Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Don't Faint -- a New Video!

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I figured out a way to get a video on You Tube.

UNFORTUNATELY, I had deleted the videos I wasn't able to use before because I thought there was something defective about them in my camera.

I just started over and took a new one.

I am showing you how much weight I have lost  with my Herbalife diet.  My friend, Margaret, has lost 4 pounds, but she hasn't been on it as long, and she keeps going out on dinner dates!  Unless you eat lettuce combined with air for salad dressing, you can't really eat out -- not often anyway.

Phylly is SORT OF on the diet with us, but she doesn't like what she considers the hassle of it.  Margaret and I think it is much easier than cooking and dishes, but we are alone.  Phylly has a house full of hungry mouths that expect to be fed by her.  It would be much harder to diet that way.

here I am,
I started out at 154, and I weigh 145 now.  Unfortunately, my figure still looks EXACTLY the same.

Have you noticed that no matter HOW skinny you get, your figure still is the same shape?

And NO, I am NOT trying to fly up to the ceiling.

Isn't it crazy what pictures YouTube chooses???
I was really encouraged to see Suzanne Somers on Dancing With The Stars last night.  She is 68 years old, and she has a 68-year old body, evidently not enhanced by lyposuction and plastic surgery.  She had on a tight body suit cut high on her thighs.  Her belly stuck out every bit as much as mine does!!!  I was so excited to see her show it off.

I am sorting through patterns for an idea of what to do with that pretty new fabric I bought yesterday.  I found a couple I like.  I'll keep you posted.

AND LOOK WHAT PHYLLY GAVE TO ME:  19 Pantographs that she used to use when she had a Longarm Quilting business.  Only one of them was a duplicate of one I already have.  Terry and I will have so much fun!

The Sunflower Quilt is almost ready for borders.  Hopefully, I will get those cut out and applied tomorrow as it is raining all day long.

THEN, it is time to applique the giant sunflowers on it.

I miss my doggies, but I'm so glad they are at my daughter's right now.  The back yard here is the one that looks like the surface of the moon -- full of craters -- because of the dogs digging holes in the formerly pretty lawn.  When it is raining, it is a hopeless endeavor to keep the inside of my house clean.

That is it for today.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Good afternoon Joy, you are looking quite marvelous today. So glad that you are happy with your new program and having good results. I really like your new fabric but I thought you said you were not going to buy anymore. What is the harm I say. You could have a much worse habit. I have to tell you that I really like the blouse that you are wearing right now. It is very pretty and looks good on you. Did you make that one? I am not looking forward to the rain that we have coming even though I know we really need it. It has really been hard to keep up with the muddy feet with the rain and snow we have been having. I also have one dog that likes to roll around in the dead grass and it sticks to her fur and it seems like I just have to follow her around with the sweeper all of the time. Lots of work but I would not trade them for the world. Thanks for the video and I look forward to seeing your sunflower quilt.

  2. Hi Joy. You are doing so well with your weight loss, just compare your current shape with the older ones you've posted and WOW. Great job. I love your blue butterfly fabric and I, too, often use nice quilting fabrics for fashion sewing. In fact, I had a couple pieces that resembled Lilly Pulitzer fabric patterns/colors and made my granddaughter several skirts. Big hit with granddaughter and Mom too.


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