Tuesday, September 8, 2015

VLOG, Fun Girls and Andy

Here is the VLOG I promised you.

Yesterday got busy, and I didn't get to post, but it doesn't make a hill of beans difference, lol.

God is SO GOOD to me!

I love children, and now that my grandbabies are all grown up, and I'm not allowed to be anywhere near my only great granddaughter, I have been really missing precious little ones.  For those who don't remember, the child's father has no rights.  Hence, grandparents in Oklahoma have no rights either.  Insane!

Fortunately, my friend Terry hasn't found a good reason to dump me as her friend yet, and she actually loves me to be around her grandbabies.  They are majorly adorable, and I got to play with them Saturday.  I am invited to their brother's one year birthday party next Saturday.  How SWEET is that!?

I just happen to have some fun things to do here at my house because I love crafts so much.

I poured a bunch of wooden beads into a big bowl, and I found some black necklace cord that I received as a "free gift" from Fire Mountain Gems.  The girls had so much fun building their necklaces.

You would never know these two are sisters by their coloring.  McKinley (on the left) looks just like her Mama.  Riley (on the right) looks like Terry.

 Here they are wearing their creations and loving them.
After we made necklaces, we found some pills as we were looking through Lindy's drawers for a bathing suit.  You put them in warm water, and in about 10 minutes the pill opens up and turns into an animal.  The kids were delighted.  Those things had to be 20 years old.  I was so glad they still worked!

And would you believe that these two tiny little girls were not one bit afraid of my giant dogs?

They asked to go out and play with them.  I thought, "OH NO!!!"  The dogs will jump on them and knock them over and scare them to death!

Nope!  Riley walked right up to Jackie and hugged her face!!!  I couldn't believe it!

McKinley asked if she could throw the tire.  And she did.  See it up in the air?  The dogs chased it, of course.  It is their favorite game with Dad every night.

Here's McKinley again with the dogs giant rope.  It is the ONLY thing I've bought the dogs that they haven't chewed to little bits.  For some reason, they don't like this one.  Can you imagine a dog coming up to your armpit and not being afraid of it.  My sister and I would have run home crying when we were little.
 Oh, my.

I almost forgot to show you Andy.  I'm going to name the owls from A-Z as I make them, skipping a few letters as there are only 20 owls.

And here is another little VLOG I made for you about the most wonderful movie I have ever seen.  I was truly AMAZED that there actually are christian movies that even exist at a theater.  Not only that, the place was PACKED!  Check it out if you care to:

Gotta go.  Time to fix supper for the master.  I'm always so excited -- really -- when he comes home from work at night.  I feel so blessed!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,
    The flower blocks on the new quilt are beautiful. In my opinion the border overwhelms the flower blocks. The size just seems to be off. The border says Fall but the flowers say Summer or Spring. I really look forward to the owl quilt. The brown fabric really looks like feathers. Anyway I too know how lots of people simply are not raised with manners these days. Simply saying Yes Mam and Yes Sir etc. won't be a southern tradition much longer. I think it is because people and especially women think it makes them look old for someone to say Yes Mam or No Mam to them. Anyway I could go on and on.

  2. HolyMoly, Joy ~~! I can't believe that Hancock's can survive in such disrespect, neglect and slovenliness. Don't darken their door again (until you call and ask who the manager is .. LOL) I do love that **COTTON SATEEN** ensemble .. just beautiful, and it'll be wonderful with both blues. Wear it with pridie.

    Loved hearing about War Room movie. Will have to catch it. You'll LOVE this .. and keep the video going, and you'll see more info about them and their movies.


    God bless .. keep the faith, keep sewing, praying and smiling ;)



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