Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, Angels and Going Home

Pastor Hagee is still talking about the three heavens.  Today, he told lots of stories about angels.

I know the Bible talks about angels quite a bit, but I really wish God would have told us how to communicate with them -- how to direct them -- or not to.  You know what I mean?

How do you get them to "do their thing"?

Do you ask God to send them to do it?

Do you ask the angels themselves to do it?

Do you ask Jesus to send them and tell them what to do?

Does the Holy Spirit direct them on our behalves?

The reason I am very curious about all of that is all those Christians over there in Syria and other countries.  The Dads -- the Moms -- the teens -- the children -- the babies!!!  They were raped, tortured, beheaded, hung on crosses, had their eyes gouged out and other atrocities I'm sure we can't even imagine.

WHERE were the two angels each of us are assigned according to Pastor Hagee?  Where were they for all of those precious people?  How can a baby pray and ask for anything.  If a baby has two huge angels ministering on its behalf -- where were they!?

Does anyone ever think about stuff like this besides me?

SURE, I totally believe there are angels.  No doubt in my mind.  But, why aren't they protecting the innocent Christians?  I'm going to ask God to answer that question for me.  He did say to ASK!

Have you heard the story about the screaming gun-toting maniac that walked into Hagee's church in the middle of a service one day?  AMAZING!  The guy walked up onto the platform and stood 8' away from Pastor Hagee.  He shot SIX BULLETS right at him!  Hagee did not MOVE!  He did not DUCK!  He stood still and held his Bible.

The screaming man yelled, "I HAVE A GUN!"

Hagee hollered back, "I HAVE A BIBLE!"

The man fired six times, and six times, the bullets went to the side of Hagee and into the wall behind him.  Glen Beck was there a few years ago, and I believe he said he SAW the holes in the wall.

During the service this morning, Hagee played part of a tape.  A lady in that service just happened to have a tape recorder, and she recorded the whole thing.  You could hear the guy screaming, and all six shots being fired.


Today was our actual 40th wedding anniversary.  We just spent the whole day together enjoying each other.  We went to have ribs at Applebee's.  I didn't really want to get out.  The wind is blowing extremely hard today.  You can HEAR it in the chimney and outside the windows.  It PUSHES the cold right through your clothes and your skin.  I hate being out in it.  Jerry wanted to take me out though.  It was sweet.

We will head back to Kingston in the morning.  I haven't seen Terry for over a week, and now that I am going back home, she is leaving!  We both have two homes, and we sure do manage to be away from each other a lot.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

THANK YOU ALL for your lovely comments regarding our 40th Anniversary!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. What an interesting story. You guys be careful out there driving in that weather. Prayers to ya.


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