Friday, September 11, 2015

Andy Through Cecil

Good afternoon friends!


I woke up this morning -- like any other day -- about 7 AM.  I walked to the foot of my bed where I throw my pj pants every night because I get too hot if I leave them on -- then to my closet to put on my slippers -- then to the sink to wash my face and arrange my hair in something other than the Albert Einstein hairdo I wake up with every morning --  then to the kitchen for cuppa number one which is always waiting for me because my sweet hubby makes a pot of coffee for me every morning, and he doesn't even drink coffee.

I took a few sips of coffee to alert my body that it was actually morning and to come alive.  Then I wandered out of the kitchen with coffee in hand to look for my laptop which is supposed to be by my bed, but it wasn't.

Finally, I settled into my living room corner chair with my feet up on the ottoman, and I opened up my laptop to check my email.  Not many months ago, I had a friend that I received emails from and sent emails to a dozen times a day.  I miss that.  Terry doesn't do email.  She does Facebook.  I am a total retard on Facebook, so we pretty much text each other to keep up on each other's every move.

So I glanced down through about a dozen emails from sewing places and stores and Craftsy and John Hagee Ministries, and my eyes fell on an email from someone called "Celebrations".  I wondered what that could possibly be about, so I clicked on it.

Ever since I read it this morning, I have been CELEBRATING from CLOUD NINE!

The email was from Deborah from Missouri.  She got my email from Glenda Sparling.  It was a very long "letter" about my blog and how much she enjoyed it.  She talked about herself and her husband and said we were so much alike.  She sews!  She teaches sewing in her spare time.  She said if she was my neighbor, she would visit me all the time.  Terry and I would LOVE that!


HERE is the BEST PART!  She wants to meet me.  She comes to a town not far from here on occasion due to her work.  I told Terry about it, and she said, "DEFINITELY, we MUST meet her!"

So I am excited.  Don't know what will come of it, but I'm believing God is sending me another friend to replace the one I lost.  God is so good.  I will keep you posted, and HELLO DEBORAH if you are reading this.  I sent you an email this morning.  Hope you got it.

Before I left our store earlier today, I was talking to Lou Ann about my latest quilt.  The Owls.  I told her to check my blog so she could see the three I have done.

Here is a short little VLOG for you all to see Andy through Cecil.

 I'm going to start on Pastor Duane RIGHT NOW!

Hugs, Joy

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