Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hanging Up The 3 T's

I imagine you are all sick to death of my turtles by now, but I have to show you one more thing my sweet hubby did for me today.

He brought his humongous ladder inside the house and up the stairs to help me hang up the 3 T's.  Just in case anyone would ever want to do this in their home, I took a few pics and I made a little video.

Here are some pics of how we did the ladder.

Jerry was mad at me because I would not let him put the ladder ON TOP of the quilt.  He finally agreed I was right, and I figured out how to fold it up out of his way.

After I convinced him that the ladder could not POSSIBLY be clean after being in his barn for 15 years, he agreed to let me put a towel UNDER it and at each of the TOP POSTS of it.

The NUMBER ONE way my house stays clean is that I don't mess it up!  I have dozens of old towels in every bathroom cupboard that we can grab for jobs like this.  The carpet on those stairs -- as in the rest of the house -- is 18 years old.  There is not a single spot on it anywhere.

Another thing that really helps is RUGS at every entrance.  I go through lots of throw rugs, but that sure beats changing carpet every few years.  All the paint on the walls is 18 years old too.  Even our builder couldn't believe it when he was at our house a couple years ago.

And I have NO IDEA how I got off on that subject.  [o=

And, of course, he had to measure to make sure it was exactly centered on the wall.  I would have just eyeballed it.

I DO LOVE that he is that way though.  It may take him two hours to hang a picture, but it will be centered to the world when he gets done!!!

He even put a level on the walls to be sure they were straight before he started.

All done.  He is making sure it is perfectly level.  It wasn't.  We redid the tacks at the top and the corners.

And we had the two furry supervisors watching the whole thing.  They KNOW that if they dare step one paw outside that room, they will go directly back outside.  

Josie has almost caught up with Jackie in size.  She has the most gorgeous soft, black hair.  Jackie is mostly gray/black, but we love her anyway.  After all, I'm probably ALL gray myself!

Here is a little video, if anyone is interested.

I've got a bathing suit on -- believe it or not -- and I am going back outside to sweep up the sidewalks after Jerry trimmed the hedges.  Decided my legs and arms could use a bit more color.

I was out earlier doing that, and I nearly MELTED in the sun!  No kidding.  I had streams running down my forehead into my eyes.  It is hotter than a firecracker today.  Terry and Doug went to Tulsa for an OUTDOOR birthday party.  I feel sorry for them!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love all of your video's. Have you tried a babylock Crescendo, I love mine.

  2. Joy this quilt is a beautiful work of art. The turtles look like they are going to swim right out of the wall. I am going to start saving my used machine needles to hang things. I also like your tips in keeping things neat and clean. Jerry and his two supervisors did a good job too.

  3. I love the turtles and so glad Jerry didn't fall off the ladder. Looked scary.


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