Friday, October 23, 2015

Good Friday Evening

I'm dropping by to say HI real quick and to tell you that I do not have the applique tutorial uploaded to Youtube yet.

I am going to start it before I go to bed tonight, and hopefully, it will be ready when I wake up tomorrow.

The upload speed here is a total J O K E !  It would make a sleeping turtle look FAST!

I suppose I should be thankful we have any speed at all, but really, why is it super speedy just 150 miles away?  Actually, it is much faster just 8 miles away at our store.  Doesn't make sense.

I worked all day long on a jewelry project.  It has a LOT of beads in it.  The directions were not good.  I had to email the writer and ask her to correct them.  She thanked me.  It is one thing for directions to be wrong or incomplete when a pattern is free; but when you are paying for it, directions should be TESTED and accurate.

I can't show my project to you yet because it is a Christmas gift.  It turned out real nice.  I need to start another one tomorrow because Christmas will be here before we know it.

Guess I better get upstairs for the "Booze Bloods".  Linda may or may not be shot and dead.  I'm sure she isn't.  At the end of last night's episode, the screen went black, and we heard two shots fired.  My guess is it is the police shooting the perp.

I was VERY aggravated with one of the episodes where a young bride-to-be went to visit the prisoner who killed her Dad, Mom and brother 20 years earlier.  He had "found God" and received treatment for his major mental disorder.  He was going to STAY in prison until he was dead.  He wanted to apologize to the girl.  He did NOT expect her to forgive him, and he said he couldn't forgive himself.  He had slit his wrists in an attempt to kill himself because he felt so horrible for what he had done.

Instead of the girl forgiving him -- which the SUPPOSED God-fearing PC (Police Commissioner) should have counseled her to do -- she told the prisoner that she hoped he tried to kill himself again but got it right this time.

The PC was PROUD of her.

WRONG!  Non-forgiveness would only cause hurt, pain, bitterness, resentment and an early death to the girl.  It is in the Bible!  Her unforgiveness couldn't hurt the prisoner.  He didn't expect it.  Bad writing for that episode.

Remember Jesus on the cross.  The Romans were murdering him, and they didn't even know why really.  Jesus knew that.  He asked God to FORGIVE THEM as He writhed in pain and agony for crimes He never committed.

And HOW did I get off on that?!

My mind just jumps out "there", grabs a thought and runs with it.

Won't keep you, but I do want to thank you all SO MUCH for your opinions on the black or brown flange in my owl quilt.  Terry came over today, and she came up with an idea that I am going with.  She said, "How about a REAL DARK BROWN?"

I agreed.  It has been ordered.

Be back tomorrow with the applique tutorial.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Joy,
    You've struggled with your internet so much--------have you tried contacting your service provider lately to see if they have any better options available to you? I so much enjoy seeing all that you're up to.


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