Monday, September 28, 2015

Vacation Greetings from Branson


Already Monday.  We go home tomorrow.  The weather has been wonderful.  The shopping has been wonderful.  Being with friends has been wonderful.

for Jerry,
the birthday boy,
the MOST wonderfulest thing of all is his birthday present.

Jerry has been wanting one of these for years.  Due to the fact that exactly what he wanted did not exist and him never having any time to go look for it, it seemed he would never get it.  Since we were on vacation, he finally had some time, and due to a miracle, I'm sure, the exact thing he wanted just happened to be in Springfield, MO.

Actually, we went into Bass Pro so I could buy some fishing line to make jewelry with.  Jerry was like a kid in a candy store looking for some special lures he wanted.
he saw this boat.  The VERY ONE he has been wanting all these years.

If you are thinking, "I bet Joy MADE him pose for those pictures!"  You are RIGHT! (-:

Here I am trying to figure out what this long pole on the front of the trailer was for.  It has steps that allow you to get in and out of the trailer from the front.  WAY COOL!

Seats everywhere.

There are FOUR MORE seats than the ones you see here.
 Here's Jerry checking out the pole in the front.
We will pick the boat up on our way back home tomorrow.  We will leave Branson and go to Springfield where the boat is.  It is being prepped today with all the gadgets Jerry bought for it.

I spent our first day here running around with Debbie to quilt and fabric stores.  Jim took Jerry on some "guy" adventures.

There is a store called F&M in Springfield that was WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL!  The owners work in it, and they are very helpful and friendly.  They cut my yardage quite a bit OVER what I asked for.  I bought some gorgeous soft lace, and I swear the guy gave me a whole yard extra.  I'll measure it when I get back to my sewing room.  Prices are WAY LESS than other fabric stores.  I don't know how or why, but they are.  I bought a lot of fabric there.  I'll show it to you, of course, when I get back home.

Here are Jim and Debbie.  They have a white Schnauzer named "Booker", but I didn't get his pic.  I walked into their home and IMMEDIATELY felt at home.  Debbie is VERY organized and neat.  No clutter ANYWHERE!  Not even in her sewing room.

It was so funny.  Jerry kept saying to Jim, "She is JUST LIKE JOY!"  I hope Debbie wasn't insulted.

Debbie makes most of Jim's shirts because he likes shirts with cars on them.

Jim is not shy!  He even got up on the stage at the show we went to see and had to put on a Village People hat and do a dance.

And remember me telling you that Terry was getting a new motorcycle for the Branson trip, AND she was going to give me a ride on it?

Well, here it is:

Pretty NICE ride, huh?

We are meeting Terry and Doug and their friends Chris and Roberta (black cycle next to Terry's) for dinner at 6 tonight, and then we are going to see the Illusionist.

That will end our Branson stay.

I probably weigh 5 pounds MORE than when I left home because Debbie MADE us go to this place called Andy's Custard the first night we were here.   "Custard" sounded gross to me, so I never would have gone there on my own.

You can't hurt people's feelings though (although my x-friend says I don't care anything about people's feelings), so Jerry and I bought a little one-dip custard cone to TRY.

Good heavens, it was SO GOOD!  Creamy and vanilla-y and delightful!

I have been back every day since!  I am holding Debbie totally responsible for every ounce I gain!

OH!  I almost forgot to show you this.

Debbie started a chapter of the ASG in the neighborhood where she lives, and they are going to do a project led by two women.  Debbie told me if I wanted to do it with them that she would Skype me all the steps.  You have to have a sweatshirt and some Batik fabric, so I purchased both.  Here is what we are making:

The PRINT is the Batik (or cotton).  The dark stripes are the sweatshirt showing through.  Terry wants to do it too.  It will be an enjoyable break from turtles and owls.  Mine will be blue and white.  As in most things "fabric", it is much prettier in real life.  Terry saw it this morning when we girls went to the quilt shop where it is hanging.  The guys went to drive race cars somewhere.  Yuk!

Jerry and I are in our hotel room.  Jerry is napping.  Think I'll join him for a few winks since we'll be out late tonight.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I have a couple of sweatshirts just waiting to become jackets but absolutely love the one you and Terry will be doing. Wish I lived closer to you so I could join in the fun! I'm so glad you and Jerry have had such a wonderful vacation. You both deserved it so much.

  2. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime--new friends--new boat--and custard - WHAT MORE could one ask for???? Happy for you!

  3. Joy, loved this post and pictures! Am so glad that your trip has been fun and exciting! What a wonderful time for you and Jerry! Will see you soon. Margaret


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