Thursday, October 29, 2015

Video of Projects in Process

I made a video this morning showing you all the things I'm working on.

I am SO EXCITED to tell you that I have my owls all done except for the leaves.  By tomorrow night, I may be able to post pics for you here.


Until then,

Here is a video for you.

Terry and Doug came over for dinner.  We had such a wonderful time.  Her sewing room is being built, and she was showing Doug all the things I put in my sewing room upstairs.  He found things she didn't even know he would want, and he told her she was going to have them too.

He is a major sweetie pie, like Jerry.  We are two lucky gals!  And Deb is a lucky gal too.  Jim is as sweet as sugar!  And Debbie's husband sings and makes CD's.  We truly are very blessed wives.

TV time.  Jerry is waiting.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for sharing your new projects. I like the bracelets. Here is what's on my sewing table. A wrap dress a copy from a friend's dress. It's a hawaiian red and white hibiscus, too loud it hurts my eyes. I will donate. Tomorrow is cutting, and prepping day. A blouse from same material you have one, something daisies, a pair of pants, cotton stretchy, will have to research more about the waistband. On thursday I am meeting friend at Joann's. She wants to make pj's and I am suppose to help. Will see. I think this is TMI.
    Thanks for asking.
    Have a great Sunday

  2. Have you ever used a Silhouette pattern? For some reason I was thinking that's what you used a lot then I noticed you use SFD. The French dart must be used by both pattern companies. If you have used both, how would you compare them. Thanks, Susie


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