Monday, January 26, 2015

VLOG For You Today

Since I have my usual 20,000 WPD (words per day) blocked inside me because I can't email my friend anymore, I was about to bust!

Therefore, I sat down and talked to you via my brand new camera.

PLEASE NOTE:  I used the word "retribution" in the video when I meant to say "reconciliation".  Good heavens!  How far apart can two words BE, and to screw up when I'm already over my head in hot water!

I did have lunch with my dear friend Margaret today.

As Margaret pointed out, she and I have NOTHING in common, yet we love each other.  She doesn't sew or quilt or blog or make strange videos of herself.  We do both have secretarial backgrounds and complicated family issues.

Margaret said to me, "Joy, there is NOTHING in the world you could say to me that would make me stop being your friend."

Well, as nice as that was for her to say, it of course is not true.  There is such a constant river of words flowing out of my mouth that sometimes I shock myself at what comes out!

Jerry just got home.  I better get some supper on before he decides he wants a new wife!!!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh Joy I could so see how sad your feeling my heart missed a few beats watching your video.
    Would love to have you for a friend.Plenty of sewing,talking etc
    Hugs Lyn

  2. Remember all those times that Lucy and Ethel would not speak to each other on "I Love Lucy"? And in the end, they would make up, cry and hug? I'm hoping that this could be one of those I Love Lucy moments for you!! Sending a hug.

  3. You are such a hoot. We are as different as night and day but I've always enjoyed people with a strong personality (you should have met my late husband). I'm glad the iceberg between you and your bff may be melting; offering a prayer for continued progress. My job is moving from Seattle to OKC and although I decided not to relocate I did think briefly that it would have been fun to have a chance to meet you in person. ;) Those little dresses are so cute! Makes me wonder if one of my little grandnieces would like something similar...

  4. I can see you're still so sad but you girls are taking little steps. Now both of you take a big one, make up, cry and give each other a big hug just like Denise said about Lucy and Ethel. My prayers are with you both. By the way I thought that little privacy piece on the dress was sewn on the inside of the back looking like a label. Duh. My eyes aren't what they used to be. Thanks for clarifying that.

  5. Joy I have been with your blog for so long (I think I was #31 when you started) and now feel that you are a great friend. You have such talent and humor in your teaching and make my love of sewing so much fun. I think when you share your opinion it is for all of us to TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT but not to make a judgement. I would love to make the little dresses......but live in Maine ( lived in Oklahoma back in the 50's &60"s my home state) so will try to find some little tank tops to duplicate the ones you use. Love your videos. Vicky Kelley

  6. Yesterday I got caught up in watching You Tube's sewing videos and came across your haven of a sewing room. Wow! Needless to say this led me to more of your videos. So this morning I had to check out your blog. Have become your latest follower. Love your free spirited attitude sprinkled with words from God's book. Biggest chuckle: Your dog has alligator teeth!

  7. Joy - I couldn't find an email address to pm you and had a question - didn't you use your SFD (with Glenda's help) to adjust Silhouette Patterns Sonja's Blouse? I was looking for it on your blog and I couldn't find it. If you could point me to it I would appreciate it.

  8. Joy, it's sad when there are trouble waters between people who care for each other. I know things will work out because the Holy Spirit lives inside us. We forgive because he first forgave us. I will pray for you an your friend.
    I love this little dresses and would love to see a video on how to make them. I have a couple of granddaughter I would like to make them for. Thanks for your blog and videos. Take care my friend.

  9. Love is patient, love is kind. Listen to the late Eva Cassidy sing Time is a Healer on you tube. What a message to all of us who have had broken friendships. Give it time and love will work it out.

  10. Thank you for sharing how these little girls dresses are made! I would love to try my hand at making some for a Christ-centered cause. I'd like to encourage you about a phrase you said regarding the difficulties you and your friend are experiencing - the friendship will never be the same or go back to what it was.......I know that without a doubt that you are a believer and I hope your friend is also....the Lord sends us trials and tribulations to polish us and make us and your friend can come out of this situation with an-even-better-than-before friendship with HIS help of healing and reconciling. Both you and she pray for such a result and I will pray the same for you. Looking forward to the results only HE can provide. Beth in AL

  11. Aloha from Josie

    Thanks for sharing. You are so fun to read. I learn so much from you and your videos. My mom was my sewing buddy and friend. Well, she decided to move back home. Six thousand miles away in another Country.
    You are so right friends do not have to have something in common.
    Josie the human


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