Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wadder Woes and Independence Day


I had the hardest time making this video for you due to allergies.  I talked to my daughter this morning, and she told me her allergies were so horrible yesterday (the 4th) that she went to bed at 9:00 last night even though they were celebrating her son's birthday.  This has been a really rough year for allergy issues.

I finally was able to make the video in bits and pieces.  If it seems strange in places, it is because it IS STRANGE in places, lol.

Beth asked to see even my wadders, and it just so happens the last two things I made both reside in the trash now.

Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow getting something assembled properly.

Margaret, my dear friend, Jerry and I will continue to pray for you.  Jerry says, "When we get back to Edmond, we are going to pray for Margaret in person!"  And for my other friends, Margaret was diagnosed with macular degeneration and is having to have painful shots right in her eyeball!  We are believing for a miracle and a good report real soon.  Still praying for my friend, Rhonda, too.  Our eyesight is so precious!

Be back real soon.  My oldest grandson is here, and I must stare at him constantly thanking God in the deepest heart of me that he is here and he is SO AWESOME!  He just killed a Copperhead snake in our front yard.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Ok Joy, stop trying to push us away to other blogs... We watch you because you are a delight, humorous, a great teacher, cute.. Oh I could go on, just accept we are here to stay. I have seen the other blogs and they are quite informative but not as much fun to read as yours. I hope your allergies get better. I have the same allergy problem here in the mountains of Arizona. My doc says we are the allergy capital but it sounds like you have just as much. Just finished my round of antibiotics for bronchitis and I have asthma... What a bummer combination with allergies. So, my heart goes out to you...feel better soon.

    Oh, I think you could still fix your white top.maybe another way to close and if you put a zipper in it, like you said, you probably won't notice it's off a tiny bit...well, maybe you will being the perfectionist you are. My college prof for draping said my perfectionism would be the death of me in sewing. Lol, yep.

    Anne S.

  2. Joy I do read other blogs but I agree with Anne. Reading your blog or watching a video is like chatting with a friend. Sorry about the white top not working out.
    Glad you grandson was there to kill that snake!


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