking the dogs.  I couldn't imagine Christmas without them, and it really upset me.  He finally agreed they could go, but it was too late for the bows.

WOW!  That is a long "hello" isn't it?

I will let you go.  I'll post OKC pics soon.

Merry ALMOST Christmas to you all and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Party Fun

Yes, I have been gone for a few days again, but I have been VERY busy.  This time of the year is the ONLY time of year when Jerry and I go to parties of any kind.  We have two locations, and today was the Christmas party for our Kingston store.

I told you I have been making jewelry non-stop for days and days and days.  I love doing it, but it has been a lot all at once.  I haven't sewn a stitch in weeks, and that is VERY unusual around here.

I informed my husband a few days ago that I was making jewelry gifts for all the female employees.  I told him that HE needed to do something for the guys because he always says I can't do "just the girls".  He decided that the guys would be thrilled to be fed and receive their bonuses, and they didn't need anything else because he wasn't making anything.

Actually, it is a good thing he doesn't "make things" for the employees.  As picky and perfectionistic as Jerry is, the gifts would never be made!

So here we are.  Just the girls.  We had a lot of fun.  At least, I did!

This is Candi, the boss.  She is the one I keep telling you about that is in severe pain all the time.  She is on a wait list to have surgery on her back.  Sometimes, she hurts so bad that she has to lie down on the floor in her office.  Other times, she just has to go home.  We all feel so sorry for her, and we pray that she gets help soon.  She was probably in pain the whole time we were having our little party, but she never complained.  She never does.

 And this is Larece.

She is the girl I ALMOST didn't interview because she has a very unusual first name.  It is "Carlma".  When I saw her name on her Resume', I thought maybe she was from a foreign country and wouldn't speak English very well, OR maybe she used to be "Carl".

I KNOW!  I can hear you gasping!

I told her all of that myself.  She already knows how crazy I am.  Actually, she goes by her middle name:  Larece.
And you may remember me being all excited about our two new girls.

This is Melody!  She IS a melody and has made our store such a happy, ORGANIZED place to be.  She told me once that she "wants to learn everything there is to know about our business".

Oh, Melody, BE CAREFUL what you wish for!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And those are all the close-ups I managed to take.  These girls DO have work to do, and they were being very nice to me allowing me to take their pictures.

Below is a picture of all of us after everyone got through picking the pair of earrings or the bracelet that they wanted.  I'm not sure if everyone had them on or not.  Standing next to me (notice the candy canes on my blouse and in my ears) is Lou Ann.  If you look down at her hand, you can see the bracelet that she picked.

Next to Lou Ann is Pat in the gorgeous animal print top.  Pat turned in her resignation years ago.  She still comes to work though, and we are THRILLED that she does.  Behind Pat is Kathy.  She is a new addition who works part time for FMS.  She keeps our offices clean and does mountains of filing for us.  Next to Kathy is Keli in the black top.  Keli is Super-Secretary and does mountains of billing.  Next to Keli (in the back) is Melody.  You saw her above.  Then there is Larece.  You saw her above too.  And then Candi, the boss.  Candi is "Joy" when I'm not there, and she does many things I don't even know how to do.

Because of these WONDERFUL ladies and the two guys who don't wear Christmas earrings, I am able to stay home and sew and make jewelry most of the time.  I am so blessed and extremely grateful for every employee we have.

I pray they have all they ever dreamed of this Christmas and that 2015 brings them health, prosperity and happiness overflowing!

Hugs, Joy

Friday, December 12, 2014

Two Little Earring Fashion Show Videos

I have had several people remark that they LOVE to wear Christmas earrings, so I am inspired.  I have so many beads purchased just for Christmas earrings that I really wanted to make them.

This is for Sheila and Larece.  Tell me which ones you like best.

And this one is very short.  Youtube chose a great in-focus shot of the Christmas package.
I've decided I LOVE wearing Christmas tops and Christmas earrings because I feel like when you are celebrating a birthday, you should act happy and in-tune to the event.

When you are celebrating the birth of God's Son, then you should celebrate with a BIGGER bang and a BIGGER amount of happy!

There are so many people in America that hate Christmas these days that I have decided I'm not going to join in the "don't say it - don't look like it -- don't celebrate it" bunch, and I'm going to wear my Christmas bling and enjoy it.

Besides, my Christmas tops are NOT ugly.  I saw a lot of "ugly" Christmas sweaters on TV today, but they were made ugly ON PURPOSE.  I think it is sacrilegious and mocks the birth of Christ.
one of the ugly sweater contests was done at our very own church:  Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX.  I was really disappointed.

Gotta run downstairs and let Jackie and Josie out.  It has rained all day, and it is VERY muddy outside where Jerry put new topsoil down.  The dogs come in so dirty.  Josie looks like she was buried by Jackie!  Such a mess.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Have Decided


Wasn't that fun?!

It was a blast to hear all of you "talk" to me.

I have decided that it has everything to do with personality.  I am the personality that likes to wear Christmas tops and Christmas earrings, so I guess I will just do it myself.  I will NOT give them as gifts, however.  I made Christmas earrings for several of my female employees last year, and they probably all HATED them!  I sure haven't seen any of them in their ears.

Different strokes for different folks!  I sure would like to have the beads back though.  The Swarovski crystals are expensive.  I could always make something else out of them.

Of course, you could NEVER say to a friend, never mind a boss, "Hey, I don't like this gift -- take it back!"  Wouldn't it be nice if you really KNEW what a person would love so you could give them that?

Actually, Jerry's daughter has just texted me what our grandkids in California would like for Christmas, so I must go to the various websites and get them ordered.  A skateboard -- imitation gold necklaces -- bath bombs.  Sounds easy enough.

I must report on my and Terry's trip to McKinney, TX today.

FIRST, we managed to drive through thick fog to the IHOP in Denison, TX for breakfast where we ordered the EXACT same thing.

We are so well-matched.

Only God could have put the two of us together.

That cup of coffee is actually in my hand.  Looks strange, doesn't it?

While we were eating breakfast, the sun came out and the fog lifted.  It turned out to be a GORGEOUS day.

We left IHOP and went to Walmart #1 to pick up some things.
Then we went to Walmart #2 five miles south of Walmart #1 to pick up something Terry had ordered on line.

Then we headed to McKinney to the Quilt Asylum quilt shop where the SECOND I walked inside the door, several employees met us.  One of them must have taken a bath in perfume because it hit me INSTANTLY and HARD.

In a few moments I was in the bathroom getting paper towels to blow my nose on.  A few minutes more and my eyes were puffy, and one of them had tears pouring out of it.  I was MISERABLE!  I went out to Terry's car and got a Benadryl out of my purse, but it really didn't help.  Once an allergy reaction STARTS, you can't reverse it.  It was a shame.  I bought only one fabric there.  Terry bought a little kit to make a baby quilt to give our Church.  It was the least amount I have ever spent in a fabric store.

Due to the intense allergic reaction, I didn't even attempt to take pictures.  I just wanted to go outside where I could BREATHE.

We left there and went to find some lunch.  We came upon Fuddrucker's.  I had never eaten at one, but Terry said it was real good.  We parked and went inside.

I had the MOST AMAZING hamburger.  You receive your yummy homemade bun with just the meat, cheese and avacado on it.  Terry's had grilled onions on it.  Then you go to a bar where there are mountains of sliced tomatoes, different kinds of lettuce, onions, etc.  This is what mine looked like just before I devoured it.  That is pepper I ground on the avocados -- not ants!

Then we drove a short distance to the JoAnn's.  Terry had a list, and I didn't NEED a list.  I found some gorgeous knit fabrics that were on sale.  I also found some of my FAVORITE fuzzy socks.  You have probably seen them on my feet in some of my photos.  Well, maybe not.  I usually crop them out.
Yep, I got some ribbon and a pattern too.

Here is the very nice cotton I bought at the Quilt Asylum while squinting through puffy, drippy eyes and holding a paper towel from their bathroom under my nose:

It is much prettier in person.  It is very dark black with very bright white scribbles.

Here are the two knits I bought at JoAnn's:

The pictures from my phone do not do them justice at all.  The black flowers have little silver sparkly dots all over them.  The other one is navy, blue and beige.  Both are very nice knits.

I WOULD have had a brand new phone that takes much better pictures, BUT the clerk at the Walmart cell phone counter was NOT IN THE MOOD to sell phones today.  She was doing NOTHING.  I was the ONLY customer.

I said, "Do you have the new I-Phone?"


"Could I see it, please?"

"No, you can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't have one on display."

"Do you have any that aren't on display?"


"Could I see one of them?"


"Why not?"

"Because they are new!"

"Why can't you open one and show it to me?"

"I can't open a new box."

"I have AT&T.  Will AT&T work on these other phones?"


"I really was wanting a new bigger I-phone."

"Well, why don't you go to AT&T."

"I might do that.  If I buy the I-phone here, CAN YOU OPEN IT!?"


"Can you help me load my information from the phone I already have into it?"

"No.  You will have to figure all that out yourself."

Can you BELIEVE that???????????????????????????  What a LAZY clerk!  She could have sold me a new phone.  I bought my last I-phone at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, and they helped me with everything.  Can these young people GET any lazier!!!

Sooooooooooo, You will have to look at sorry pics from my current I-phone until I can get to an AT&T store where someone is allowed to open a box.

Terry and I left JoAnn's and headed back home.  We had a PERFECT day!  Wish you could have been there.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, December 8, 2014

Your Opinion Please

It is soooooooooooooooo close.

Are you ready?

I'm SORT of ready.

Things are on UPS trucks on their way to here from there.

And speaking of UPS trucks.

Have you seen this:

But that is NOT what I need your opinion on.

I make jewelry as you know.  I've been doing it for two years now.  I, myself, LIKE to wear Christmas earrings during December.  I would wear a Christmas bracelet if I had one.  Therefore, I have learned to make Christmas earrings.

I have read that it is REALLY TACKY to wear Christmas sweaters.  How sad I was to hear that because I own SEVERAL of them.  Most are knit tops with Christmas doo dads on them.  A couple are sweaters that you wear over your top.  I haven't worn them this year because it really hasn't been cold enough.  I might wear one to the Christmas lunches though -- tacky or not.

WHO DECIDES THIS STUFF anyway???  Who woke up one day and said, "I am DECLARING that Christmas sweaters are tacky, and the whole world is going to have to comply with my point of view!"

So, not caring what the rest of the world thinks,
What do YOU think?

Here are 4 of the kinds of earrings I have made so far.  Would you be offended if you received a pair of these earrings as a gift from a friend?  Would you consider it tacky?  Would you toss them in the Goodwill bag the second your friend was gone?

Tell me the truth.  If I didn't want to know, I wouldn't ask.

My husband loves the wreaths.  He hasn't seen the others.  He said, "Those look expensive."

WOW!!!!  That is a GREAT compliment coming from him.

I've gotta get.  It is almost time for my supper.  Jerry had to dash up to OKC to pick up some siding, so I am eating alone tonight.

TOMORROW is my play day with Terry!  I will take pics, of course.  We are going about an hour and a half away to McKinney, TX to check out the Quilt Assylum and whatever other store we decide we must stop to see.

Don't forget to tell me what you think about Christmas jewelry.

And let us NEVER forget,


Hugs, Joy

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quality Peformance

Church from Cornerstone in San Antonio just finished.  Very good sermon today on building your house ON THE ROCK.  I encourage you to listen to it if you like to hear good sermons.  Hagee made a statement that I found SO TRUE:

"The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your performance."

Oh, my!  Does that not apply to everything we do?  The jewelry I make.  The clothes I make.  The household chores I do every day.  The work I do at our business.

Jerry sits right next to me through church, of course, and after the sermon this morning, I told him.

This sermon certainly refers to you and one of the MANY qualities you have that I am SO PROUD OF.

He said, "What is that?"

I reminded him of his Mother's van that he sold several months ago.  The van was nice enough as it was, but it had a few issues.  The buyer would not have known about the issues UNLESS we told him about them.

One was that the air conditioner had a leak, and the freon would drain out causing the AC not to work.  Jerry took it to the dealer.  The dealer said he could put some freon in it and it could work for a few days or a few months.  OR he could FIX the faulty part for $1,000.  Jerry paid the $1,000 and had the AC properly fixed thereby knocking $1,000 of the profit of selling it.

Another issue was a back window that wouldn't open and close properly.  A buyer would not have noticed that either, but Jerry insisted on having it fixed.  Jerry put a new battery in it, had all the hail dents removed, and had it cleaned inside and out.  When Jerry got through fixing that van up, I wanted to KEEP IT for myself!  Turned out a very nice young UPS driver man from 100 miles away drove to our house to buy it for his wife and children.  I was so proud of Jerry for selling them so much more than he really had to.

And one would think that was a very nice thing to do BUT he did, after all, make money on a van that wasn't his to start with, so it isn't that impressive.

Well, how about this then:

Jerry owns several boats.  One of them is a Bass Tracker boat and motor that he bought years ago for "just fishing".  It is in excellent condition except for something wrong having to do with the gas line.  Jerry recently GAVE that boat away to someone who had mentioned they would love to have one.  Jerry has not taken the boat to that person yet because he wants to be sure everything is fixed and it is in perfect running condition.  The boat will still be old and used, but to the person receiving it, it will be a "new" boat ready to use for his pleasure.

I finished a bracelet this morning.  Would you like to see it?

Let me see if I can bring a picture from my phone to here.

Hold on....

The pictures are kind of fuzzy, as always.  You get the idea though.  It is very sparkly.  Took me ten hours to make this one.  It is the center of a pattern I found on Youtube.  The bracelet on the internet was called "Mistletoe in the Snow".  It was much wider than this one.  I decided it was pretty enough like this, and I had certainly spent enough hours already!  It is so much prettier in person.  Those are Swarovski crystals, and they really sparkle.

Time to get my rear in gear.

Have a blessed week my friends.

Hugs, Joy

Friday, December 5, 2014

Grands, Doggies and Nicknames

It is 8:47 PM on Friday night.  I am sitting on my bed typing this blogpost.  Jerry is upstairs where I just left him watching Shark Tank.  I like watching that show, but after about 4 inventions, I'm ready for a change.  Have any of you ever seen one of those Shark Tank product displays in a store somewhere?  They show them on the Shark Tank show.  I've never seen one.

OH!  I did buy a product from Sam's some time ago that was supposedly bought by one of those sharks.  I haven't been very happy with it either.  I just noticed yesterday that one of the items is full of holes!

I had the great pleasure of receiving phone calls from two of my favorite people today:  Hollie, my granddaughter-in-law and Lindy, my granddaughter.  My phone seldom rings unless Jerry needs something, and it had not rung at all today.  About 3:00 the girls both called me at the exact same time.  WHAT are the chances???

Hollie told me that her husband -- my Boo Bear -- is going to be sent overseas AGAIN.  They just got back from Alaska 9 months ago, and they have been in southern AZ since then.  Hollie was feeling pretty stressed by it all.  I tried to cheer her up.  After all, she IS married to the most amazing young man on the planet:  MY Boo Bear!

For my new readers, "Boo Bear" is the nickname I gave my FIRST grandson, John.  Jerry and I took care of him a lot until he was about three years old.  Both of us were absolutely mesmerized by this adorable child.  He and I used to watch Winnie the Pooh every day.  I liked it as much as he did, lol.  I always identified with the donkey, Eyore.  Somehow, between the combination of John getting great delight out of hiding and saying "BOO!" and us watching "Poo Bear" every day, I started calling him "Boo Bear".

Everyone in the family started calling him that too and it just stuck.  I suppose when a child is a 22-year old Soldier, you should quit calling him "Boo Bear", but we just can't.  There is so much love in that name, and he knows it.

I have a 6'5" nephew, Stephen, who we all still call "Tiger".  We just saw him at Thanksgiving.

The only nickname anyone ever called me was "Jungle Queen".  Isn't that lovely!?  It wasn't meant to be complimentary either.  I was 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 years old.  The neighborhood kids called me that.

It referred more to my looks than my status in the neighborhood.  I ran everywhere I went for some reason.  I still do as much as my body will permit it.

And my hair when I was young was SO STRANGE!  My Hair is as straight as nails and very thin.  My Mother got the most bazaar notion that my hair would look good if she got me a permanent JUST ON THE SIDES of my hair and left the back straight.

In the olden days when I grew up, kids actually played outside all day long unless it was time to eat or come in and go to bed.  I was outside a lot.  I was a major Tom Boy.  I loved to run, jump, climb trees, pick up bugs, lizards and other creatures I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole now -- ride a skateboard, build wooden go-carts, and build "homes" out of empty refrigerator/washer/dryer boxes.

When I wasn't doing those things, I was running up and down the street from house-to-house looking for my sisters who were always hiding from me because I was their babysitter, and they didn't want to be babysat by a Jungle Queen!

There was one other name my x-son-in-law used to call me:  "Queen Bee".


Why do BOTH of those nicknames have the word "queen" in them?????

After I talked to Hollie, I called Lindy back.

Lindy and I had a long talk about growing up, going to college, handling money, making right choices, what to do if she got a credit card, new boots for her birthday and other sundry topics.

The conversation ended with my favorite words:
"I love you, Grandma!"

Something else wonderful happened today.  It has been wet outside for two days.  Not raining really, but very wet with light rain off and on.  The dogs were so dirty yesterday that I asked Jerry to help me bathe them.  Jackie is so big that her "bath" consists of me putting each of her legs down into a pitcher full of warm water -- dumping it out -- refilling it -- and repeating over and over until the water stays clear.  We were able to just fit Josie into the laundry sink where she got a REAL bath with cat shampoo because we don't have any dog shampoo, and since Josie didn't have to eat it, she didn't know the difference

THEREFORE, the dogs were nice and clean when they got up this morning.  I let them out to do their business and then had them come back in so they wouldn't get all yukky again.  Then I noticed the razor I had purchased for Jackie out on the counter in its baggy.  I decided to TRY to cut the hair on her face because it kept getting longer and longer and longer and soon would be at her knees!

The wonderful part was that Jackie actually STOOD STILL and allowed me to give her a real haircut.  I did her face, around her eyes, inside her ears, her neck, the top of her head and her ears on the outside.  I used two different comb thingys to control how short I cut her.  She looks really good, and I am so happy she let me do it because I do it for FREE.

Now, Josie is a different story.  I tried to do her bottom, and she decided that was NOT FUN, and she ran away and chewed something.

My kitchen floor looked as though I had just purchased brand new thick, black hairy rug bits and scattered them here, there and everywhere!  These Golden Doodles really have a LOT of hair!

I better get.  Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quilting with Terry, Josie and Jackie



I am believing God for Terry to have an ENTIRE DAY to come over and play with me.  She and her husband are in such great demand in several different cities that she always is on her way to someplace.


So watch it.  Evidently, being retired means you are busier than ever!

I was able to shoot this short video for you this morning:

Yes, I have it all planned in my head.  I haven't even told Terry about it, lol.  She asked me yesterday if there were any quilt stores around here.  I told her about a really great store called Quilt Assylum in McKinney, TX.  She has never been there.

So, I got this plan -- in my head -- last night while I was sleeping -- or not -- that we could go to McKinney together one day.  We could either shop first, and then eat.  Or we could eat someplace really nice, and then go shop.  We could leave early enough to stop at IHOP and have breakfast.  I really like to do that.

Since we both have husbands who actually love us and don't like us to be gone at dinner time, we would have to be back home for supper.  It is definitely doable (is that a word?).

Gotta get.  I'm making jewelry for Christmas gifts.  I need to find my magnifier "visor" that hooks around your head and allows you to SEE little, itty, bitty Size 15 seed beads!

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Attempt at Restyling Sure-fit Designs Top to Another Pattern

Okay, as promised, I am going to completely saturate this post with my latest creation.  For some reason, when I make a video, I manage to talk about everything in the world before I actually get to my actual topic.
This FIRST video is mostly about Jackie and Josie, my golden doodles and how they handle my choice of dog food.  To get to the part where I actually talk about my pattern, move the slider over to 5:19.  If you aren't interested in my dogs or my blouse, please spare yourself this video.

Here is the SECOND video I made, which is so much like the first, I'm not sure why I even made it.  Again, I talk about everything in the world.  I eventually get around to my first muslin, and I show it to you.
And here is the THIRD video I made for you which was this morning, and it actually makes some sense -- I hope.

You can certainly LAUGH at my amazing drawing abilities.  I sure did!!!

And here is a picture showing you the FIRST pattern I came up with which DID NOT WORK.  I made a HUGE mistake on this one.  This was BEFORE Glenda sent me the drawing that helped me so much.  I DID sew this together, and it DID come out okay, but it is a miracle!!!

NOTICE how LOW I placed the yoke line.  It is way too close to my bust.

It had a V-neck which I changed to a U-neck in the 2nd version.

NOTICE the bust dart is still in the side panel.  I KNEW I had to remove it, and I KNEW I had to cut to the bust point, but I had already disconnected the pieces and had not left a hinge at the bust point.  What I did here was draw in the APEX, cut the bust dart TO THE APEX, and then swivel the bust dart out -- all in the side panel after it was already cut out.

I guess it worked out alright, but it probably shouldn't have.  You saw in the last video above how it SHOULD have been done.

NOTICE how I cut the panels AROUND THE OUTSIDE of the waist dart.  When I sewed this version together, I realized that the blouse I was copying was much fuller around the middle and didn't have waist darts in it.

Following is my final reconstruct #2.

Notice how I have removed the waist dart curves in the pattern pieces below.  I just have straight lines going through the waist darts now.

I have cut the yoke line an inch higher up toward the armhole.  They don't appear much different in the pictures, BUT the pick below of the yoke has seam allowance included.  The one above does not have seam allowance.

The red blouse I am wearing in the last video is from the pattern pieces directly above.  All I did differently is I took narrow waist darts in the back by just pinching them out of the actual blouse.

And that is it!  It is fun.  I learn something new every time I make another Sure-fit Designs pattern.  Glenda Sparling is EXTREMELY helpful as all her followers know.  It is all about the FIT!

I wrestled so much with the original Silhouette pattern, it was ridiculous!  The collar gave me such trouble, I finally just cut it off and made it a v-neck.

Here is the original Silhouette pattern:

On the girl in the picture, the collar doesn't come close to touching itself around her neck.  ON ME, the collar overlapped in the center at my throat.  MAYBE -- just MAYBE -- I will try to add a Sure-fit Designs collar onto my new pattern someday.  I'll have to study Glenda's book on that task.

And here is the drawing Glenda made for me that helped me so much, and it puts ALL OF THE ABOVE together in a nutshell.

MY yoke line is BELOW THE ARMHOLE.  This picture has it going THROUGH the armhole.
And I may be back tomorrow with a video of Terry and me.  She is coming over to quilt.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New SFD Project and Talking Books

My goodness!  WHERE have I been?

I notice I haven't posted on my blog since November 21st.  Evidently, nobody has missed me, so it doesn't really matter.  Oh, I take that back!  Phylly told me she noticed I hadn't been on my blog in several days.

Well, I am in the middle of a new SFD experiment.  The first test garment didn't turn out too good, so I started over -- as I always do.  The second garment turned out really good!  But then I put the skirt together that I made the top to go with, and I decided that I don't even like the skirt.

At first, it was long.  I didn't like that.

So I cut off six inches.  I didn't like it that way either.

Then it was time to pack everything up and head back to our other house, and that is where I am right now.  I had to go work at our store all day today, so my project is on hold.

Maybe tomorrow I will get it all together and can show you what I learned.

Thanksgiving was really nice at my nephew's house in Tulsa, OK.  My sister was there, of course.  We went to her house the day after TG.

I asked to see all the garments she has made recently, and we went back to her closet for a fashion show of sorts.

WOW!  She has made more garments than I have.  I was really surprised.  She just seems to have a natural "already know how" gene to make things fit.

She had lots of tops in all different colors and prints.  One of her tops had the strangest fabric, but it turned out gorgeous.  It had fringy strings and fur hanging all over it.  She had a non-fringy skirt to go with it.  Very impressive!

She doesn't like me to take pictures of her garments because she doesn't want to be copied.  I always consider it a great compliment if someone wants to copy what I have done.

I'll be back soon with my new SFD "lesson".  I have gotten Glenda Sparling's permission to share it with you.  I always ask Glenda before showing you my amateur videos and pictures.  Sure-fit Designs is her company.  I just have a delightful addiction to it.


When I was at my nephew's house, I talked to his wife's mother, Christine.  She is the loveliest person and she belongs to a Book Club.  She has read TONS of books.  She told me about the latest book they are reading.  It is called "Still Alice".  I decided to try to find it on my computer.

Turns out there is such a thing as AUDIBLE books, and you can listen to them being read to you.

Probably everyone of you already KNOW this, but I didn't.  Anyway, I downloaded the book last night, and I have already listened to two and a half hours of it.  It is about early onset Alzheimer's Disease.  Sad, sad, sad -- so very sad!

Won't keep you.  Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy