Friday, June 12, 2015

Relocated and Duct Tape Party Tomorrow

Yes, I am sitting in my dark blue recliner in my Edmond living room.  Jerry just put on Band of Brothers which is about WWII.  The soldiers are in France.  Shocking how much suffering and death there was.  Men who were really men.  Brave and strong.  I don't like watching it because it makes me so sad, but Jerry really likes it.

I prefer movies that make me laugh.  Too bad there aren't many in existence.  I've been watching old Carol Burnett Show skits on Youtube lately.  They don't seem as funny as they did when I was a kid.

There is a real funny lady on the internet.  Her name is Jeanne Robertson.  She is hilarious!  I have watched all of her videos though.  Hope she makes some more.  I think she is so pretty.  She looks and sounds very much like my friend, Margaret.  Actually, Margaret is the one that told me about Jeanne.

Tammy is coming over in the morning, and she has agreed to let me make a video or take pics of our duct tape adventure.  Hopefully, this will work a lot better than the last time I attempted it.  I may not have time to do much of it, but I will get something.

Here are a few I found on the web.

WHAT is with this lady?!

She has even done her feet!  How on earth is she going to get this off???

I really like this one.  I think I want mine this color and this long.

This one has a really neat stand holding it up!  I bet there was a really nice hubby involved.

This is a funny one.

The "system" we are using is from Marly Bird's Craftsy class about Plus Size Fitting for Curvy Knits. She is a FUN, easy-to-listen-to young lady.

I better stop.  Time to get the dogs in.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,
    I decided to make a dress form too. I am going to use gummed paper tape. It is tape that has the glue already on one side. You just use a wet sponge
    to make it sticky. I think it was designed for shipping or storing boxes. From reading about it, the only warning I got was that is can be really cold. You use a hair dryer to help it dry and stay warm. I bought the tape from Amazon in February and now I think it is hot enough in Arkansas to try and see if it will work. Anyway
    I'll let you know what happens. And I loved those pictures !

  2. I could never in a million years get wrapped in duct tape. I'm afraid I would stop breathing but the pictures are really funny. The concept is great. I'm going to try the bra and underpant system and see if that works. I'll let you know. It's good that people can come up with other ways to fit because even though the dress forms are adjustable, seems like you can never adjust them to your exact body. I remember you had one made to fit your body. How's that working. I was watching the video of the day it arrived. So funny.

  3. Jeannie Robertson is one funny lady. I like the girl in the purple duct tape too...but ooohh the yarn behind her. Joy you have mentioned learning how to knit. A warning it is very addicting. Maureen


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