Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Signing Rip-Off and Sunday

My favorite morning:  Sunday!

I do NOT know how Matt Hagee leads the music, preaches the Sunday morning message twice, teaches Sunday School and preaches the Sunday night message all in the same day!  They seem to be playing "Musical Song Leaders" at Cornerstone.  My very favorite was that darling Aaron Crabb.  He probably got super famous and will be on America's Idol.

Another guy started leading the singing.  I decided he wasn't too bad, but then he disappeared and another guy with one of those funny skinny beards under his bottom lip started going it while playing a guitar.  Now, he has disappeared.

Matt preached about Samson today and how you can START OUT on the right foot -- doing the right thing -- but you can still end up in a really horrible place because of your decision to get OFF the path God has set for you.  You read about that a lot in the Bible, which is good because I know God still loves me even though I really screw now and then!

You WILL NOT BELIEVE what I did yesterday!

Some of you may remember that my friend, Terry, wrote a little paperback book called "Rag Blankets".  She has made at least 100 of them.  Her little book is very well written and has all the instructions for different size rag blankets.  Not my thing, but for a beginner sewist that wants to make a blanket, it is perfect.

The company that published her little book is SUPPOSED to be helping her sell it.  They got her an interview on a little TV station in Denison, TX a few months ago.  Last week they called her and told her she had a BOOK-SIGNING at Hasting's Bookstore in Sherman, TX.  They didn't give her ANY instructions.  Just, "Be there from 1 to 3 on Saturday."

She went a few days before to put a sign in the window of the bookstore announcing her book-signing so people would know about it.  Terry called me yesterday morning and asked me if I wanted to go with her.  SURE!  OF COURSE!  There IS a fabric store in that town, and the book signing was only two hours.

We walked into the book store about 15 minutes early to set up Terry's table.  I had taken by quilt holder-upper.  A young guy with long hair came up to her and introduced himself.  He was nice enough, but Terry and I about FELL OVER when he made the following announcement:

"We add SIXTY PERCENT to the cost of your books, and that goes to us."

Fortunately, being Terry's friend, I REALIZE it is my solemn duty to tell her my opinion.

I immediately said, "THAT is absurd, Terry,!"

She gave me that "please don't talk anymore" look, and she continued to talk to the guy.

Terry told him that all of her books were already plainly marked with the price of $14.99.

He told her he would just take 60% of that then.

If Terry sold EVERY book she took with her, she would make ZERO dollars!

She told Hasting's she would be there though, so she decided to just grin and bear it.  I helped her set up, and then I went in search of jewelry magazines.

Look how cute she is surrounded by her rag quilts.  They were all for sale too, but nobody seemed to notice.  And if the long-haired guy knew about the quilts being for sale, he would probably mark them up TWO HUNDRED PERCENT!

The long-haired guy made an announcement every once in awhile over the loud speaker.  Instead of saying "Terry Estes is here to autograph her book "Rag Blankets", he said, "Terry Estes is here to autograph her book about "Rags and Quilts".

I was good.  REALLY, I was.  I didn't go find the guy and cut his hair off and strangle him with it.  Instead, I decided to go see how many quilting books and sewing books this store carried.  I walked around and around and around, and I found nothing.  I went and got a clerk.  I asked her WHERE the sewing/quilt books were located.  She pointed me to the aisle they were in.  I sauntered on down that aisle and did a THOROUGH search for sewing/quilt books.  I FOUND NONE!!!!

I went to find the clerk lady again.  I asked her if she could please SHOW ME where the quilt/sewing books were.  I followed her from display to display and aisle to aisle while she muttered that they should be there SOMEwhere.  We found ONE sewing book and ONE 75% off ancient quilt book!!!

NO WONDER nobody was in that store looking for quilt books.  Of course, I marched right back to Terry's table and told her that she was in the WORST bookstore of all time.  She said she had pretty much figured that out.  We wanted to go buy fabric, so Terry allowed us to pack up and leave about 15 minutes early.

We had a really great time after that.  We saved our husband's SO MUCH MONEY!  No kidding!  Jo-Ann's had coupons upon coupons.  Hobby Lobby had coupons.  JC Penney's had a bunch of coupons and a sale.  The weather was so pretty, and the clerks were all in a very good mood.  Terry bought clothes and fabric.  I bought beads and fabric.

I'm embroidering flowers on my skirt because Terry told me I had to.  I need to watch as the thread keeps breaking.  I wonder if it could be that it is 17 years old.

I want to get it done so I can wear it to lunch on Tuesday.

I heard from a friend I haven't seen in a while, and she wants to get together!  Isn't God good to me!!!  Her name is Nancy.  She has the MOST GORGEOUS home.  If I go there, I'll beg her to let me snap a photo or two.


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  1. I was going to lunch with my girlfriend and told her I wanted to stop by the local JC Penny's. She told me that store had been closed for five years, torn down, and a new store was up. How much attention do I pay? Guess I don't shop at Penny's too often.


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