Sunday, April 19, 2015

WHAT a Sermon and Two New Tops

Oh, my!  Even Phylly agrees.  She emailed me that she watched Pastor John Hagee at TWICE this morning.  It was very, very, very good!  I urge you to watch today's sermon in the rerun/archives tomorrow if you can.  It was called Anchor of Hope.

Pastor Hagee talks about something that happened to him that NOBODY but his family knew about.  Jerry and I watched his sermons all through the time he referred back to, and we KNEW something was wrong, but we had NO IDEA how severe and terrifying an ordeal he was going through.

God truly is our ANCHOR OF HOPE!  I don't know how people who have convinced themselves there is no God can even get out of bed in the morning.  Where does their hope come from?  There isn't any place.  That is why most of the whole world is on anti-depressants.  It is so sad that a person born and living in America can't get through one day without some kind of drug because they are so depressed.  And SADDER THAN THAT, the drugs just make it worse!

How can you hear the voice of God speaking to you?  How can you hear the counsel of the great and mighty Holy Counselor, the Holy Spirit, when your brain is drugged?  It is no small thing.  The Bible says wisdom comes FROM GOD.  If we can't HEAR God, how can we receive wisdom?

Maybe there are SOME cases where a person really needs that stuff, but certainly not the millions that are on it.  Even the children!  Children need parenting, discipline, love and good nutrition.


I'll get off that soap box.  Just sayin'.

And God is SO GOOD!  I have a loved one in my family that has made some majorly bad choices and has gotten into a place of depression and heartache that seems insurmountable.  Another is going through a broken heart and trying to save his marriage.  These two loved ones just happened to be together this morning, and after asking me for instructions, they sat together and watched Pastor Hagee preach Anchor of Hope.  They were many miles away from here, but I was certainly with them in Spirit.  God has promised He will NEVER leave them or forsake them.  It is my only comfort.  No drug on Earth can fix what those two are going through right now.

And let me say again -- in case you don't read my blog much and you are in shock over my statements -- that this is MY blog and everything here is MY opinion

If you don't agree or you don't like it or you think I'm insane and need a good Shrink, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that I am a Square Peg in a Round Hole.  The Bible even says, "We are IN this Earth, but NOT OF IT."

I guess that would make me a Square Peg on a Round Ball!

this square peg has two new blouses.

This is the Cutting Line Designs SNAP TO IT pattern by Louise Cutting.

I think both the "muslin" and the final turned out good.  It is a really full style for me, but I am liking it.

I started the "muslin" using the blue butterflies that Margaret liked so much.  I put the long sleeve that is in the pattern on this one even though I usually am not a fan of long sleeves.

Here is the "muslin" which is FOR SURE, a wearable top.

Notice that with Rhonda's permission, I used FIVE buttons instead of three.  Worked just fine!
I am wearing it with my new Size 12 jeans from Macy's.  I ordered TWO of every color because I have two houses, but one of this color was the wrong Size.  Fortunately, Terry was able to wear it, and she bought it from me.

 This top has ties inside to hold the inside left front to the inside right front.  Strange, but it seems to work.  Also, you can see that -- AS ALWAYS -- I have pulled the long sleeves up to be 3/4.  Should have made them that way to start with.

And here is the second top.  I actually think the first one looks better on me, but I will wear them both.  I put SHORT sleeves on this top even though the pattern only came with a long sleeve.  Turns out you can just chop that sucker off!  Those are the Burda pants I made last week.

Here, I noticed that another pair of Size 12 Macy Jeans SORT OF matched the new top.  I could only find the ONE FLOWER circled in pink that actually matched it though, so I will stick with the other pants.

Gotta go.  Been sitting in this chair too long.  Jerry is fishing to make sure his boat repairs are holding up.  He tried to take Doug (Terry's husband) fishing a few weeks ago, and the boat DIED on the water.


I just called him, and he said everything was working great.  I am SO, SO, SO HAPPY when Jerry takes a day off and does something he enjoys.

And here they are side-by-side.  It appears I'm into five buttons no matter how many of these I make.

I wonder if Louise would like to see these.  Maybe I'll try to post them on her website.  NO!  I'll post them at Stitcher's Guild.  She will see them there.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, I love both of those tops, but the long sleeved one is my favorite. I'm going to suggest that when you are taking pictures of a multi-colored print top like the second one that you not stand in front of the "Kissed by the Sun" quilt. My eyes didn't know where to focus with all the bright colors. ROFLOL

    I've been able to work on my new vest most of the day. I just realized that I made a mistake on it. I had to cut the two fronts separately. No problem, except when I flipped my fabric open to a single layer and I realized that I had it upside down. No big deal, I just knew I'd have to be careful to make sure the second piece was facing properly. I very carefully made sure that they were facing each other so I wouldn't have two right sides. Then I very carefully cut the facings out, making sure that they faced the right way. I didn't have a whole lot of fabric so I knew I had to be careful. In cutting the facings out I held the left front up to myself. Then I realized the left front, because I cut the fabric upside down and didn't flip the pattern over, too, is now going to be the right front. My assymetrical vest is going to lap left over right instead of the other way around. is a design element. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.ROFLOL!!!!!

    I was going to remind you that I am one of those people that takes medications for depression, but maybe I shouldn't after the last paragraph! ROFLOL!! It is sad that so many people are on medications for depression and anxiety. I believe it is because our society and culture have changed so much and there seems to be so much stress. Personally, I am glad that God has given doctors and scientists the knowledge to create the medications that I have been taking for fifteen years. Without them, you would probably have never met me. It is very possible that I would be a complete recluse, refusing to even leave my home. I was living with so much stress and anxiety that I was becoming incapable of functioning at work and at home. I could barely talk. I could say about three words without having to stop and take a breath. My chest was tight all the time and even the cardiologist that I saw thought that I had a serious physical problem. But after all the tests were run it came down to anxiety. So, I worked with a speech therapist and a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The biggest improvement came when I left the job that I had that was causing 90% of my anxiety. Eventually, I stopped a third medication that the psychiatrist had put me on and that was actually making me angry all the time. There are side effects to the these medications and they need to be monitored very carefully. I was embarrassed at having to see a psychiatrist. I cried and cried when the doctor sent me to her, but I had to see her to manage the medications. Once I stopped taking the third one I know longer had to see her. I continued to see my wonderful Christian therapist for another six months. As you know I saw her again last year when the stress was getting to me again. As a Christian therapist she comes from Biblical perspective with her counseling. I do understand what you are saying about our society and the over medication of depression. But as someone that has experienced it, I thank God for those very medications and for the doctors that helped me and continue to help me now.

    Love you, Joy Joy!

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. I love your new blouses, the fabrics are both lovely and they fit so well. I am still battling with my blue print dress pattern first I thought the shoulder seam line to be not quite on my own shoulder line. I have lots of crease lines going up from under the arm to shoulder. Then rounded the back with darts and center back seam curve. Now it looks so much better, I have a narrow front chest measurement only 1 center meter more than my apex! so my sleeves are proving to be a nightmare as I have large upper arms. I have not given up yet. Each time I see your beautiful clothes you inspire me to keep going Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love the way your new tops look. I am so encouraged I just might have to try that pattern! Usually I like things very tailored but am willing to give this a try. Thank goodness for Glenda's help with adapting commercial patterns to my changing, aging body shape. Most important - Thank you for your witness to your faith.


  4. I love your new tops - and the fit is great. I admire you for sticking with it and making so darn many changes!! "Who's" method did you use for inserting bust darts?
    Marciae from SG

  5. Your new tops are gorgeous! The darker blue is my favorite, mostly because I'm crazy about batiks. I may try drafting a similar blouse with SFD, the lines are very interesting without being too exotic for everyday wear. You look amazing in your new pants - kudos on the weight loss. For the record, clinical depression is a chemical imbalance that can't be cured simply by changing one's attitude. That said, I understand and agree with you that too many people are looking to prescriptions for mood elevation when other means - faith, counseling or simply getting more exercise - would be more effective.

  6. Hi Joy,
    I must tell you that the two tops you made are fabulous. Both are so flattering on you. I like the dark blue the best and agree that you should have made it in 3/4 length sleeves. I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing what you have to say every day. I kind of think of you as my sister and I miss you when I don't keep up with what is happening in your life. I agree with your values and beliefs and Praise Jesus for you and Jerry. I pray for you guys all the time.

    I am still struggling with time to get back to working on my SFD bodice but will soon. I want to get to the point that I can use it to adjust a commercial pattern.




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