Sunday, November 1, 2015

Joyful Salutations on "Rip-It" Sunday

It has been raining lightly all day long, and it is so quiet and peaceful here.  Jerry is relaxed and happy.  I gave him a haircut this morning as I have been doing every 2 to 3 weeks for over 35 years.

He thanked me several times and told me it was perfect.  He commented that I must have saved us a fortune over all these years by cutting his hair and mine too.

He did complain, however, that I poked him with the scissors, AND he asked me if I realized that the vacuum nozzle I was sweeping the hair clippings off his body with was metal!

And, of course, we went to church via and joined the live service at Cornerstone in San Antonio.  Matthew is so adorable.  He preached an awesome sermon -- as usual -- with a very strange title:  "Rip It".

I have never heard that expression, but it was very appropriate for his message.

He talked about how he used to always get in trouble when they were on a trip in their station wagon when they were kids.  There were five kids.  Matt was the youngest.  They would aggravate their parents until they got the famous threat, "Don't MAKE ME come back there!"  One time, Matt decided that there was NO WAY his Dad could actually come into the back seat when he was driving the car.  He decided to be extremely stupid, and he said to his Dad, "Why don't you do it?"

He said his Dad SLAMMED on the brake so fast and so hard, the station wagon practically stood on its nose!  He got out of the car, and he jerked Matt out of the back seat onto the side of the highway where he commenced beating his bottom.  He said the truck drivers were driving by and offereing to help.

That was to explain what "Rip It" means.  Evidently, it is the last straw, or when you have had so much of something you explode.

Then he talked about Jesus and our relationship with Him, and HOW we are able to actually go right before the Throne of Almighty God and approach Him.

Does ANYONE have the slightest idea of the magnitude of that????

It happened when Jesus breathed his last breath on that cruel cross.  There was darkness and in the temple the VEIL -- that up to that time had prevented man from going directly before God -- was torn from top to bottom.

Matthew said, "God said, "RIP IT" and the veil was torn."

It was really good.

And for those of you following the Owl Quilt construction, here is a little video of how I did the leaves:

And here is a picture of the finished quilt top.  I will be putting a lot more detail in each owl when I quilt this.

It is ready to put on the longarm, but I am not in a rush to do that.  We are working on table runners, placemats and a new thing called a table scarf.  Here are some Terry just finished.  Can you tell she and Doug are from Texas?  Their mailbox is the shape of Texas.

Terry made enough placemats to cover the table with the extensions in it.  That table is HUGE!  Her goal was a placemat big enough that the water glasses would fit on it.  So wonderful to be able to make exactly what you need.

Terry and I spent the whole day together yesterday.  She picked me up at 8:30 and we headed to Ardmore to a birthday party for a 5-year old.  It made me feel QUITE ANCIENT being around all the young parents and children.  After the party we went to The Brown Paper Bag where everything in the store was 80% off as it was the very last day before they closed for good.  I bought 8 plates and matching mugs for 80% off.  I was DElighted!  Then we went for yummy coffee and a muffin at a Starbucks-like place.  We, of course, went to Hobby Lobby since it was the only place in town that sold fabric, and we both bought some.  Then to the grocery store and back home.  After putting groceries away, we met in the sewing room and happily played the rest of the day.  

PURE enjoyment!

Gotta get.

God bless and have a WONDERFUL week of falling leaves and cooler days.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love the quilt. I am infatuated by owls. In fact, I've written a children's story using a very shy owl as the center of the story.

  2. Just caught up with your blog after being away for work.
    Love the owls. Terry's table set like good too.
    Can't wait to see how you quilt your owls.

  3. I love the owls. What a piece of work that is. Love the table set also. I didn't know you only had a Hobby Lobby in your town for fabric. That's all I have to so I guess I'm going to have to do some traveling for fabric with all the holidays coming up. Can't wait to see the owls quilted.

  4. You are so blessed to have a friend to spend a day of FUN!!

  5. Joy, on one of your You Tube videos you mentioned a book that you said was great. It was on making clothes. Your friend took the book apart and put it in a binder. I believe you might have also mentioned another good instruction book. Can you tell me the title of the book your friend made into a binder please? Do you note an email address anywhere so we could contact you directly?
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Joy

    Mary Mac would love to know if making pants with Sure Fit Designs would be easy enough for a beginner? Appreciate any help you can provide. Would love to see you make a pair from start to finish. Thanks and love your blogs xx

    1. No! I would definitely not recommend SFD for beginners. You would have to buy a LOT of product in order to teach yourself how to use it. I would recommend you buy Pants for Real People by Palmer and Pletsch and buy one of their patterns because they have adjustment lines built into them. Making the pants is easy. Getting them to FIT RIGHT is what is hard. The zipper may be hard if you have never done that before, but the book I mentioned tells you how to put it in too. They also have a DVD. Start with NO POCKETS and NO BELT LOOPS. They will go together quick.
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Hi Joy

      Many thanks for your advice - will buy the Palmer and Pletsch patterns first and take it one step at a time. Thank you xx


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