Thursday, August 27, 2015

A VLOG Today

This little video is about a new Sure-fit Designs blouse -- which I don't show you -- and my doctor appointment yesterday, and some new fabric.

Had my last doctor appointment today, and it was LESS FUN than yesterday.  Found out I have to have the vein procedure done for the THIRD TIME!  My legs look fine, but something is going on inside, I guess.

The doctor said, "I can see you're going to be a case."

I suppose you should NOT tell the NEW doctor how much you disliked the OLD doctor.

They are thick as thieves, you know.  Two many nurses in this family.  Makes you want to try a Veterinarian!
So here is the little video I made this morning before I went to see Dr. Padulla, who wasn't even going to see me after I got there.  I asked the girl how many visits you had to have before you finally met the doctor.  This was my second visit.  She looked at me like I was going to be "a case", and she left the room.  When she came back, she said that the doctor would be able to see me AFTER ALL.

Imagine that!

And what a LOVELY shot Youtube picked to put on the cover!

Be back soon with my new blouse on, and I'll show you what I made with the fabric in the video.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy is the black and white blouse you are wearing in the video from a pattern? If it is, please tell me which pattern. I love the sleeves. I love the blouse of course but the sleeve length and the snug fit look good. Still looking forward to seeing those owls. LOL

    1. Charlotte,
      That blouse is from BELK in Sherman, TX. I bought it in August. Not sure if they will still have it. They have a website. You might find it there.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. I absolutely love your top. I'm heading out to Belk's and since I live in St. Augustine , Florida we would never be seen wearing the same top. Haha I'm so glad you decided to do nothing about your scar. As a nurse I have seen several of these procedures not turn out well. Thanks for the tip on the sleeve also. I have a tendency to forget little details like that to. Love your video's and look forward to your vlogs.


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