Sunday, June 14, 2015

AMAZING Sermon and Dress Form Video

Oh my goodness!

I hope and pray you will go to and listen to Matthew preach today, 6-14-15.  It is MY sermon -- as are most that they preach at Cornerstone -- and I have been trying really hard to preach it to friends and family, but for SOME REASON, nobody wants to receive it from me.  Hopefully, Matthew can get it across.

It is about how our "new" America refuses to believe truth, and they have turned every kind of lie and idiocy into "truth" instead.  So good.

And -- for those of you who requested it -- it is DONE!

Tammy came over yesterday, and we spent most of the day together making DUCK TAPE DRESS FORMS.

We had a TON OF FUN!

This video is 26 minutes long.  If you don't want to watch the whole thing, go to 19 minutes for a good belly laugh at me.

I took some still pics for Marly Bird's Craftsy class, but I haven't gotten them downloaded from the camera yet due to technical difficulties here at my Edmond home which took a lightning strike a while back.  Jerry has been busy working on a replacement computer, but it is giving him lots of complications.  I don't know HOW the man has the patience for it.  I would call in the professionals!

I am currently using my laptop at the kitchen table.

Be back soon.  Let me know WHAT YOU THINK about our "sticky" adventure.

Hugs, Joy


  1. You girls are so much fun and for a Mother - Daughter Team......the first in a DUCK TAPE SERIES.....for sure. Great video and and all the tips make the project so much easier.....LOVE IT! Tammy is a great partner to have with this blog. Thanks for showing.

  2. Joy, thanks for sharing the video, loads of fun. Jane

  3. Joy and Tammy Thanks for showing the video. You make it look doable. I thought it would be more difficult. Are you surrre there was no wine in your glasses? Maureen

  4. Joy and Tammy, you have spurred me to buy the class and try to make a mannequin. I'll have to ask my husband to help, so it could get interesting...... Susan

  5. I think I may take this class b/c my dress form does not reflect m y1/2 in lowered shoulder, and to have a good fit and all else hang well I should be able to visualize it so as to make any changes,, I am going to look at Craftsy, Thank you for the information, Been also reading books that suggest this too,

  6. PS I did see the sermon also as I follow JHM,, we are headed for trouble, and apparently not many are listening,( however,,,,,,lack of ears to listen has been foretold also). We need to be in prayer for America, Dh and I are hoping to start a small prayer group here that just prays for our country, Please read the Harbinger if you have not done so ( it was a #1 bestseller for a reason) He also makes it simple for those that dont want to read,,,( DVD's) We have invited people to our home for dinner and to view this DVD( hence the prayer group for our country) People can take it or leave it, but at least they will have some information that is clearly very difficult to ignore, The author is for real, He has addressed the Congress at the National Day of Prayer as well as other influential places,( Jonathan Cahn,) God bless~

  7. Joy, what a delightful video. You and your daughter had a great time. How wonderful. I wished my daughters sewed. Actually, I wish o had a sewing buddy like you and Phylly, too. That duct tape form looks like fun to do. Thank you so much for sharing that. Very brave of both of you. And btw, you both look marvelous!


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