Sunday, December 28, 2014

Domino Dogs! - VIDEO ADDED

Almost time for lights out.  I am all alone in my bed, and the girls are asleep in theirs.  Jackie and Josie went to the beauty shop today.  I'm not too happy with the outcome, but at least, they are CLEAN!  So nice to love on soft, sweet-smelling hairy babies.

Poor Jackie and Josie nearly got squished to death trying to get them into the back of their new car today.  Phylly came over to spend the day with me, and I was extremely glad to have her to help me with the dogs.  I really don't think I could do them both at the same time by myself.  We loaded the dogs into the back of the Explorer here in my garage.  I pushed the button on the open tailgate, and it automatically closed.  We drove to PetSmart and took the dogs inside for their bath.

Later, Phylly and I went back to PetSmart to pick the dogs up.  That is when Phylly tried to crush them!

I wish I had a video to stick in this spot showing you how this new Explorer works.  Here is a video showing you how the back of my new car works:

I guess I should confess that Phylly isn't really just two feet tall.  She might as well have been for how far the button was above her head.  STUPID ME!  I can't believe I didn't foresee that possibility.

The Explorer has every bell and whistle known to man at this time, including ambient lighting that I can change to about 8 different colors.  The back end has buttons you push that cause the back row of seats to fold in half, and then turn completely around and down inside the floor so the whole back end is flat.  That is why I wanted it.  So easy to put the dogs inside.

So Phylly and I managed to get the two dogs inside the back end of the Explorer.  Not an easy task.  Once inside the back, I like to open the back door -- crawl into the 2nd row of seats -- and get the dogs to come forward to me by giving them a treat.  I do that so when the back door comes down, they don't try to jump out or get their feet stuck or something.  I asked Phylly to "PUSH THE BUTTON" when I got inside the car.  

It never even entered my mind that Phylly might not know WHICH button to push.  I had crawled into the 2nd row seat, and Phylly pushed a button.  Only problem was, it was the WRONG button!  The dogs were on a FLAT floor, and all of a sudden seats starting coming up OUT OF THE FLOOR and turning around onto them and shoving them down under them.  I was hollering at Phylly that she was pushing the wrong button, but it was too late.  It was already pushed!  

I ran to the back of the car, and Phylly and I just stood their staring into the back of it trying to figure out WHAT ON EARTH we could do to save Jackie and Josie from being squashed into two black dominoes!

It was a real circus, let me tell you!  I  tried to UNpush the button, but I could not.  Then we literally had to pull the dogs up over the seats and out of the car.  The dogs were terrified!  Once we finally got them safely outside, we thought we would never get them back inside again.

TOTALLY my fault!  I guess I thought Phylly had seen me push the right button when we were at the house, but that is a stupid assumption.  I will never make that mistake again.

Phylly said, "Next time, I'LL get in the second row seats and give them their treats!"

Poor babies.  I promise you, they are perfectly fine, and I have hugged them to pieces and so has Aunt Phylly.

Hugs, Joy


  1. It wasn't actually that bad! The dogs were very startled that the floor started moving under them, but I don't actually think they were in danger of being squashed. Well, maybe a little danger. But they are smart enough to jump down to the place where things were not moving and folding up. It was the two of us screaming and hollering that probably scared them to death. We were scared they were going to be hurt. I was frantically pushing buttons to stop the seats and then when they stopped they were in two different places of the folding procedure and I was afraid I had broken the car. The dogs weren't coming to us while we were screaming (would you) so we had to give them treats to get out so JOY could get the seats back in their proper position. Then we had to get them back in the car and they weren't too happy about that since we had been screaming at them to get out. But it all worked out. Oh, Joy, you didn't tell me that the button was ABOVE MY HEAD! And didn't you have one on the keyfob in your hand?

  2. Hilarious. Not so much for the dogs, of course, but so funny. I wish you did have a video. If it had been me, you would have known to tell me which button to push because I ALWAYS push the wrong one.

  3. I was at work today and cracked up at the thought that there might have been someone filming the two crazy women trying to get two black dogs in the new Ford Explorer with one screaming "Push the button" and the other one pushing every button she could find except the right one because she couldn't even see that button. It would probably wind up on Facebook and go viral. Ford would sue us for defaming their car. PETA would protest for cruelty to animals. Our husbands would just shake their heads and pretend not to know us. Hey, but at least would be dressed in clothes that were well fitted, because we made them ourselves! ROfLOL.
    Hugs, Phylly


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