Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Sunday Evening

It was a really nice day.

Our Sunday morning started with church from Cornerstone in San Antonio, TX.  Pastor Hagee started a series about THREE HEAVENS.  It was very good.  All about angels and devils and dying and coming back to life.  He read a story of a lady Doctor who had died for 11 minutes and came back to life.  VERY interesting.  There were lots of witnesses to it.  I have heard and read a LOT of stories about people dying and going to heaven and coming back to life again.  Some of them I thought were quite hokey and didn't agree with scripture.  There is one minister I actually like and respect who said he had a vision of heaven, but I don't agree with all of what his tale was either.

I figure that when I get there MYSELF, then I will be qualified to tell someone what it is like.

Hagee seems to agree that something very good or very awful is going to happen in September, 2015.  I refuse to listen to the doom and gloom preached by people who should know better (not Hagee).  God isn't going to die between now and then.  God's word isn't going to change between now and then.  And I'm not going to quit serving him no matter what happens!

I have good news in case any of you are planning on visiting me any time in the near future.

ALL of the 16-year old windows in this house were WASHED for the very first time today!

Well, not ALL of them.  Jerry could not reach the 2nd story, and I did NOT want him to try.  Therefore, if you come to visit me, you might be able to see out the windows!

Actually, I have washed some of them, but on the outside, that usually involves spraying them with a garden hose.  They are too tall for me to reach without a ladder, and I am of the belief that old people should NOT be up on ladders without another person close by.

I remembered yesterday when we were at Lowe's looking for something and I noticed a bunch of long window-cleaning tools and the non-streak window cleaner that goes with them that Jerry and I actually had already bought all of that stuff years ago.  I asked him if he knew where it all was.  He did!  It was all in his barn.  So I announced that since the weather was supposed to be so nice today that we were going to wash all the windows in the house, and pray they didn't shatter from the shock!

As it turned out, it was a one-man show, as only one person can hold the long pole.  I blew the leaves off the patio and cleaned up the chairs.  I also walked around the yard and picked up ten thousand tiny pieces of fluff that the dogs had chewed out of the guts of all their toys.

Time to go.  Nida's Garden is actually hanging on the wall already, but I had new camera issues GALORE today, and by the time I figured out HOW to take the pictures, I didn't care anymore.  It involved FOUR phone calls to Best Buy stores.  One of them actually allowed me to talk to a member of the Geek Squad who went on for 20 minutes asking me all kinds of questions.  I told her over and over that I just had a simple question, and I needed to talk to a camera salesperson.  She said she really needed to help me herself.  Well, she couldn't.  She FINALLY came up with the brilliant idea to transfer me to a camera salesperson.  DUH!  Only problem was, when she pushed the "send her somewhere else" button, the phone disconnected.

Then I called 3 other stores.  Two were too busy to even answer the phone.  The third one was answered by a young girl who INSISTED I tell her what I wanted.  I told her I wanted to talk to a camera salesperson.  She told me the entire store was too busy to talk to me.  I told her to forget it, and I hung up.


I ended up calling the number on the Best Buy website.  I got a VERY NICE woman who said it was a slow day, and she was the only on there so that made her the Supervisor.  She agreed with me that all I needed was a salesperson at some store.  She told me she could get past the receptionist and get me the right person to talk to.  SHE DID!!!  I was so happy.  The conversation lasted less than one minute with the salesman.  As I said, by that time I was NOT in the mood to take pictures anymore.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


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