Friday, July 3, 2015

This is for Beth

Hello Beth!

I just read a very long email from you.

I hit "reply" to send you a response, but your email flew off into outer space, and I cannot find it anywhere.
I have never had that happen before.

Yes, Phylly is fine.  We don't do things together anymore, however.  She is raising three of her grandkids, and she stays very busy with life.  She still works for our company in Oklahoma City, but I don't see her since I live near our other store which is 150 miles South of OKC.

I think you will have much better luck with the Sure-fit Designs fitting system.  Peggy's is very odd compared to other patterns.  I had great luck with her Yoga pants.  Her capri pants came out like clown pants, and I threw them in the trash.  The directions for one of her blouses was so WRONG, I could not figure it out.  Turns out the written instructions were wrong AND the illustration was wrong.  I emailed her over and over about it including pictures.  She finally admitted it was wrong.  She said to just FUDGE and make it work.  Being a perfectionist, that is NOT how I do things.  I tossed that one in the garbage.

Peggy has taught me a lot about sewing in general and how to take one style and turn it into another.  Her book is pretty good, but has dozens of errors in it.  I told her about them.  She agreed, but didn't think they were a big deal.  She never fixed any of them.  She certainly is not a perfectionist personality, but she has a lot of other wonderful talents.

Dinner is almost ready in the oven downstairs.  Gotta run!

Sorry your email ran off.  I was going to write down your phone number.

Hugs, Joy

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