Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Quilt Needs a Name

Can you BELIEVE I have finished my SECOND quilt in just a few weeks?

It is so exciting!

I think the next one will be "Fried Chicken".

I really enjoy doing applique, and this one is so funny!

Don't you think it fits in the sequence?



and a Chicken.

I ADORE the flip-flops on this guy!!!  You can't tell them from his feet!

It will be a fun Summer quilt project.

And here is a picture of the FINISHED Sunflower quilt top.  The name of the original was called "Kansas Troubles".  I think that is a VERY WEIRD name.  I have to think of something cute for it.

I made a little video because I am able to do that again.  YAY!  I am using my husband's computer for it since he isn't here.

I am showing you one of the ways I decide how to quilt the top of my quilts, and jabbering about various nonessential things -- as usual.

Phylly emailed me yesterday about us having a play day this Saturday before I head back to Kingston.

THANK GOODNESS the rain is supposed to cease for a few days.

We may get to go to Panera Bread for lunch.  I love to do that when Phylly comes because Jerry doesn't like it there.  I may put on two pounds eating the yummy bread, but I shall fix that later.

I have NO INTENTION of stopping my favorite foods.

I will just eat them a whole lot less often, and I won't let Margaret and Phylly FORCE ME to eat 10 layer cheesecake for dessert when we go to TGIF!

Even split three ways, that stuff will make you fat!

I must clean my entire house before Phylly comes over.

Wish me a TON OF LUCK with two dogs coming in and out of a rainy, muddy back yard!  They don't even WANT to be out there.  That is how yucky it is.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. The quilts are beautiful. Don't know how you do it with just so many hours in the day. You also look so good with all the weight you've lost. I have to get serious about losing. I self indulge just a little too much.


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