Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lucy LOVES the Sunflowers

My friend Margaret agreed with Phylly's opinion of my bright orange fabric:  Yuk!

I cut open the box containing my new fabric that I brought home from the other house, and I pulled out the bright sunflower print.

Lucy saw it and about jumped off her post!

She wanted to try it on, so I put it on her right away.

Jerry was up here putting Stop Fray on the cuff of his favorite heavy courduroy shirt, and I asked him how he liked Lucy's outfit.  He said he really likes it!

So, I'm going to give you one more chance to see my pretty giant sunflowers in action.  Right after I post this pic, I will begin cutting out the top and blouse.  Lucy lets me poke pins all over her.  Unfortunately, I can't do that on my body, or I would have modeled it myself.

Almost noon.  Better go fix the Master some lunch, and then I'll rush right back up here to make this outfit.  I am really enjoying all the skirts I have made recently.  I made one last week too.  Can't remember if I showed you that one or not.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I do like it...can't wait to see it done.

  2. Sick with just a skirt. It looks good with a black top. If you make a top as well you will lok like a curtain!

  3. I like the look. I love the texture of the black top. Looks like something that does not need ironing which makes it even better. Makes the dreary winter better.

  4. I love the orange/with flowers fabric. It makes a beautiful skirt. You should always go with Lucy's comments.
    Earlier when I first started following you, you showed a vibrant print that you were going to make a skirt. I thought to myself, YUK, Gross, but I would never comment anything like that toward anyone's choice of fabric. When you posted the pic of the skirt made up it was beautiful and I loved it. I would never have selected a that print, but you have an eye for how the fabric will be made up. I'm going to check out the fabric from the site. BTY, what was the site.
    I love your blog, tutorials, and videos. I've been looking for Lite Steam a Steam 2 ever since you made the video about it and it hasn't been in our Hancock's until a few days ago. There was only one box left in 1". I'll keep checking for the 3/4 inch and may even buy a spare if they have more.
    Thank you for all your sugestions and advice.
    Oh, Glad Jackie and Josie are fine since their flattening experience. Kiss to them!
    Carol Ann

    1. LOL Carol Ann!
      I buy the SAS2 LITE in 1/4". I just found two boxes of it at my Hancock's. I bought them both. The stuff is AMAZING! I have it in 1/2", but I cut it in 1/4" strips, so I just buy 1/4" now.
      I bought the sunflowers at Hancock's just last week. They were standing up in a barrell. Very strange. Maybe the fabric is wider than usual.
      Hugs, Joy

  5. Just goes to show, composing an outfit wisely makes all the difference. I wasn't keen on the sunflower fabric by itself, but as a skirt with a black top to tone it down it is gorgeous! Carol Ann is right, you do have a good eye for making "crazy fabrics" work. ;-)


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