Wednesday, September 30, 2015

VLOG for 9-30-15 Re: Vacation Goodies

I made a video for you this morning because I am still at the speedy internet house.

Here it is:
I figured out the cost-per-yard of the fabric I purchased at F&M.

With tax included, I paid a total of $64.41 for 14 yards (not counting the additional yardage).  That makes the fabrics I purchased only $4.60 a yard!

That is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good for those of you who don't know the price of fabric is astronomical right now.  It can easily be from $20 to $30 a yard for nice fabric.  On sale, you do good to get it for $10 to $15.  I am very happy with my purchases.

The stores were:

Quilts & Quilts in Branson, MO and FM Stores in Springfield, MO.

Gotta go.  SOMEBODY has to unpack all the stuff we took on our vacation, and I haven't seen a single volunteer yet!

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Tuesday Night

We are finally back home.  We intended to be back home a whole lot sooner than 9:30 PM, but we got hung up at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield picking up the new boat.

The very nice young man in the Service Department spent three hours going over every single detail of the engine and the boat and the compartments and the shifter thing and the live wells and the storage compartments and the fuses and on and on and on.

I kept telling him we had owned many boats.  He said he had to tell us all that stuff anyway.

We weren't able to get the cats or the dogs because we got home so late, and I really miss them.  My daughter and son-in-law are so good with Jackie and Josie.  Len had set up a huge pen for them to be in when in the large back yard.  It was only for when they had to be separated from all the other dogs in the Kennel.  Our dogs' daddy lives there, and Josie's mom lives there.  I think they sold Jackie's mom.  They have 10 new puppies that were born a few days ago.  LOTS of dogs there.  Jackie and Josie will probably GROWL at us and hope we leave them there!

The cats are being boarded.  They probably think we are NEVER coming to get them.  We will go in the morning.

Tomorrow is Jerry's birthday.  He will be 69 years young!

Time for bed.  Be back soon to show you what I bought on our vacation.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, September 28, 2015

Vacation Greetings from Branson


Already Monday.  We go home tomorrow.  The weather has been wonderful.  The shopping has been wonderful.  Being with friends has been wonderful.

for Jerry,
the birthday boy,
the MOST wonderfulest thing of all is his birthday present.

Jerry has been wanting one of these for years.  Due to the fact that exactly what he wanted did not exist and him never having any time to go look for it, it seemed he would never get it.  Since we were on vacation, he finally had some time, and due to a miracle, I'm sure, the exact thing he wanted just happened to be in Springfield, MO.

Actually, we went into Bass Pro so I could buy some fishing line to make jewelry with.  Jerry was like a kid in a candy store looking for some special lures he wanted.
he saw this boat.  The VERY ONE he has been wanting all these years.

If you are thinking, "I bet Joy MADE him pose for those pictures!"  You are RIGHT! (-:

Here I am trying to figure out what this long pole on the front of the trailer was for.  It has steps that allow you to get in and out of the trailer from the front.  WAY COOL!

Seats everywhere.

There are FOUR MORE seats than the ones you see here.
 Here's Jerry checking out the pole in the front.
We will pick the boat up on our way back home tomorrow.  We will leave Branson and go to Springfield where the boat is.  It is being prepped today with all the gadgets Jerry bought for it.

I spent our first day here running around with Debbie to quilt and fabric stores.  Jim took Jerry on some "guy" adventures.

There is a store called F&M in Springfield that was WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL!  The owners work in it, and they are very helpful and friendly.  They cut my yardage quite a bit OVER what I asked for.  I bought some gorgeous soft lace, and I swear the guy gave me a whole yard extra.  I'll measure it when I get back to my sewing room.  Prices are WAY LESS than other fabric stores.  I don't know how or why, but they are.  I bought a lot of fabric there.  I'll show it to you, of course, when I get back home.

Here are Jim and Debbie.  They have a white Schnauzer named "Booker", but I didn't get his pic.  I walked into their home and IMMEDIATELY felt at home.  Debbie is VERY organized and neat.  No clutter ANYWHERE!  Not even in her sewing room.

It was so funny.  Jerry kept saying to Jim, "She is JUST LIKE JOY!"  I hope Debbie wasn't insulted.

Debbie makes most of Jim's shirts because he likes shirts with cars on them.

Jim is not shy!  He even got up on the stage at the show we went to see and had to put on a Village People hat and do a dance.

And remember me telling you that Terry was getting a new motorcycle for the Branson trip, AND she was going to give me a ride on it?

Well, here it is:

Pretty NICE ride, huh?

We are meeting Terry and Doug and their friends Chris and Roberta (black cycle next to Terry's) for dinner at 6 tonight, and then we are going to see the Illusionist.

That will end our Branson stay.

I probably weigh 5 pounds MORE than when I left home because Debbie MADE us go to this place called Andy's Custard the first night we were here.   "Custard" sounded gross to me, so I never would have gone there on my own.

You can't hurt people's feelings though (although my x-friend says I don't care anything about people's feelings), so Jerry and I bought a little one-dip custard cone to TRY.

Good heavens, it was SO GOOD!  Creamy and vanilla-y and delightful!

I have been back every day since!  I am holding Debbie totally responsible for every ounce I gain!

OH!  I almost forgot to show you this.

Debbie started a chapter of the ASG in the neighborhood where she lives, and they are going to do a project led by two women.  Debbie told me if I wanted to do it with them that she would Skype me all the steps.  You have to have a sweatshirt and some Batik fabric, so I purchased both.  Here is what we are making:

The PRINT is the Batik (or cotton).  The dark stripes are the sweatshirt showing through.  Terry wants to do it too.  It will be an enjoyable break from turtles and owls.  Mine will be blue and white.  As in most things "fabric", it is much prettier in real life.  Terry saw it this morning when we girls went to the quilt shop where it is hanging.  The guys went to drive race cars somewhere.  Yuk!

Jerry and I are in our hotel room.  Jerry is napping.  Think I'll join him for a few winks since we'll be out late tonight.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Friends, Past and Present

Good Wednesday evening!

It appears that we truly are going to take a little vacation.  Jerry is excited.  Looks like we will have four days in a row when Jerry doesn't have to do anything but relax.  Hard to believe that in just two days we will meet our new friends, Jim and Deb, face to face!  That is so special to me because it is confirmation that God really does love me.  When I lose a friend -- which I have several times -- it makes me think I am a horrible person, and there must be something really wrong with me that I just can't see.

I lost one "forever friend" because she got mad at me for wanting to always eat lunch when noon rolled around.  We were taking Bernina classes together in Plano, TX which was about 2 hours from where we lived.  Her class went longer than mine did, and it was after 1:00.  Her class finished, and I started helping her pack up her machine.  Mine was already in its case.

I said something like, "Where do you want to eat?  I'm starving!"

She looked up at me and very nastily yelled, "You ALWAYS have to eat!!!"  She wasn't kidding or being funny.  It really shocked me.  She had driven, so we had to take our machines out to her car to load them in her trunk  It was ALL I could do to put my machine in her trunk and get into her car with her.  I really should NOT have, but I didn't want to have to make Jerry come get me.

We drove in TOTAL silence to McKinney, TX where we usually stopped at an Arby's for lunch.  She pulled off and went to that Arby's.  I told her I wasn't hungry.  She nastily said, "YOU ARE GOING TO EAT!!!"  I was terrified of her new "monster" personality.  I ordered a sandwich and we sat down at a table.  She ordered NOTHING.  I could not eat.  I kept apologizing to her for wanting to eat lunch every day.  I wrapped the sandwich back up and told her I would eat it later.  We left.  Two hours to drive back home, and we never spoke a word.  I NEVER saw her again, and she was my next door neighbor at the time (across from where Terry lives now).

I must point out that she was on her TENTH husband at the time, and a few months later, they were divorced.  She was known for her tantrums.  Still, it was horrible for me.  She was a quilter.  She taught me to paper-piece. I taught her how to sew a dress.  She had red hair.  (I love redheads.)  She had Berninas.  It all seemed so perfect.  AND, she went to our church!  I really loved her.

I made a new "best friend" after her, but I lost her too.  It had to do with what she allowed 11-year old girls to watch on TV when I was at her house for dinner one night.  Since my granddaughter had spent a lot of time at her house, I was outspoken about it.  That was the end of that relationship.  If she had been at MY house, I would have simply changed the channel or turned the TV off until she left.  However, you aren't likely to ever come to my house and find a TV on.  I seldom watch it.  If it was on, it would be a cooking show or a music channel.

Let me just say this about the programming the girls were watching.  I counted the "F" word 21 times in about 10 minutes as I was sitting with the two girls watching the TV.   During that time some man dressed as an angel flew down from the ceiling (held by wires) and into the audience.  He landed his crotch right onto another man's face.  It was really disgusting!

At that point, I got up.  I said I was not going to watch it or listen to it, and I left.

The Bible says that if something you are doing offends someone, then don't do it in their presence.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I now have another new friend named Deborah.  She said I can call her "Deb" because Terry's friend who is coming to sew at my house is "Debbie".  Terry, Debbie and I are having a 3-day sew-in in October.

Deb and her husband Jim live between Springfield, MO and Branson, so they are right on our way to Branson.  We will meet them at their house Friday evening.  Then we will go to some restaurant where they THROW rolls at you.  Deb is SO NICE.  She actually told us we could bring our dogs to her house.

WOW!  That is very generous.

We won't, of course.  They would both be abandoned on the highway before we ever made it!  Josie thinks she should help Jerry drive.  Since she can't do that, she thinks she should eat the seat belts instead!

Terry is getting her "Trike" today, I think.  Let me see if I can find one on the web, and I'll show you what it is.

2016 Trike Freewheeler® Motorcycles

That is NOT the one she is getting.  Hers has much fancier seats on it.  She is going to give me a ride when we are in Branson.  The back seat is nicer than the front seat, so that should be fun.  She said she will take an extra helmet.  Her hubby has two bikes already, but he is getting her this one to see if it is more comfortable for her to ride alone instead of behind him.  I don't get it myself, but "to each his own".  Give me windows and air conditioning and no wind and a CD player and NO HELMET!

I made a "Peggy" skirt today.  I may try it on for you tomorrow.  I emailed her this morning with a question about proportions, and she emailed me back right away.  She is so nice!   I'm too tired to change clothes at the moment.  Just had my supper shake, and I'm sitting in my blue recliner sipping hot tea.  Jackie and Josie are PRETENDING to be asleep in front of me on the carpet because they think they might get some more prime rib.  I gave them some of my leftovers at noon today from last night's dinner out with Margaret.

I better get up and do something.  Fold some clothes maybe?  Listen to my new audio book by Joel Osteen?  Try to crochet something?

How about ALL of the above!

Hugs, Joy

Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Furry Kids

I love it when my dogs have just had a bath.  Billie, the dog beautician, got majorly carried away with the powder today, and it is bothering not only my nose, but the dogs'!  They are worn out, and I am glad.  I am keeping them in until I leave tomorrow so they don't roll around in the muddy back yard that was rained on for the last two days.

Here's a real short video if you want to see my grown-up Goldendoodles:

I have started packing.

Thank goodness, we aren't going anywhere that requires fancy dressing because I am not comfortable dressed up.  Some people love to dress up, but I never have.  I'm a "comfort first" type of dresser, and then color and style.  I could not care less what is "in style" according to whatever magazine.  My Mom was that way.  I think most styles look ridiculous anyway.

Mini skirts.

Baggy pants falling down and ANYTHING with a skull!!!

Shoes that have toes!

Half a dozen skinny straps hanging half on and half off shoulders.

Clothes that look like underwear.

MOST color-blocking.

Did you know that this Fall the latest "rage" is to have FURRY shoes?

Some of them look like the girl ran over squirrels on her way to work and decided to stop the car, grab up the hides and stuff them into the bottom of her flip-flops!  I'm not kidding!  Fur sticking out on the sides and between her toes!  GROSS!

Here is a lovely pair of FUR SHOES!  These are walking down a runway!  Probably cost thousands of dollars.  N U T S !!!  She looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

Here's a lovely set.  Maybe Jerry would like to try a pair of these.

I bet you thought I was kidding.  Here's some more.  These are probably for dressing up as they appear to have a high heel hidden somewhere inside that fur.

And here are some classy strappy designs.  (PUKE!)


I cannot STAND anymore of those hideous shoes!

WARNING:  If you buy those and come to visit me, you may find me dusting my house with them.

I've got to go anyway.

I am supposed to be packing.

Hugs, Joy

Teamwork Makes Dreams Work and Owly Update

That was Matt Hagee's message today.  He is looking SO handsome in his beard and 'stache.  We all must have a dream or a dream will never happen for us.  You must work toward whatever your dream is.  You can't HAVE a dream and not WORK to achieve it.

You must hire team members that are WILLING and ABLE.  Not easy to find that combination these days, but with God's help, all things are possible!

And Terry was here this afternoon to quilt the pretty black and white French Braid lap quilt she made for me because she is such an AWESOME friend.  The pantograph pattern is called FANTASY FLAME.

Here's a little VLOG I made for you.

When Terry left with my quilt, I had to jump into HIGH GEAR and get this sewing room cleaned up.  You could see a short clip in the video of the fabrics I have all over the place that I have cut owl parts out of.

I am not done chopping up fabric for owl parts by a long shot, BUT I have decided to put them all on hold until after Deb and I visit the big fabric shop in Branson.

And speaking of owls.

Here is a picture I have just PHOTOSHOPPED a few of the owls on.  They tend to look like cats before they are finished.  Some of the owls haven't been stitched around yet, so they look funny.  I painted a few outlines with PS on some of them, but I'm not very good at that.

Only eight of the owls here are finished with the satin stitching.

If anyone out there knows how to:  CHOOSE A SHAPE and have PS Elements AUTOMATICALLY OUTLINE IT, please let me know.  I can do it with my embroidery software, so surely, it is possible.

The owl in the upper right corner was outlined with PS.  Looks like I had a bottle of booze for breakfast!

Anyway, here they are so far:

How WONDERFUL are my falling leaves?!  That is a new Accuquilt die I purchased.  This quilt will have falling leaves from top to bottom when it is finished.  That was the part I really liked about it!

Gotta go.  I'm going to clean up this room, and then go to work.  Tomorrow, I will be heading to our Edmond home to get some things done there before we head to Deb and Jim's on Friday.  Jerry and I are SO EXCITED!   Thank goodness we are going in a VEHICLE.  Poor Terry has to go the whole way to Branson on a MOTORCYCLE!  And she thinks that is FUN!  And it could RAIN!  Oh, my!  Doug just bought her a cycle that is called a "trike".  I'll show you a picture when I get one.

Have a wonderful week my friends!

OH!  OH!  OH!

I wanted to show you this picture of an actual, real life owl, just in case you think my owls are strangely colored.  I looked up "owl images", and they come in every color under the rainbow.  I was really surprised.

How gorgeous is this white one with TURQUOISE eyes!?  My quilt will have one like that.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

VLOG Hello and New Quilts

Hello friends!

What a fun day this has been, and how unbelievable that because of Terry, I SUDDENLY planned a vacation for Jerry's 9-30 birthday.  Terry and Doug are going on a motorcycle trip with our church to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Then they are going on to Branson for a few days.  Terry said, "Why don't you and Jerry meet us up there?"

Jerry has been wanting to go to Branson forever, and we have new friends, Deb and Jim very near there that we are anxious to meet in person; SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I immediately got on line and found a hotel.  Called Jerry first, of course, and he was very excited.  Promises he can take four days off.

THEN I remembered that we have this entire ZOO that we have to take care of, and I thought, "We CAN'T go anywhere!"  What will we do with the 4 pets?  Well, my sweet daughter and her husband love our dogs, and they said they would keep them.  My daughter says the cats will be fine in a garage for four days, so I guess we will do that.  Nobody here where we live that would want to deal with any of that.  I hate to board them because they put them in cages.  Ick!

Trips always stress me to the max.  Don't know why.  Plus, this is September, and the world is supposed to come to an end or something close to that according to my brother.  I will try to remain calm.

Here's the little VLOG I made for you.  It is all about Peggy's Monday webcast.
I will catch you up on my owls tomorrow.

Here is the quilt Terry quilted on the longarm today.  It is so SOFT and PRETTY.  I told her it reminds me of whipped cream.  I LOVE the panto she used on it.  I think I will have her do that one on the quilt she made for me.

And Terry must have breathed in too many fumes from her car or something because this picture she took of me with my lap quilt makes me DIZZY!   You may recall she is a professional photographer.  Must have been my cheap little camera, lol.

Here is a better pic of it.  I LOVE blacks and whites, and I really like this French Braid design.

She JUST HAPPENED to know all of that.  (-;

She would already have this quilted too, but I wanted a black/silver/white variegated thread for it.  It has not arrived yet.

Gotta go.  Time to fix dinner already.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, September 13, 2015

You SHOULDN'T Judge????

It is SUNDAY, and God is so good to me!

I am so thrilled that we went to our church this morning to hear our Pastor, Duane Sheriff, preach.  He preached my FAVORITIST sermon of all.

I have been cussed at, told off, called names and had my own children and grandchildren say to me:

                  "You SHOULDN'T judge."

I tell them all that that is the biggest lie the devil has ever told!

Duane preached it this morning.

It was excellent.

He probably wanted to tell me to QUIT SCREAMING "AMEN" LADY!!!

OF COURSE, we are to judge.  All through the Bible there are comments about justice and judgment.

You make a judgment every time you make a choice or a decision.  If you know the Bible, hopefully, you make wise and just judgment calls, but they will be made -- wise or stupid.

I have been on a Skype call with my new friend, Deborah, for the last hour, so the exact wording of this morning's sermon has skipped my mind.  I will revisit the subject another time after getting the CD and listening to it again.

Deborah and I got our husbands to meet each other before ending our Skype call.  We have so much in common, and we are definitely going to get together.  Her husband upholsters collector (?) cars.  I'm not up on the lingo for that, but I decided that when they come, Doug and Terry will fit right in with the four of us.  He also loves to fish, and they live between Springfield and Branson, MO so are near to lots of lakes.

She just got back from a retreat at Louise Cutting's place in Florida.  I had to hear all about it.  She loves to sew and has taken all kinds of classes -- like me -- and she uses Sure-fit Designs.

If you are keeping track, you will recall I lost one sewing friend, but God has given me TWO new ones!  Actually, I now have THREE new sewing buddies if you count Debbie from Texas who is coming to sew with Terry and me real soon.  She is going to make a quilt for someone for Christmas.
I've got three more owls done, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see their cute faces and find out their preacher names.  I actually showed our preacher's wife his owl this morning.  I told him about it.  I'm sure they are both wondering if I need intercessory prayer!

I finally thought of a "B" name for a preacher owl, so "Blaze" has been changed to "Billy".  Everyone knows Billy Graham.  My "F" bird is going to be Franklin after Billy's son.  I couldn't think of an "E" preacher name.  Anyone know one?

I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it.  Haven't seen her in ages.  She has been to Hawaii and Alaska this summer.  We have been nowhere but home, but that is our favorite place to be.  I will enjoy hearing all about her adventures.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Friday, September 11, 2015

Andy Through Cecil

Good afternoon friends!


I woke up this morning -- like any other day -- about 7 AM.  I walked to the foot of my bed where I throw my pj pants every night because I get too hot if I leave them on -- then to my closet to put on my slippers -- then to the sink to wash my face and arrange my hair in something other than the Albert Einstein hairdo I wake up with every morning --  then to the kitchen for cuppa number one which is always waiting for me because my sweet hubby makes a pot of coffee for me every morning, and he doesn't even drink coffee.

I took a few sips of coffee to alert my body that it was actually morning and to come alive.  Then I wandered out of the kitchen with coffee in hand to look for my laptop which is supposed to be by my bed, but it wasn't.

Finally, I settled into my living room corner chair with my feet up on the ottoman, and I opened up my laptop to check my email.  Not many months ago, I had a friend that I received emails from and sent emails to a dozen times a day.  I miss that.  Terry doesn't do email.  She does Facebook.  I am a total retard on Facebook, so we pretty much text each other to keep up on each other's every move.

So I glanced down through about a dozen emails from sewing places and stores and Craftsy and John Hagee Ministries, and my eyes fell on an email from someone called "Celebrations".  I wondered what that could possibly be about, so I clicked on it.

Ever since I read it this morning, I have been CELEBRATING from CLOUD NINE!

The email was from Deborah from Missouri.  She got my email from Glenda Sparling.  It was a very long "letter" about my blog and how much she enjoyed it.  She talked about herself and her husband and said we were so much alike.  She sews!  She teaches sewing in her spare time.  She said if she was my neighbor, she would visit me all the time.  Terry and I would LOVE that!


HERE is the BEST PART!  She wants to meet me.  She comes to a town not far from here on occasion due to her work.  I told Terry about it, and she said, "DEFINITELY, we MUST meet her!"

So I am excited.  Don't know what will come of it, but I'm believing God is sending me another friend to replace the one I lost.  God is so good.  I will keep you posted, and HELLO DEBORAH if you are reading this.  I sent you an email this morning.  Hope you got it.

Before I left our store earlier today, I was talking to Lou Ann about my latest quilt.  The Owls.  I told her to check my blog so she could see the three I have done.

Here is a short little VLOG for you all to see Andy through Cecil.

 I'm going to start on Pastor Duane RIGHT NOW!

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

VLOG, Fun Girls and Andy

Here is the VLOG I promised you.

Yesterday got busy, and I didn't get to post, but it doesn't make a hill of beans difference, lol.

God is SO GOOD to me!

I love children, and now that my grandbabies are all grown up, and I'm not allowed to be anywhere near my only great granddaughter, I have been really missing precious little ones.  For those who don't remember, the child's father has no rights.  Hence, grandparents in Oklahoma have no rights either.  Insane!

Fortunately, my friend Terry hasn't found a good reason to dump me as her friend yet, and she actually loves me to be around her grandbabies.  They are majorly adorable, and I got to play with them Saturday.  I am invited to their brother's one year birthday party next Saturday.  How SWEET is that!?

I just happen to have some fun things to do here at my house because I love crafts so much.

I poured a bunch of wooden beads into a big bowl, and I found some black necklace cord that I received as a "free gift" from Fire Mountain Gems.  The girls had so much fun building their necklaces.

You would never know these two are sisters by their coloring.  McKinley (on the left) looks just like her Mama.  Riley (on the right) looks like Terry.

 Here they are wearing their creations and loving them.
After we made necklaces, we found some pills as we were looking through Lindy's drawers for a bathing suit.  You put them in warm water, and in about 10 minutes the pill opens up and turns into an animal.  The kids were delighted.  Those things had to be 20 years old.  I was so glad they still worked!

And would you believe that these two tiny little girls were not one bit afraid of my giant dogs?

They asked to go out and play with them.  I thought, "OH NO!!!"  The dogs will jump on them and knock them over and scare them to death!

Nope!  Riley walked right up to Jackie and hugged her face!!!  I couldn't believe it!

McKinley asked if she could throw the tire.  And she did.  See it up in the air?  The dogs chased it, of course.  It is their favorite game with Dad every night.

Here's McKinley again with the dogs giant rope.  It is the ONLY thing I've bought the dogs that they haven't chewed to little bits.  For some reason, they don't like this one.  Can you imagine a dog coming up to your armpit and not being afraid of it.  My sister and I would have run home crying when we were little.
 Oh, my.

I almost forgot to show you Andy.  I'm going to name the owls from A-Z as I make them, skipping a few letters as there are only 20 owls.

And here is another little VLOG I made for you about the most wonderful movie I have ever seen.  I was truly AMAZED that there actually are christian movies that even exist at a theater.  Not only that, the place was PACKED!  Check it out if you care to:

Gotta go.  Time to fix supper for the master.  I'm always so excited -- really -- when he comes home from work at night.  I feel so blessed!

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Death and Hell are the Riders!

Oh, my!

Wonderful readers, you probably have surmised that I am a Bible-thumping Christian.  I love Cornerstone Church in San Antonio where Pastor John Hagee and his son Matthew take turns preaching.  Today and the last three Sundays, Pastor John has preached on the FOUR HORSES OF THE APOCALYPSE.

Today was horse #4, the GREEN horse.

The rider of the green horse is DEATH AND HELL.

Pastor John Hagee is the BRAVEST of preachers knowing how preaching about Hell has become very politically incorrect, but he preaches it still.


Because it is the truth my friends.

I would love for you to go to under the archives and listen to all or one of the horse sermons.  All are very scriptural, and they are done like I have never seen in my life.  The new technology is so helpful for permanent enforcement in our brains of what the preacher said.  Check it out, and you will see what I'm talking about.

I am shaking from just hearing this sermon, and my mind is dwelling deeply into the possibility that some of my loved ones may not be ready.

Fortunately, I am NOT the type to "just not talk about it" and "let them figure it out for themselves".  I shout it loud and clear.  Ask my friends, x-friends, my kids or my grand kids and they will confirm that.  It probably won't be complimentary from some, but they will tell you.

Some will say, "She is SO self-righteous!"

Some will say, "She thinks she is better than everyone else!"

Some will say, "Bless her heart, she thinks the Bible is STILL applicable."

Some will say, "She really believes there is a Heaven and a Hell, but she never went to college, so she is uneducated!"

My husband's brother will tell you that we are CRAZY, and he can't stand to be around us because of our constant talking about the Bible.  Funny how he came here three times to get free of drug addictions, however.  And, as far as we know, he is free and clear of that today!  Praise God!

My own brother will tell you that if we ever lose our money, we won't serve God anymore.  That one has been the WORST blow of all!  I guess he has forgotten the years I was raising my child alone because her drug-addict father ran off with his druggie friends and left us all alone.  We lived on Campbell's soup, and I worked hundreds of hours of overtime to try to make ends meet since my X paid ZERO child support for our daughter's entire life!

I loved God BEFORE that -- DURING that -- AFTER that, and I will FOREVER!

My grand kids will tell you that when they come to Grandma and Papa's house THERE WILL BE CHURCH ON SUNDAY!  Period!  No excuses.  They don't argue.  They don't complain.  They just KNOW that is what is going to happen if they are here on Sunday.  When they were little, I used to ask them questions about the sermon to see if they were listening.  Now, we just discuss the sermon.

My grand kids will tell you that if they are sick, we will lay hands on them and pray for them to get well.

My grand kids will tell you that when we sit down to a meal, grace will be said BEFORE we consume it.

Yes!  Thank God!!!!  I never was liberalized by the lies taught by God-haters in the so-called "higher" institutions.  It is too late for me now.  I already know Jesus.  You could never change my mind.  But for those who don't know Him, my heart aches and breaks.

I made a VLOG for you and took some fun pics, but I will post those tomorrow.  My mind is whirling with this morning's message, and I'm not ready to jump off that track.